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Good performer. Lite-On reputation for quality/performance.3/27/2021 1:42:53 PM

Pros: Hard to find a case I liked that had support for my Sata burner, so I gave up and bought this along with a case with no optical drive slot.This seems to work fine. A bit jet turbine-like when you are taxing it with say UBUNTU DVD install, etc. but it's for the occasional legacy use, or CD/DVD that might be read, or burned. I haven't burned with it yet, but expect it to work fine. NERO included software is just trial software, so I got some other freeware available apps to perform those duties.

Cons: Noisy. Only 2.0 USB cord and interface- vs. most competitors using USB 3.0 with much greater transfer rates.Short USB cable. I have to agree with others the cable is too short. Fortunately, my new case selected in my build is very low and it will reach close to the front using rear USB port, or it can sit flat if plugged into a front case USB port. But I think for most users LiteOn should add a few more inches in length to the cable.

Overall Review: A good value overall. Using only for file transfer, music CD's and DVD play so far, no burns, but functioning well.

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Pretty good board, but support is not contemporaneous...3/27/2021 1:29:49 PM

Pros: Good feature set for the Micro ATX format. Great Wifi (only used wifi 5 (my Starlink internet system that's on order comes with wifi 6 router} so we'll see how that works out. Integrated BlueTooth works great. The board also has PCI-E 4, for GPU and M.2 drive interface with lightning-fast speeds. Lots of 3.0+ USB ports. Decent amount of Fan headers, RGB headers. Audio console took a long time to figure out final settings and adjustments, but once done my old analog Logitech 5.1 speakers pump out a nice clean sound. It seems stable, no "Ryzen". USB issues (latest updated bios)

Cons: Comes with a very limited and ineffective manual, I have built a couple dozen computer over the years, but I found it lacking, someone inexperienced might have a lot of trouble. There is no real help for bios settings, like which header for CPU radiator and pump? (FYI the CPU opt. is the Fan, CPU Fan is the pump.) The BIOS is not good. The easy mode is nothing more than basically an info page. The "advanced" is sophomoric at best. Limited in options and details, not intuitive or helpful for O'clocking to a Ryzen noobie like me. The Latest BIOS update (I wanted to avoid the USB issues and bugs widely reported on Ryzen 5 builds) bricked some features it seems. The Armory Crate application now doesn't recognize or "support" RGB accessories with AURA as advertised likely due to the fact that there are compatability lags with BIOS to appliction updates. I had a hard time putting features back like Audio Console, etc. rolling back some drivers so they would work. (Antec 4 Pin RGB fans) and GSKILL Trident Z RGB Memory. I also can't control my MSI Water CPU Cooler RGB thru the RGB header as it doesn't recognize it. Let's sum the BIOS up in a word. "Underwhelming". Also, 1Gbit ethernet vs. 2.5 on most competitive boards seems a bit short-sighted and frugal to me?

Overall Review: I would recommend it on anyone's short-list for a micro-atx build. Especially if you are not inclined to do overclocking, or just a limited o'clock at best. I think it has a good feature set, especially at the price-point, which attracted me over competing brands, but knowing the BIOS as it is, and my experience on my past few builds using M dragon boards, I would look them over before buying this one if you are into advanced settings/tuning setups, which would likely be a full ATX board anyway. I wanted the great features this offered in a smaller package though.My Build: ASUS PRIME B550M-A (WI-FI) - AMD Ryzen 5-3600- 16 GB DDR4 GSkill TridentZ 3200 RGB- MSI 240MM Water CPU Cooler- 1TB Sabrent M.2 pci-E 4.0 Rocket drive -1Corsair Crystal 280X Micro-ATX case (a fabulous Micro ATX case for this Mobo and Micro Build) - MSI GTX 1660ti Gaming X GPU

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Works OK, just not the feature set I expected out of 970 Chipset experience2/14/2021 8:59:10 PM

Pros: Works fine, economical price, but not very good for over-clocking like other options. Definitely consider other boards for more flexibility, settings options, and tweaking.

Cons: Basic and not very feature blessed.

Overall Review: A good basic and solid board but not in the same class as my primary computer's MSI 970 G43 Plus board. GUI and overclocking/monitoring are rudimentary and non-intuitive.

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It's a beautiful watch... and it's a BIG sucker!9/18/2019 2:06:29 PM

Pros: Nice finish. Carbon fiber dial is great.. it is larger than I expected even, but my 57yo eyes are OK with it.

Cons: A bit bigger.

Overall Review: Nice watch, handsome and good value for the money.

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Silence IS it's middle name.....5/3/2016 9:20:40 AM

Pros: Silent. Moves adequate air for necessary cooling.

Cons: Only 3 pin power, no pwm, but not knocking star because most 80mm don't have pwm.

Overall Review: Great fan if you want silent and effective cooling in 80mm configuration. I have used Enermax fans for years, and they always perform as designed. Out of half a dozen fans I have yet to have a single failure. Sure there are fans that move more air, but for silence you need to compromise cooling for decibels, this is a good compromise.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your purchase. Not only do you get a deal you get high quality products.
like the Woman you would marry...4/12/2016 10:58:58 AM

Pros: Great Performance. Black Edition means Unlocked Multiplier = Overclocks easy as Pie. Sweetspot of core count; not too many/few. Runs cool under OC (with aftermarket cooling soljtions). Great Price/Value. Keeps AMD in game and Intel from Monopoly.

Cons: I am thinking..... will get back to you... Ok just one. The CPU heatsink/fan (for all but basic use) is like making a Marriage proposal to Kate Upton with a Diamond ring from Walmart. Totally inadequate and unreasonable for such a serious and quality proposal. AMD has recognized and adressed it with the "Wraith" editions but just get a quality cooler so its cool and the noise doesn't nag and grate at you like an ex wife 2 days before her check is due.

Overall Review: Got mine on sale under a hun dineros. How do you beat that? Yes intel offers flashier and better performers just like the hotties you might go date before marrying they are high maintenance requiring newer mobos/sockets/more expensive memory. They cost more and demand more with less loyalty. (i.e. changing sockets with every release etc.) yeah the top end perf. is nice but at what cost? AMD is like the woman you want to marry and bear your children for you. Dependable. Sensible. Thrifty. Cleans up good for entertaining or night out on the town wearing Eddie Bauer not Dolce'. Everything you want, nothing you don't. You can have it all WITH a paid in full Newegg Account. My "Baby". AMD FX 6300 6-core O'C @ 4200 mhz CoolerMaster Evo 212 MSI 970A-G43 Plus (MS-7974) 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 Intel SSD Win 10 Pro

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Hard to beat value board that thinks and performs like a gaming powerhouse...3/21/2016 3:00:51 AM

Pros: Easy set up. Great feature set. Durable Caps and Military Grade components. Love the color combo. My two sticks of Corsair Vengence in blue and two in black match the board so well, They are so purdy in there. UEFI bios. OC Genie is nice feature, it's a bit mild on the overclock but easy application.

Cons: Onboard sound not throwing out full spectrum, especially voices with DVD movies. Not sure if defect or user error, will keep working on it to try and resolve. No esata but just got a 3.0 USB dock/cloning station so not a big deal.

Overall Review: I recommend. Easy set up. Great performance. Less than 60 bucks means superb value.

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Effective air cooling need not be a roaring jet turbine.....3/21/2016 2:43:09 AM

Pros: Q U I E T. Efficient and effective at cooling with minimal noise.

Cons: It ain't dainty girl. It's a big ole Babushka of a cooler, better be prepared for fitment issues. Don't even try to make sense of the printed installation instructions, they make no sense. Scan the QR codes though for the installation video links, now you get great, concise, and easy video instruction on installing and it's a piece of cake doing it that way :)

Overall Review: It's huge. Really tall, and really wide, and really thick. Don't even think about it if you don't have an ATX case, and a large one at that. My RAM slots on MSI mbo 970A-G43 Plus, were too close to CPU location, couldn't get fan on push side and too low to clear the Corsair Vengence Ram with it's tall Heat Spreaders. Sooo I put fan on "exhaust" side and have it PULLING the air, I am sure it's much less efficient but it's running quietly, 30c idle, and up to about 43-45 under big load/gaming. I am going to put the fan on the back side and push it thru against the flow of all my case fans, just to see how much lower it runs. I like the cooler though, its very quiet.

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Great quality Memory, does its job well....3/21/2016 2:30:52 AM

Pros: No errors, performs and over-clocks well. Mated up with msi 970A-G43 board, and FX- 6300 CPU, clocked at 4200mhz from the stock 3500mhz and doing great.

Cons: Not a con so much as a caveat... Watch your clearances, the heat spreaders are really tall.

Overall Review: Watch clearances, barely had space with my 880 LE mobo, and older 90mm Rosewill cooler. I just did upgrade to new msi 970A-G43 Plus (MS-7974) board, with 4 sticks of this RAM, and EVO 212 Cooler. Had to position it vertically because the ramsticks were too close and too high to clear the CPU cooler. Even then with sticks vertical, not enough clearance with fan attached, so i had to reverse the fan to the backside and set up as a puller, not a pusher. Originally my old mobo only had two slots for memory so I decided to get 8GB more for 16GB total, the blue was about 6 bucks less on sale than black, but thought contrast would be good. Well turns out the blue was a perfect match with the blue accents on the new black board i have. Looks good.

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Cheap solution to mount SSD, but only a step up from leaving it lay in bottom of the case.3/13/2016 10:43:58 PM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Doesn't fit into the PCI-Exp slot securely because my NB heat sink is under it and lacks clearance. Not secure as a result, really just hanging on by the PCI card screw in back of case.

Overall Review: Good concept, perhaps my new motherboard on order will fit better with it. If not, I will get a better solution mounting system in HD bay.

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Well, I thought it would verk.....3/13/2016 10:39:29 PM

Pros: Good price.

Cons: Didn't work for my application. Can't give 5 eggs, but then again may not be the cables fault so can't blast it.

Overall Review: I bought this cable having no eSATA connectors on my motherboard to connect my Thermaltake USB/eSata docking station. I figured I would just plug the male eSATA end into the eSATA female of the docking station, and then the sata end into an available slot on the motherboard and it would work. I was wrong. Well, I have a new motherboard on order, again no eSATA so I will try it on that board and see how it works.

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Roku rocks!8/30/2013 2:18:49 PM

Pros: Easy setup. Transportability (room to room). Choices in profs. GUI. (after update) Hookups for HDMI and Std def. Tube TBs, not available in roku3.

Cons: Some channels dont stream as well with my slower 3g cellular connection of only 300 to 500 kbps in my rural loc where cable/dsl is not avail. That's not rokus fault so no knock. July doesn't stream well, but Netflix and others work perfect.

Overall Review: Got this to cut my Directv bill. Removed std def eve receiver and service from my bedroom and installed this. Don't miss it a bit. Cut prog pkg and all tvs except my high def in living room, just plug this in when I want and voila, sattelit bill down from 125 bucks to 75.

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Judge for yourself, it's a winner!2/2/2013 9:49:19 PM

Pros: Very fast Quad Core Tegra Processor. 9" 'Just right' screen and sizing. Lenovo Quality and durability in design & construction. Android 4.0 Ice Cream but Lickety split Upgraded to Jelly Bean with updater. Beautiful Screen and decent sound. Good wifi signal capture. Great Battery Life.

Cons: Display may not be the best but I think the critical reviews are over done. For my uses,display is working great!Cheesy bloatware widgets, just wisked it the Home page. Found problems with Flash support running Amazing Prime Free videos from my membership, but you just need to google "Flash with Jelly Bean" to get the flash files to download and side install without using Google Play then if you use std. browser (not chrome) it will work for flash applications and video's. Lack of accessories and peripherals avail. @ newegg, but that can be overcome, see below...

Overall Review: I did some research for cases and found some at an Amazing web site. The case is called Poetic Slimbook Case for Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 and it's got every cutout and feature designed exclusively for this tablet, very nice and not too much dough. I also got a soft neoprene case from a maker called iLuv it's an 8.9 galaxy tab case that is very good too. Fits it perfectly. Same place.

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Great Camera for $ Can't be beat...5/24/2012 8:42:47 PM

Pros: Huge 24x optical zoom and Sharp lens quality. Great program controls plus color accuracy with processor. High MPixels. Manual and artistic effects controls. HD video and Stereo sound. Has recessed threads on lens permitting filter use. Batterypack holds charge very well. Image.Stabilized works quite well.

Cons: Sound recording could be better. An included micro HDMI cable would have been nice. The "free" case was half the size needed for the camera, LOL.

Overall Review: Replaced my Cxxxn S1 that died. This Camera is better and cost half as much than the Cxxxn I bought 4+ years ago.

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Good Value...7/30/2011 1:48:31 PM

Pros: Heavier gauge steel and sturdy construction for this price range. Quiet fan and Power supply. Nice understated look and design. Compact size perfect for basic office terminal.

Cons: Poor DVD drive mounting. Hardware supplied didn't work had to use large case thumbscrew and only one at that because Harddrive Plastic Lever blocked rear mounting hole for DVD drive. Loose and not very secure mounting as a result. Only two SATA power plugs on Power supply. Knocked an egg off for these easily corrected items.

Overall Review: Good value for basic case and power supply. Of course only time will tell on the power supply but the case alone is nearly worth that so what the heck? I can buy another Power supply later if need be, of course I hope it doesn't take something important out if it goes......

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It's Windows 7...7/30/2011 1:34:31 PM

Pros: It's Windows 7. It works. What else are you going to run? It is all you need, most are wasting their money going over Professional.

Cons: It costs more than Ubuntu Linux.

Overall Review: I needed Win7 Pro 64 for new office machine build for networking.

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Very impressed...7/30/2011 1:31:24 PM

Pros: Quiet, Inexpensive, Software suite included. Have been loyal to the Lit e On guys over the years but no jet engine whine is a nice change :)

Cons: Nyet.

Overall Review: To be fair I haven't tried to burn any media. This was just an inexpensive option for a new office terminal build that will primarily be used to read only and maybe occasionally back up to disc. No movie or music burning or decoding required here.

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Wunderbar!7/12/2011 1:34:29 AM

Pros: Beautiful, stylish, and clearly a quality timepiece, I saved BIG $$$.

Cons: Are you kidding me? It didn't automatically size to my wrist? First time ever I had to size a watch, no big deal. Googled, "sizing a watch band" and voila, all the info and even video's I needed. An hour later it fits perfectly with 3 links out.

Overall Review: I bought this as a Shell Shocker special from Newegg Marketplace. It was HALF off current price. The MSRP tag attached to the band shows MSRP of $475. The watch looks, feels, and oozes that price and value, but why pay it when you have newegg and World of Watches? I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to more.

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Cheap & Easy Non-Powered Hub solution3/31/2011 11:51:49 PM

Pros: Powered only via it's USB port.

Cons: It didn't make my breakfast.

Overall Review: Works fine, price is right.

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Whoa Nellie! Slow this Horsey down...3/31/2011 11:49:16 PM

Pros: Very High Gain antenna pulls signals in and holds them steady. Nice design lets you put antenna on countertop and plug in the cord to back of puter under counter.

Cons: Antenna could be a bit longer, or they could include a second "patch" cable for longer length to other users.

Overall Review: I had a good Bison 125G pci ext antenna adapter that worked well but it's current application was under a counter and the signal was too weak being low and under the counter top. This provided a great solution and much better signal quality.

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Perfection and Value.12/6/2010 9:52:48 AM

Pros: It's big. It's Bright. It's Sharp. It's got amazing Contrast. It has all the connections and HDMI.

Cons: The rebate isn't instant... and sure I may never get it....But, I am hoping ASUS is better than most. However, the Black Friday price of 149.00 without the 20 buck rebate incl free shippig was a great deal. After my online purchase for this at Newegg someone charged my Debit card I used to buy this for over $5K + overdrawing me at some Casino in Mississippi. It was the only online purchase I made that day, though I can't be sure... but I am disappointed that I have heard NOTHING back from the Egg after I sent email to Cust service Security dept. alerting them to possible security breach. Not certain it's their fault, so No Egg deducted.

Overall Review: Using a DVI to HDMI cable I had with a prior Video Card purchase that is missing the sound pins so my 5.1 Logitech Speakers bypass the built in speakers and HDMI (Not included).

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Works great!11/26/2010 9:40:49 PM

Pros: Great signal strength very high gain antenna. I was pleasantly surprised that it pulls 125 turbo with my Buffalo wifi g router. Usually only 125g turbo Buffalo adapters work at that rate.

Cons: It doesn't cook my dinner for me.

Overall Review: Good choice, very fast speeds, and plays well with Buffalo router.

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Great Value!11/30/2009 10:56:33 AM

Pros: Great Picture and Sound Quality. Easy Setup. Easy Firmware update. Easy Network connection (I did ethernet). Great features with Network streaming of Netflix and Pandora, etc....., Excellent Price/Feature set.

Cons: No HDMI cable. Not able to use standard USB Wifi adapter, they want you to purchase "Samsung" adapter at inflated price. Spartan feature set for network media (would like to see more connectivity with computer drive, music, photos etc. Kind of disappointed in my quality on netflix, but that is due to not having wired high-speed avail where I live. I am on Sprint BB cellular connection through a router, it's DL speed is about 1-1.2 mbs and it's just barely good enough, I get pixelation and less than DVD quality on streamed movies. It's about on par or a tad better than VCR on my 46" Samsung HDTV.

Overall Review: Great value and buy. I like the streaming, even though I can't get full quality. Just be sure you have a very fast Internet Connection to max out the quality. I have already watched a Blu-Ray on it and it is fantastic. I had a 1080p upconverting PiOHneer DVD palyer that was part of my HomeTheater package, it had great pic quality with DVDs but this is better I think.

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Eggcellent Drive!2/11/2009 9:06:19 AM

Pros: Great Dollar/GiG ratio value. Fast. Quiet. Very Low Temp. Reliable. What more is there?.........Oh yeah and I love how it walks my dogs for me.

Cons: It gives my dogs too many treats after walking them. They are getting fat.

Overall Review: WD drives have improved their QC a lot the past few years. Remember problems/defects are more possible with the much larger capacities of todays drives, ie avg. 500gb and up to even 1TB are now common. This multiplies and magnifies the chances for errors or defects exponentially vis a vis where the surface area only 4 years ago averaged just 20GB or so! FYI take careful note of OEM vs. RETAIL. Before you order. OEM you just get a bare drive. No Sata Cable, or box pakaging or Software (Lifeguard app. or Transfer application etc.) This type of software is easily found as shareware or downloaded at website though. OEM warranty typically gives a longer warranty, on this drive 3 YR. for OEM. vs. only 1 YR. for Retail. Typically the OEM is the better choice, besides I still have 5 sata cables lying around.

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Most Eggcellent.2/11/2009 8:50:08 AM

Pros: High Speed and Capacity. Durable design. Value Priced.

Cons: The male USB cap should be designed like a hinge, or some similar function to keep it attached, they are so easily misplaced when removed.

Overall Review: Patriot Computer Memory is made in USA, too bad this Flash isn't also.

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