Super Cool and Fast1/10/2021 10:43:45 PM

Pros: Fast speads Cheap Stays cool Easy Migration Bios recognized right away on MSI GE62qf

Cons: Not Free Temp not recognized by Speccy, only ADATA software

Overall Review: Would recomend, sadly i didnt buy a bigger one but works for me. havent had temp issues from this device and i get random boots where windows wont load. dont know if its because of this M2 or not as another i have does random no boot when restarted vs this one.

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Works pretty darn good for unknown brand4/23/2020 8:31:58 PM

Pros: Cost effective 600 watt 80+ certified Budget friendly enough power cables for modest build

Cons: thin cables for power

Overall Review: Im am honestly surprised about this PS. It is pushing an i5 7600k z170, and amd strix 8gb oc card, with decent fans and taking it like a champ, havent heard the PS struggle like my other no namer in another build that starts humming and shutting down. Dont know how this will hold up in the long run, but for now it works. Marked 4 as it is way to early to tell about longevity, just how that if and when it goes out if it doesnt get replaced with an evga or corsair first, that it doesnt take anything else out with it.

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Cheap$ easy to manage ATX Case4/23/2020 8:26:08 PM

Pros: Affordable Decent Cable managment plenty of Options Decent fan options

Cons: Bendy/flimsy/Flexible Dont see how 2 fans can be installed @ the bottom with Power supply installed Plastic window

Overall Review: Decent budget case to house your build till you get a better one. Great to house components so you can spend $ where it needs to be when starting off. dont expect amazing features of more expensive cases. Rated 4 only because it will get the job done w/o much fuss. would buy again

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Seems to work as expected4/23/2020 8:14:03 PM

Pros: Cheap$ Fast Small

Cons: Cheap Thin PCB Very Bendy/flimsy

Overall Review: Be carefull when ordering this as it does do as expected but it is very flimsy and the board bends, seems like if not super careful might break and complain about DOA. Marked as 3 stars mainly because i dont think this will last long with how flexible it is. seems like any Kind of Temparature Variance during hard gaming that this thing may fail as most graphics cards sit atop the m.2 drives. on other notes, have Just cause installed in adapter. seems to play mostly fine, load times are better then my HDD 72k but after a bit of playing the game, it freezes and stops responding, have played on sata connection and still same thing, I think the drive gets to hot and stops functioning. Dont think this will last very long, but maybe the manufacturer will look at this review and fix the issues i discribed, then it will definitaly be a 5 star m.2 for the price and couldnt be beat!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
slow to ship once paid but otherwise came in the 5 days vs the 3, easy assembly4/20/2020 4:25:20 AM

Pros: Cheap on sale Easy to assemble Comfortable Looks Good Adjustability options

Cons: Found glass on chair during unboxing feels like cheap plastic Isnt molded perfectly/again cheap plastic Strong Smell of some kind of cleaner of some sort Spare parts

Overall Review: If your loooking for a decent chair, this works, be ready to have windex to clean the thing off as it does carry a really stron scent of something. Buy this thing on sale as over 150, Im sure there is much better!. I am somewhat statisfied as my previous chair was a living room sofa. So it is better then That. If i had to redo, I'd Definately reconsider some of my other options

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Amazing, works flawlessly9/10/2019 12:56:16 PM

Pros: Fast Cheap And Easy

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Was needing more space amd this giy fit the bill, got it in sale for less then fiddy. Easy setup amd migration. Love the extra space.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
just what i needed8/10/2012 10:27:22 PM

Pros: I needed and upgrade on My HtcEvo, and this is perfect, it reads and writes fantasticaly, and much faster then a class 6. I hope it will not burn out as fast too. But i hope it will last for a while as i am always changing roms, and transphering information back and forth between Pc and phone.

Cons: none so far.

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Perfect8/6/2012 3:05:28 PM

Pros: easy spreading, perfect replacement if original paste is broken. Awesome price.

Cons: Getting to where it needs to be is a pita. this requires some knowledge of sensitive systems.

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Awesome8/6/2012 3:03:14 PM

Pros: great price,easy install, great for protecting your drive.

Cons: black, hard to lable.

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