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Painfully slow6/1/2018 9:03:49 AM

Pros: Cheap drive for large capacity.

Cons: Writing video files at 2.77MBps will take me over 4 hours to fill it to capacity.

Overall Review: My time is worth money, and right now this is costing me more than it saved.

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1 out of 4 bad5/4/2017 1:55:24 PM

Pros: Cheap at the time

Cons: 1 out of 4 cards are defective. Camera keeps having write errors. The 4 cards have different capacities. By a few hundred MB 2 Year warranty

Overall Review: Almost all memory manufactures have a limited lifetime warranty on their products. I was shocked when I tried to get an RMA only to find that the warranty is only 2 years. Will not be buying any more from this company. Try Silicon Power.

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Slow Transfers3/7/2017 1:48:28 PM

Pros: Nice looking product.

Cons: With a large video file the write speed was 12.5MBps on USB 3.0 and 8.5 on USB 2.0.

Overall Review: I bought three of these and they all tested to the same speeds.

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Unhappy with this model7/31/2016 9:20:14 AM

Pros: Good color, multiple HDMI, thin edge

Cons: Poor quality stand. Screen burn in - read below HDMI computer connection will not allow monitor to come out of sleep mode.

Overall Review: I have purchased dozens of Asus monitors for personal and business users. I have always been happy with their reliability and image quality. However, I can not recommend this model. The most annoying problem has to do with using the HDMI input on this monitor. When turning your computer on, the monitor does not sense the video input until you press the input selection button. This will allow the monitor to come out of sleep mode. When the monitor is on and you shut your computer down it works perfectly and falls asleep. Asus technical support blames this problem on the Windows operating system not sending the correct information to the monitor. I think this is a poor excuse for a badly designed product. I tried other Asus and Acer monitors and they worked fine. Just not on this model. Finally, my last major complaint is a screen burn in problem. If you leave windows on the monitor for 45 minutes to an hour and then watch black video you will see the burned in image of the windows. I have never experienced monitor burn in with LCD. The problem is temporary and the burned in image will fade within 10 minutes but still I find this unacceptable.

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Good for the price5/9/2016 7:21:25 PM

Pros: The construction is very good. The steel is thick and sturdy. I like the case screws that keep the lid on, they have retainers to prevent them from getting lost.

Cons: This was my biggest complaint with the case. The expansion slots seem very shallow. What I mean is that the metal tongue on the bottom of the video card, etc will not seat completely flush. This is the vertical part of the card that slips into the back of the case. This makes the card sit unlevel and is hard to screw in. I found that I had to take a file and grind down the bottom of the tongue about a 1/4" in order to push it down all the way. I compared the blank inserts that came with the case compared to the ones that are on my video card, USB3.0 card, etc and they are much shorter. As others have mentioned, the space is limited. Realistically you can fit 2 HDD or 4 SSD using bracket adapters. I did install a DVD drive in mine, however you could repurpose the 5.25" bay for another HDD. I fit a full size ATX power supply. It is a tight squeeze. It needs to be completely flush. Also, take note of where the fan vents are. No headphone jack on the front.

Overall Review: I put this case into a SKB 2U audio equipment road case and it fits perfectly. I use it as a mobile multimedia workstation. Some people claimed the installed fans are junk. My case did not come with any fans. I bought a couple good 80mm fans and installed myself. You really need airflow. Don't try to go without.

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Works as described. Real 802.3at POE!3/2/2016 4:15:25 PM

Pros: Long range, flexible for different applications, supports bridging, includes real POE not that proprietary kind cheaper ones use. The body is very durable and it includes a surface mount, not like the pole mount most cheap ones have.

Cons: The antennas are delicate. I accidentally over tightened the screw down ring and broke the antenna attachment. Right now my one access points are operating at N150 instead of the N300 its capable of. I have not tried customer service yet for a replacement.

Overall Review: I am using this for a wireless bridge between buildings with a range of more than 400ft. Now I'm not getting the full 300Mbps at that distance but it still works fine streaming real time video from 4 high definition IP addressable surveillance cameras. The person that said the POE only goes 100ft is miss informed. I am using this with a POE switch providing real POE 802.3at. The cable from the switch to the AP is nearly 300ft with no problems at all.

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Ram Compatibility Issues1/11/2016 2:21:57 PM

Pros: Got it on sale It has the latest (but still old) chipsets UEFI Bios

Cons: Ram Incompatibility! This proved to be extremely frustrating. I have built over 20 computers and I have never seen such poor ram support. The board includes "MemOK!" function, however it doesn't seem to help at all. I had 2x2GB corsair ram modules which tested fine in both an Intel and AM3 motherboard. (I realize they are not on the qualified vendor list, but that list is ridiculously short anyways.) I could not get Windows 7 Professional x64 to utilize all of the available ram. System information claimed that only 1.92GB was usable. The Windows resource monitor told me that the remaining 2GB were "hardware reserved". Finally, after reading other reviews and forums I tried installing both ram modules into the same channel. It worked! Windows resource monitor told me only 18MB was hardware reserved, which is pretty normal. Unfortunately this means I am going to have a small performance hit because the computer is running the DDR3 in single channel instead of dual channel mode.

Overall Review: First, this board was a replacement for a Asrock motherboard which failed. I didn't want to throw my 1090T processor out so I bought another motherboard. I would never buy an AMD/ATI product again. No matter what company makes the motherboard or graphics card they always fail when it comes to driver support and compatibility. The UEFI bios is terrible on this motherboard. I have used many Asus Intel motherboards and the menu selections are more intuitive. It was frustrating trying to find simple options that I needed.

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Budget Monitor12/12/2015 11:55:50 AM

Pros: Cheap. Multiple inputs. Very lightweight.

Cons: Poor color and definition. It doesn't look very sharp. The monitor will not turn on unless it is receiving an input. I tried to change the menu settings but it will not display the menu unless it is receiving a active video signal (at least using HDMI). I had one bad pixel. It is stuck red. Very distracting when the screen is dark. The stand is very cheap it just clips on with some plastic tabs.

Overall Review: I wanted to use a vesa wall mount however the stem of the base is permanently attached with no way to remove it. This makes it look really dumb when its mounted on a wall having this black thing sticking out the bottom of the monitor. I had to disassemble the monitor and remove the screen in order to get to the back side of the mounting bracket where the screws are attached on the inside. After removing the screws it allowed the stem to be pulled out. I then reinstalled the screen. I've never had a monitor that was designed this way. Why include vesa mounting holes if it is this difficult to use? I probably voided the warranty. Oh well.

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Poor reliability11/27/2015 9:14:52 PM

Pros: Cost effective. Long warranty. Raid compatible.

Cons: Slow transfers. Loud noise while reading or writing. Poor reliability.

Overall Review: Used 2 of these drives in a Raid 1 storage array. After only a couple weeks the IRST alerted me that the array was degraded. I tested the drive on a standalone system outside of Raid and confirmed it was defective. For 5 year reliability, my confidence is shaken. I do however like the RE models. Also, WD has a very smooth warranty process. I even got upgraded to a 4TB drive. Coincidentally, this also forced me to buy another WD SE 2TB drive to match my current array.

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Works well9/20/2015 8:19:07 PM

Pros: 1080p confirmed Good quality Good image Multiple inputs Delivered intact with good packaging No bad pixels

Cons: Slight overscan problem with a computer. The image doesn't fill the entire screen. Might be just my video card. The bezel is actually wider on the 32in model than the 50in model.

Overall Review: The rumor that this TV is only 720p is wrong. This TV works very similar to the 50in version. Yes it is not perfect, but used correctly it is fine. If you use this with a computer, you need to switch the aspect ratio to PC mode to correct the overscan issue. The remote is compatible with the 50in version.

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What you see is NOT what you get9/16/2015 1:50:02 PM

Pros: Speeds are average for a budget SSD

Cons: Sata connector is not the same as shown - See other others Windows 8.1 x64 shows this SSD as a removable device C: even though it is plugged into an on board sata port. This seems to be a huge driver error which would result in a blue screen if I accidentally ejected my operating system SSD.

Overall Review: The sata connector on the drive I received is not the same as the one pictured. The picture shows a standard molded plastic connector. My drive came with a sata connector in which the horizontal connector was part of the silicon motherboard, not plastic. The vertical section of the connector was plastic. This was probably done to save money and time in manufacturing. By integrating the data and power contacts into the same circuit board, it eliminated the need to solder the molded plastic connectors on. However, this caused a serious problem in a few computers I tested. The tolerances of this silicon connector must be slightly smaller which prevented several laptops from detecting the drive. I contacted Mushkin support and asked for advice. They advised me to send the drive at my expense to Mushkin for a free upgrade to a Chronos drive. Newegg Premiere membership gives me free returns so I declined.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Victor! We apologize for the issue that you’re having with our 60GB ECO2 SSD. Please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 1.800.569.1868 if there is anything we can do to help you in the future. Our support hours are Monday through Friday 8am-6pm (CST). Thank you for choosing Mushkin Enhanced!
No Throughput8/28/2015 7:45:12 AM

Pros: Newegg's very easy return system. Being a Premier member has its perks.

Cons: This item does not provide the wireless speed it claims. While the signal strength indicates full bars, the actual throughput is around 500kpbs. This performance is unacceptable. I tried downloading the latest driver from the Edimax website but it still makes no difference. Sent back for a refund.

Overall Review: Using Windows 7 x64. Other brand wireless adapters work just fine however, I was hoping to get a nano size.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Victor, We apologize for the difficulty you are experiencing. We appreciate your feedback. Before you consider on returning the device next time, please give us a chance to be of service to you. Thank you! Edimax Tech Support Team
Works as expected7/4/2015 8:59:20 AM

Pros: Nice build quality. Speed seems good. I didn't test it however. Still working 6 months later.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I have used 3 of these so far. One in a laptop and 2 in a desktop raid 1 array. Everything is working fine. I even cloned the old OS to the new SSD hard drive without any problem.

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Replacement Board4/3/2015 10:27:10 AM

Pros: An affordable motherboard with modern technology. It offers all the features you would expect to find including an UEFI bios. Worked well with Windows 8.1 x64. Has the ability for core unlocking in AMD processors.

Cons: Very limited UEFI. I was surprised how awkward the bios menu was to use and navigate. I'm use to Asus UEFI which is a pleasure to work with. The form factor was weird. It thought it was ATX but the holes did not line up with the screw posts on the case. The edge of the motherboard was hanging off in mid air. I was able to mount it but it seemed to me that they were just trying to save money by making the motherboard smaller than it should be.

Overall Review: The core unlock tool really caused some problems. I tried using it on a Athlon II 435 but it did not succeed in unlocking the 4th core. Instead it caused the motherboard to lock up. It would not function at all. I tried removing all the components including the 2032 battery but nothing would allow the motherboard to POST. Eventually after an hour of troubleshooting it just started working for no apparent reason. Since then it has been good.

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Great Quality2/16/2014 3:20:32 AM

Pros: Pros: Weatherproof Steel Construction 800TVL True to Color Image Wide Angle Multiple Adjustment Joints Mounts Easily Ascetically Pleasing IR night vision mode works great Perfect for 960H DVRs

Cons: Sunshade can sometimes be seen in video frame

Overall Review: For the money, this is one of the best value security cameras on the market. I have purchased numerous different cameras in the $15-40 price range and none of them compare to the build quality and video quality of XSecu. I have been using 4 of these cameras for the last 3 months and I am very happy with their performance. Even with rain, snow and extreme cold weather (-8F) these never failed. Compared to Zmodo and Kguard cameras, these come perfectly configured from the manufacture. The color reproduction is natural and true. The brightness and gain control is effective and produces good quality video. One of the best features of these cameras, they turn on IR night vision mode perfectly. The zmodos turned on much to soon. This meant that the image would turn black and white even when it was still daylight. This was annoying and reduced the video quality unnecessarily. The XSecu transition to IR mode perfectly. I uploaded a video to accompany this review. Unfortunately there has been snow on the ground for the last 2 months so it was hard to find some video footage with some color in it. The video was shot with a XSecu 800TVL weatherproof bullet camera feeding into a KGuard DVR recording at 8fps D1 Resolution. I would like to upgrade my DVR to 960H resolution to take full advantage of the camera quality.

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Could be better11/13/2013 3:19:30 PM

Pros: 8 channel D1 resolution on every channel weatherproof 600TVL Kview and KviewHD smartphone apps (better than other brands) WAN internet viewing using portfowarding and DDNS Audio recording inputs for every channel.

Cons: At D1 resolution, DVR only supports 60fps total/7.5fps per camera. You can allocate 15fps to only the 4 cameras that come with the kit. Does not support the new 960H resolution standard. The computer software is junk. The webinterface only works on Internet Explorer. Remote playback of previously recorded footage doesn't work on mobile and very difficult on computer software One camera's IR LED failed in a month.

Overall Review: The cameras uses 6mm lenses. This means that the viewing angle is tighter than the typical 3.6mm camera lenses. This is good for long distance, but bad for large areas or close up. I would probably not buy this kit again just for this reason. You can purchase other brands security cameras to work with this kit however.

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Poor Color/brightness4/1/2013 6:21:53 PM

Pros: Simple and easy to use. Fairly inexpensive. Wall mountable. Compatible with old and new video cards.

Cons: Bad color and and the screen is dark. Compared to modern LED LCD monitors, this is very dark and the color is not true. This monitor is also very heavy compared to modern monitors.

Overall Review: I would not recommended using this for multimedia or photo/video editing. It would work fine for basic internet/office applications. Also, would not work well in a brightly light/sunny room.

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Effective8/31/2012 4:13:44 PM

Pros: Kit comes with everything you need for different platforms. Operation is quiet. CPU temp idles at 89ºF, which I believe is as low as the mother board sensor reads. Using Prime 95 at 100% utilization the CPU remains steady at 125ºF. This is down from 160ºF with the stock air cooler. I feel this unit has made a huge difference. FYI I do have the radiator fan blowing air from inside the case due to my cases physical design limitations. Sucking cold air could help. Someone said the plastic mounting brackets cracked. I don't see that this would be an issue at all, seems very durable with a lot of metal construction. With an extra set of screws, it is possible to mount a fan on the front and back of the radiator. This might help increase airflow and decrease temperature.

Cons: Takes a long time to put together! This was not installed during a new build. Therefore, to mount the support bracket on the back, I had to remove the motherboard from the case. The design does not support dropping the cooler pump into the existing holes. In the end tho, I feel this design holds more securely. I did make one modification. There was an extra space, maybe 2mm between the motherboard and the support bracket that I couldn't get rid of no matter how tightly I fastened it down. The screws were a little too long. To fix this I simply added a stack of office supply white reinforcement labels. Those round stickers you use on three ring binders. This helped fill the gap and snug it up.

Overall Review: Some people complained about a loud grinding noise, my unit seems fine. There is a slight noise that sounds like its bubbling or a seeking hard drive. But with the case closed you can't hear it. The fan is louder than the pump. I think review stats are heavily skewed, as people are more likely to write a review when the product is bad, than if it works as expected.

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2 more good drives6/12/2012 2:14:51 PM

Pros: Quiet - little vibration Average temperature 6Gbps 64mb Cache? No failures so far - I did an initial disk self test for errors Works well with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Raid 1) I ordered two of these drives because I have never had any one of my seven Hitachi drives fail. (can't say the same for Seagate)

Cons: Data transfer could be faster. Only seeing 65Mbps from one internal drive to another.

Overall Review: When I received my drives I was surprised to find that my box was labeled with a red sticker that says 2tb 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA 3 6Gb/s. Since the drives I ordered were only suppose to have 32Mb Cache I investigated further. Both drives labels said "Made in China" Feb 2012. HDS723020BLA642 Type DS7SAD200 P/N H3D20006472S. After looking on newegg I found "N82E16822145473 Deskstar 7K3000 HDS723020BLA642 (0f12115) 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive" It appears that I received the retail version of the better, more expensive bare drive. Was this a mistake?

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Works Good4/11/2012 6:47:48 PM

Pros: Purchased 2 of these in October 2011 with no issues. Used in a Canon XA-10 Professional Video Camera. The camcorder rates them as class 6 and I have not had any errors or quality issues.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I used the video camera to format these cards. I didn't test the transfer speed on the computer but it seems sufficient enough to support 17mbps full 1080p AVCHD. A year ago I also purchased a 8gb class 6 transcend and that is working well.

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Poorly Designed1/4/2012 1:12:55 PM

Pros: -5 handsets -talking caller ID -caller ID displays phone book entry not number -large screen -works with voice mail service (stutter tone causes flashing light) -good reception/no dropouts -keys light up -standard rechargeable Ni-MH AAA batteries

Cons: -handsets can not have unique banner names (terrible for intercom) -global phone book instead of individual entries for each handset -terrible navigation -tiny buttons (have to use your finger nail to press them) -unreliable (not all handsets ring) -no choice for intercom all -only one handset can communicate with base at one time (for caller ID list, phone book editing, menu setup) -No privacy setting for phone calls so others can listen in/interrupt

Overall Review: The most annoying thing about this system is the menu navigation. It only comes with an up and down arrow which makes it much more difficult to enter phone book entries. Also, instead of having a button for caller ID list like on a Uniden you have to go thru the menu to select "caller list". If you miss a call it has this large distracting message on the screen until you check the caller list. Also, on every menu including the intercom it has a button that says "play" and if you press it, it goes to answering machine. Why would you have that button on every single menu when it has a dedicated answering machine menu? The intercom has to be accessed via a menu instead of a button on the handset. The handsets are permanently numbered and do not have the option for unique banner names. When you use intercom it only says the name of the handset which is very confusing and hard to remember where each one is in the house. Also there is no "intercom all" option so they all ring.

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Does the job8/16/2011 10:15:57 PM

Pros: Quality build. Fits perfectly. Comes with tan and black faceplates. MicroSD slot. No need for extra power.

Cons: Can't read more than one card at once. (Although USB and one card can be used at the same time.)

Overall Review: I never tried using the CD driver. On Windows & it works perfectly without the CD. On Windows XP each card reader slot has a drive letter in my computer even when the slot is empty. This is very annoying. Windows 7 only has a drive appear when you put a card in the slot. For the money it would be nice if they gave you a 3.5in to 5.25in bay converter.

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Best Case I've Had8/14/2011 9:56:06 PM

Pros: Excellent design and foresight. The top case fan clears the motherboard. Dust filter is removed from the outside. Tool-less CD kits are on BOTH sides of the drive not just the one side. 140mm top fan. Front IO panel is on top of case away from the ground. 2x exterior 3.5in bays. Cable management routing holes.

Cons: No power LED. Only 1 bottom fan port. (works great for the PSU, but there is no bottom mount fan for the case. Although, these second bottom case fans can get in the way of modular PSUs)

Overall Review: I have purchased many cases in the same price range and they just aren't as good. This case has so many well thought out features. Most budget cases that have top mount fans get in the way of the mother board. On many builds with other cases I had to cut the plastic fan to make clearance for the motherboard. Also this case comes with an exterior mounted dust filter. This makes so much more sense because on other cases when you mount the filter on the inside the fan goes ontop of the filer. You have to unscrew the fan to remove and clean the filter. Another great feature this case provides is two sided tool-less kits. On other cases they are too cheap to give you a tool-less connector for both sides of the case and you end up using screws to secure the back side of the drive anyways. I would highly recommend this case to anyone.

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Works fine8/12/2011 1:10:10 PM

Pros: Flawless performance.

Cons: Runs hot under a load, 155°F. Stock heatsink leaves something to be desired.

Overall Review: Rated 7.5 on the WEI without overclocking. Doesn't give a noticeable improvement over my Q9550.

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Do the job8/12/2011 12:50:17 PM

Pros: The paint seems durable. The holes line up with the case fans.

Cons: Shipping price.

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