Just Right!11/29/2019 3:18:12 PM

Pros: Kit includes all the wiring and screws you're likely to need. Workmanship is excellent, the frame lined up and fit perfectly. It provides just the right amount of illumination, not too dim, not too bright.

Cons: As I'd often the case, instructions could have been clearer. Someone who's not used to working inside their PC might easily hook the wiring up incorrectly.

Overall Review: While it may seem rather expensive for what it does, and perhaps it is, this is rather a niche market.

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Dead Silent Fan.10/11/2019 12:16:46 PM

Pros: Even after 30 minutes of system benchmarking, barely audible at full speed. Rifle bearings Fully sleeved cable

Overall Review: be quiet! is the only brand of fan I use. I recently added a 280mm AIO CLC to my system. The only reason it got to keep the fans it came with was because they were be quiet! fans.

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Giga-Great!9/5/2019 8:51:35 AM

Pros: More of everything than I would expect from a board in this price range. (1) Extra beefy VRM heatsinks (2) An abundance of 4-pin PWM fan, RGB and ARGB headers. (3) More back panel headers than most users will likely need. (4) Pre-installed I/O shield. (5) Multi zone ARGB lighting that's as rad, or as elegant, as you choose to make it. (6) On board headers from USB 2 Type A to USB 3.2 Type C. (7) Very nice metal heat spreaders for both M.2 sockets.

Cons: (1) I wish it was a mATX board. (2) I'm still not a fan of some of the utilities Gigabyte provides.

Overall Review: Whether this is a Pro or a Con I leave up to you but, this is one of only a few boards that fully support Gigabyte's Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 expansion card...including the on-board header.

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Wonderful!6/25/2019 11:10:03 AM

Pros: Dead Silent, even with 2 fans Black nickel plating looks great Simple, solid installation Keeps my i7 9700K frosty, even when gaming Very reasonably priced

Cons: Memory clearance issues with some motherboards

Overall Review: I have mine installed on an ASUS TUF Z390M-Pro Gaming (Wi-Fi) motherboard. I purchased a 2nd fan when they became available. The system is in a Coolermaster Q300L mATX case with 2x140mm intake fans in the front, a 120mm intake in the bottom and the stock 120mm exhaust in the rear. ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 graphics card. Nothing I've done with the rig so far has raised noise levels above a soft whisper and yet to see CPU load temps above 45° c. The only issue that I've had is that I'm only able to install memory in the 2nd and 4th slots. G.Skill Trident Z modules. I haven't tried a different motherboard, memory or CPU cooler yet so I can't say what's causing the clearance issues but... It might be something worth keeping in mind.

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A great case for the price1/12/2019 9:05:28 AM

Pros: Compact yet roomy, excellent airflow, excellent cable management, adequate 2-1/2" & 3-1/2" drive mounts, multiple options for mounting front I/O, looks great on my desk.

Cons: I would have preferred tempered glass, no external 5-1/4" drive mount, limited to 160mm PSU, poor materials and workmanship on modular I/O panel (I had to request a replacement)

Overall Review: It's nice to have more options in the mATX category than stodgy little boxes.

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Loving me some Axon 7!!!8/24/2017 9:09:30 PM

Pros: Beautiful screen, incredible audio, buttery smooth and lightning quick. More than enough on board storage (UFS 2.0) and unlike SOME $400 flagship phones, accepts up to a 256 GB micro SD card. Updated to Android 7.1.1 during setup, expected to receive update to Android 8.0. Solid aluminium unibody. Glass sandwiches are pretty but with metal all I need is a thin she'll to protect from scuffs and scratches.

Cons: I didn't care too much for the UI it comes with but a matter of taste. It comes with its own browser, photo gallery, email client, etc instead of the Google versions which I didn't care for because it means I lost continuity with my previous phone. My solution was to install the Android versions. other than that... it's a sweet, sweet phone!

Overall Review: While researching phones I noticed that this year old phone from a company most noted in the US for supplying really inexpensive phones to both the Big 4 as well as most of the 2nd tier carriers... was still getting positive reviews and was still showing on numerous "Top Ten Best Phones" lists... So I bought one! it's not a Galaxy S 8 but, for under $400, it's a far better value!

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