Solid board, but the onboard NIC has trouble running at gigabit speed2/20/2021 8:56:18 AM

Pros: Good solid board. It was easy to replace my old Intel MB with this and a Ryzen 5 5600x. I would have bought a cheaper B550 model, as I don't care much about all the high-end gamer hoo-ha, but I wanted the Instant Flash button so I would be able to update the board even if it came with older BIOS not supporting ZEN 3.

Cons: I have not been able to get the onboard 2.5GB NIC to connect at any speed except 100 megabits. So far I have had to install a separate Intel NIC card to get gigabit speeds. I'm still working with Asus support to see if they can solve the issue.

Overall Review: Seems like a good choice if they resolve the LAN issue. Or perhaps the issue only relates to my particular board. I did end up using the Instant Flash, and it worked once I had the BIOS on a thumb drive formatted with FAT16 with Master Boot Record partitioning. It did not seem to work with FAT32 or GUID. I'm not sure if the shipped BIOS would have worked or not. The board failed to boot after I first installed everything so I tried updating BIOS. That did not fix it--it turned out my old power supply had unexpectedly failed. With a new power supply, it all worked great on the new BIOS.

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Reliable workhorse11/4/2019 6:41:08 AM

Pros: Super stable, solid performance, attractive

Cons: Doesn't include a lot of extra features that some routers have

Overall Review: I have a little side business installing routers for my neighbors in the complex I live in, and I have installed about a dozen of these. They perform great and are very easy for me to provision, update and monitor using the Ubiquity UNMS phone app (they can also be managed individually through their web interface). We have a centrally managed network with a sitewide firewall, so we mostly just need these boxes to provide wireless access, so we don't miss all the extra features that typical consumer routers include. In my experience, these run for years with no crashes and no weird behavior, which must be some kind of miracle in the home router world. Performance is solid. With current firmware, they also have the ability to form a wired or wireless mesh if your house is big enough to need multiple units.

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Very nice case7/15/2016 8:30:08 AM

Pros: Clean design - no tiresome flashing lights! Light weight but very solid construction, sound absorbing panels on most interior surfaces Plenty of room for components and space for running cables behind the motherboard Super quiet - The included fans are almost silent even with the covers off. With covers on and front door closed, I expect it to do a great job of suppressing sound (I have not yet installed a video card, so I have not tested that well yet) PSU fits in a separate metal box on the bottom, which isolates heat and noise

Cons: One of the connectors between the (included) fan controller and fans had a loose pin, easily fixed I would have like to see more explanation of the integrated fan controller operation Case is large, a bit wider than I am used to, but that's not really a problem.

Overall Review: I have only built 4 or 5 systems, so I'm no expert. But this was the easiest and nicest case I have worked with. And it is cheap! Great deal...

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Well balanced gaming/general use laptop2/24/2016 10:09:11 AM

Pros: This laptop has great specs for the money. I especially like having both an SSD and a 1TB hard drive. Memory is good at 16GB of DDR4, and the 4GB GTX960M is better than similar recent laptops I have seen with higher prices. So far it has run every game my son has tried with solid performance. I also like that it is compact--small enough to use as a regular laptop, not just a gaming beast! The IPS HD screen is bright and well saturated with good off-axis viewing. I have not tried it yet, but it is cool that it has a USB C 3.1 port that is also a full speed Thunderbolt 3 port.

Cons: Not many really. There was a modest amount of bloatware, which was easily uninstalled without needing to reinstall Windows. It makes some occasional fan noise, but that is rare and not intrusive.

Overall Review: Overall a very good machine for the money. It feels up-to-date with a Skylake quad I7, ddr4 memory and all the latest ports. It is a nicely-made regular laptop that also can handle real gaming rather than some noisy, hot, garish and overpriced Alienware or its ilk.

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Had some problems9/4/2013 3:55:53 PM

Pros: Nice feature set, good price.

Cons: Failed to work with some older wiring, some config confusion

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an HP switch that had gotten fried by lightning. On this part of my network, I have only CAT5 network cables installed, and this switch was having trouble sending data over them. At first it detected them as gigabit and could not send traffic. I then forced it to 100 megabit but it still would not reliably pass traffic. The switch also has some fairly robust filtering capabilities for security purposes. In my case, I had them all turned off, but when I looked at port statistics on the ports that worked for me, it still showed about 20% of packets were being filtered. It did not indicate why, and I could not find a way to have it transmit all packets. I replace it with another vendor's switch and everything worked perfectly again.

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Works perfectly3/1/2013 9:02:12 AM

Pros: Large size, no compatibility issues, low price

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Just stuck it in the slot and it worked fine on an XBox 360. Half the price of the Microsoft official one with no downside other than the fact that it doesn't come with Lego Star Wars.

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Excellent Printer4/5/2011 1:36:14 PM

Pros: A solid, compact all-in-one. Prints quickly, with good quality, and has automatic duplexing (unusual in low-cost all-in-one printers). This model has both PCL and Postscript emulations (beware of the next model down, the MFC-7460DN, which is a 'GDI-only printer). Easy to setup on Mac's for both scanning and printing over the network (I tested it with wired networking only--not USB or wireless). Printing is supported on MacOS 10.6.x without the need to manually install drivers. Did not test faxing yet, although I have VOIP phone service and I was pleased to note that Brother gives Fax settings that attempt to adapt to VOIP, primarily by limiting transmission speed and increasing error correction.

Cons: Has a bit of unpleasant fan noise when operating (and for a minute or two after until it sleeps). Slight amount of banding when printing a photo (but who prints photos on a B&W laser)?

Overall Review: I have been looking for several years now for a replacement for my 10 year old Brother laser (still working!). This new model provides exactly the feature set I have been looking for (network, duplex, Postscript/PCL, all-in-one, compact size) for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

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Nice case10/16/2009 10:18:21 AM

Pros: Excellent fit and finish. I like the high quality look, the feel of the buttons. etc. The internal layout was good, and I like the very simple drive mounting rails (included to support 4 3.5 and 2 5" drives).

Cons: Did not include any fans. I wish I had known so I could have remembered to order one.

Overall Review: I paired this with a 380 Watt Antec Earthwatts 85% efficient power supply. With a reasonably energy efficient processor (AMD Athalon II 2x Regor) and Motherboard (Asus M4A78-EM), the system draws only 68 watts at idle, even though it has 2 hard drives.

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Perfect for my G5 imac3/31/2009 5:55:31 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, name brand, worked with no problem

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought it for my G5 isight iMac to replace the 1GB chip I put in years ago (back when a 2GB chip would have cost $200!). Increasing memory by 75% for less than $20 is a great deal. Performance of the system has improved significantly as a result. NewEgg shipped it out within 2 days and it worked perfectly.

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Great for video applications8/7/2004 11:25:01 AM

Comments: I bought this system to enhance the sound on my TV. I wanted good bass and better frequency response, but did not want to do the whole messy and complex 5 speaker thing. The system has been awesome! It totally opens up the experience of watching movies or even regular TV. Bass response is deep and well modulated and the overal sound balance is excellent. Bets of all, the system is totally simple to use, so my wife and kids can easily operate it. I totally recommend this system<font>-</font>-for $xxx you get a great sounding system with ample power and a very nice fit and finish. The wired control unit is particularly elegant and attractive. My only complaint is that the range on the wireless remote is a bit limited<font>-</font>-from 12 feet away it is slightly hit-or-miss whther it responds to each key press. This could be easily overcome by programming its code into a learning univeral remote.

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