Beast of a Card.8/17/2018 1:34:29 AM

Pros: Runs cooler than expected with minor fan adjustments. Mine 24/7 and stay at 68c to 70c ranges. Approx 60MH/s on eth and 600/sols on zcash with some tweaks. Solid construction. Good warranty. Unique. Similar to a 1080ti in work and games. ... It runs quite a bit cooler and quieter than the single slot WX 7100.

Cons: I had come compatibility issues at first and over-all physical size of the card (its a little longer than most full sized GPUs) caused some case fitting issues. So keep these things in mind.

Overall Review: Use a 3rd party fan control such as MSI and you'll be fine. Stock settings run it a little hot.

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Good but Runs hot.8/17/2018 1:22:28 AM

Pros: For for work applications but also powerful enough to game on. 7 year warranty is one of the best in the industry. Good price and solid construction. Single slot solution and low power usage. 290/sols on Zcash with about 24.0 hash on Ethereum.

Cons: Card runs 95c+ temps under extended heavy loads on stock settings. Even running the fan 100% the card still hits around 85c to 90c+ To me these temperatures seem very hot and unreasonable for extended long term heavy use but maybe the wx7100 is designed to handle such head? I hope AMD upholds their warranty if this card burns out. .... Even at idle the card sits around 50c to 60c.

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Great Card - Runs a little warm and high price.3/28/2018 11:10:53 PM

Pros: Blower Design Saves Space Beastly Power ASUS Quality

Cons: Power Hungry Runs a little warm Loud Sounds like a hair dryer

Overall Review: I wanted a full sized 11GB 1080ti from ASUS but have a very cramped 500-023w HP Pavilion mid-tower. This was about the only card I could get to fit because despite being long its is fairly narrow. Sure, I had to cut part of the internal frame where the power connectors go to do so with some metal sheers but aside from the snug fit. Works fine... even the Turbo and Reference variants of this card is a monster ... Can power through any game as of testing and has a Zcash hashrate of 700/sols out of the box with only slight fan curve tweaks... might be capable of more if you're good at adjusting such things . Only issues is the card, being a blower design by nature its loud and reminiscent of a hair-dryer when under heavy load which im sure most are familiar with given these styles of card and to me at least it seems to run warm under default settings with a temp of 65c sitting at idle and upwards of 80c under heavy load. Im not sure if these temperatures are 'NORMAL' for 1080ti's and within' limits but compared to other cards this is warmer generally. Yes this can be corrected with a more aggressive fan curve but remember you have only one fan and its loud. . That aside. Amazing card; I got lucky and got mine when the prices were low.

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