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HP s700 Pro 256GB SSD

HP S700 Pro 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 2AP98AA#ABL
HP S700 Pro 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 2AP98AA#ABL

Pros: + 256GB (238.47 GB formatted capacity in Win 10) SATA 3 Decent data access speeds Sturdy metal construction Cool to the touch operation Sips power: rated for just 3.1 W for max power consumption, just .58 W idle. Durable life expectancy: an impressive 165TB write endurance rating (for the 256GB model). 3 year warranty mounting screws are included. The HP SSD 700 pro is a fast, cool running drive that has performed flawlessly throughout my testing. I have used this drive as a boot disk, a storage drive, and as a gaming drive. During the testing of this drive it has met or exceeded my expectations of speed and performance. This drive has not disappointed in speed or reliability, and I would go as far as to say that it performs as well as any of the SSDs in the mid-range segment do.

Cons: - No included cloning or partition management software.

Overall Review: ~ Here’s where this drive really shined: I used this as a system disk for my 6 year old dinosaur HP laptop, and this drive was a night and day refresh to the speed and response over the standard 7200 rpm drive it replaced. (i5, 4GB DDR3, Win 10 Pro). Boot time was significantly reduced, battery time improved and overall a much more snappier feeling laptop. Although my laptop is an aging relic, it is still is pretty decent for general work use, it is not a gaming laptop by any means. Even though my laptop is only capable of SATA 2 transfer speeds (300 MB/s max throughput), it was still clearly faster and more responsive. Some of the performance increase is likely due to how windows 10 seems like its constantly reading and writing to disk cache. I run my laptop lean with no third party programs or apps launching with the system boot, and I was quite satisfied with the resulting start up speed of this drive. Non-scientific testing using the stopwatch on my phone, timing from the pressing of the power button to loading into the desktop on my laptop at an impressive 14 seconds total boot time. I would like to mention that this was a cloned image of the platter drive, not a fresh installation of windows 10. So all the existing junk from the original platter drive was transferred to the SSD, and nothing altered in testing. If you do this method yourself, then I would recommend having a windows recovery thumb drive ready, so you can see windows start up repair actually work for once. In my case it just had to change the drive letter to C:. Using this as a game drive on my desktop PC had some noticeable improvements as well compared to the platter drive it replaced. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds saw the greatest increase in performance. The stuttering associated with disk cached textures is now gone and the game is the smoothest it has run yet. Games like Fallout 4, Dying Light, and Dark Souls 3 have much faster map load times, and feels much more responsive than loading from my platter drive, and overall a much more satisfying experience. Crystal diskmark 5 benchmark test results: Win10 pro, i7 5820k, X99, 16GB DDR4. First test performed after initialization: Sequential Read : 562.633 MB/s Sequential Write : 510.096 MB/s Random Read 4K : 260.421 MB/s (63579.3 IOPS) Random Write 4K : 328.053 MB/s (80091.1 IOPS) (Q= 32, T=1) After 1 month use: Sequential Read : 562.388 MB/s Sequential Write : 511.641 MB/s Random Read 4K : 259.906 MB/s (63453.6 IOPS) Random Write 4K : 294.189 MB/s (71823.5 IOPS) (Q= 32, T=1) Laptop, Win10 Pro, i5 520m, 4GB DDR3, SATA 2 speed cap: Sequential Read : 257.172 MB/s Sequential Write : 236.570 MB/s Random Read 4K : 120.938/s (29525.9 IOPS) Random Write 4K : 104.253 MB/s (25452.4 IOPS) (Q= 32, T=1) Overall this has been a fantastic drive, it has a plenty of space and its performance has exceeded my expectations. I would easily recommend this drive to anyone looking for a SSD in the mid range segment.

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Newbie Case

Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW SPEC-01 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case
Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW SPEC-01 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

Pros: No sharp edges decent airflow with cable management. Room for 2 front panel 120 mm fans. plenty of space for my 270x. Front panel control buttons have a nice feel with decent response.

Cons: The first major con is the metal is THIN, and surprisingly thin for a name brand case. Seriously feels as thin non branded knock offs. I would say the sheet metal used is 30 gauge or less in thickness. This is clearly apparent when examining the Power Supply retention tabs. A Jaw Dropping Flaw is the Front panel dust filter is GLUED into place, it is not removable all all. The filter material is just nylon screen, (that was cut sloppy on this case, the screen is not even squared to the cutout vent it was cut for, it was glued at a slight diagonal leaving a gap of unfiltered space.) This is unacceptable. Looking at the Photos, it appears to have enough room for large CPU coolers from the bumped out side panels, but it really doesn't. The side panels bump out is deceiving in the photos; the windowed panel only protrudes from the case about ¼ of an inch. More than Half of the windowed bump out is used to secure the brittle plastic window. You're left with less than ⅛ of an inch tolerance for larger coolers. I have a Cooler Master V8 that is actually hitting the side panel, and had to struggle a little to get the window panel on.. I may have to get out my dremel and grind down the top edge of the plastic window, as I fear it may actually be adding to the stress on the motherboard. Yes the V8 is a Huge cooler, but I had fit it with ease in my last case (NZXT). The opposite panel protrudes from the case ⅜ of an inch, however the margins for the bump out are so far from the edge of the case that the bump out is a bit useless for cable channeling. I have a Modular power supply, and I only ran 4 rails besides the 24 pin main connector, zip tied everything possible without going overboard, kept everything tight as possible and it was a struggle to get the panel on. I used enough pressure trying to get the panel on that I actually dented the upper bezel of the bump out with my thumb, that THIN metal coming into play. I dented it right on the outer bezel crease of the panel, I was able to bang out most of it, but I'm stuck with a permanent pea sized dent, if it was on the flat of the panel, I would have been able to smooth it out no problem. Getting the side panel on over the wiring was such a struggle it took me around ten attempts to get all catches in properly, I had to set the case down window side (without the window panel) to apply enough pressure evenly to get the panel on correctly. Another oddity here is the case feet: they are all plastic, no rubber, no foam, so the case will slide around on a smooth surface. I have my PC on top of my glass desk, and it only takes a little pressure to slide it around... I'll have to get some foam craft sheets from the craft store to put under the feet to prevent it from sliding around, another fix that the user shouldn't have to do. The Front panel plastic grill in front of the 120mm fans is not solid, it's injection molded, and is absolutely not durable.

Overall Review: I bought this from another retailer only because I had received a gift card. Normally I would have made this purchase from Newegg. There are better cases in this price range from other manufacturers, do not listen to these other reviews that suggest this is a good case for this price range. I have many times found cases at this price point that are 10x better, I would not consider this case for a client build whatsoever. The fact alone that Corsair believes this product deserves their name, is enough for me not to consider Corsair cases in future builds (although that 780t is sexy... looking). If you absolutely must have this case, I could only suggest that it should be used for a light build. Don't even look at this case if you're planning on water cooling. What you're paying for here is the name brand, and receiving a low-end case. I assure you that any 5 egg ratings on this case are from newbie builders with very little building experience.


Corsair RM850x

CORSAIR RMx Series (2021) RM850x CP-9020200-NA 850 W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Power Supply
CORSAIR RMx Series (2021) RM850x CP-9020200-NA 850 W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Power Supply

Pros: + ◦ 80 Plus Gold certification. ◦ Fully modular, only run the wires you need. ◦ Enough ports and cables for most configurations. ◦ Sleeved Mainboard, CPU and GPU cables. ◦ Ribbon style cables for SATA power and standard 4 pin molex type. ◦ Solid build quality. ◦ Magnetic Levitation fan bearings: No moving parts touch each other, which translates to long life with low noise operation. ◦ Outstanding 10 Year warranty. ◦ Includes zip ties for easy management.

Cons: - The only snag I ran into was that the modular CPU 8 pin cord: Both ends of this cord will fit into the motherboard connection, but only one end will plug into the power supply. An oversight on my part, I typically run from component back to the power supply with modular cables. The pins cuts are the same, but the clips are different on each end; only one clip is narrow for the power supply side. This is probably the most painstaking wire to run if you have large hands and a large CPU cooler with the motherboard installed into a standard ATX case. (XL-ATX would be quite a bit easier.)

Overall Review: ~ The 80 Plus Gold certification means that at around 50% load, this power supply should be 90% efficient. Ideally to achieve this efficiency rating, you should choose a power supply that is rated for double the average load of your PC. The typical range on 80 Plus rated PSUs is between 40 to 60% load for the best efficiency, with peak efficiency is typically right around 50% load. The system components dictate the total power consumption, regardless of the wattage rating of the PSU. However this is where efficiency begins to be meaningful in selecting a PSU, and a proper selection will result in savings at the meter over a lower efficiency usage or lower efficiency rated power supply. This power supply has enough overhead to meet most gaming PC or workstation demands, it should handle modern hardware configurations with ease, perfectly in most load scenarios. Many current graphics cards can range from 200 to 300+ Watts and higher peak consumption, for example an Nvidia 3080ti can peak at 350 Watts under load. If you need to get a general idea of how much wattage your system or planned build uses, Newegg offers a general voltage calculator: search [ Newegg power supply calculator ] There are more in depth voltage calculators out there, should you need to zero in on your specific needs. I was pleased with the number of cables and connectors, for example the SATA power cable has 4 connectors, which I was able to attach all 4 of my drives on one cable, without having to run a second one. I have my front panel fans running from a fan controller that I adapted to molex, along side a blu-ray drive also adapted to molex. This is so that I only have minimal cables run, for ease of management and a cleaner look. The 135mm fan is whisper soft, it even stops under low load for silent operation. The fan features Magnetic Levitation bearings that operate without physical contact, which should prevent any mechanical wear. Overall I have been very satisfied with this PSU, it has a really decent build quality and has exceeded my expectations. The ML Fan was a welcome surprise, the sleeved cables are a nice touch, and the ribbon cables tuck away nicely out of sight. The all black aesthetic matches my current build nicely. Building with a modular PSU is always a breeze, and this power supply is no exception, the build quality and attention to detail really helps this power supply stand out. 4.5 eggs.

Works with Intel

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB RT 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD Optimized Desktop Memory Model CMN32GX4M2Z3200C16
CORSAIR Vengeance RGB RT 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD Optimized Desktop Memory Model CMN32GX4M2Z3200C16

Pros: + 32GB has become the standard level of capacity for most power users these days with more apps that love to eat RAM, and wider simultaneous use, the demand is here. This RGB is gorgeous, bright, evenly lit and has eye popping levels of customization. Nothing external from the RAM needed to run the RGB, just the Corsair iCue software for customization. You want a flashing strobe, a smooth color changing flow or a static hot pink aesthetic? Done. You can adjust color flow patterns, select static color of your choice, control brightness, or even turn it off. This kit is brighter than the rest of my components that have RGB, so it was really nice to be able to reduce the brightness to match the rest of my build. It fits: Even with the RGB, this kit has a low enough profile to fit under massive air coolers. I paired with a deepcool assassin II, but removed the front 120mm fan during testing so I can see this RAM in all of its grandeur.

Cons: - The RGB will revert to demo mode if the Corsair iCue software isnt running. Would like to see persistent settings without needing the software...

Overall Review: ~ although this ram is labeled optimized for Ryzen, it works just fine with Intel. I paired this ram with a Z370 board and an Intel i9 9900k. I did have some initial problems trying to pair this ram with my board, although this board has been stubborn with other RAM kits in the past. My motherboard didnt detect this kit even after clearing CMOS jumpers, popping the battery and pulling the power. It just wouldnt boot, until I paired 1 stick of this ram with 1 stick of my old ram (8GB). Once I mixed the RAM, it booted into the UEFI BIOS, both sticks were recognized and I could set the timings properly for this 32GB set. I removed the old stick and installed the other half of this kit, and from there I was able to select the XMP and this kit has worked flawlessly since. I chalked this up as my board being older, and this is RAM is not on the QVL of the motherboard... although just about every Corsair 16GB kit is, the board is listed as maxing out at 64GB of RAM, and the BIOS had been updated to the latest availble. My recommendation for Ryzen is that you may want to select the 3600MHz or 3800MHz kits for the performance sweet spot, plenty of information out there regarding this. 3200MHz isnt a slouch of performance, but slightly faster speeds have been shown to improve performance marginally in gaming. Other than the initial installation issue, Ive had no problems at all throughout my use. This kit has performed flawlessly, the RGB is some of the brightest and vibrant I have seen. Gaming has been great with the 32GB overhead, and I dont feel as guilty having 100+ browser tabs open 5 eggs.


Rosewill Disposable Face Mask

Rosewill RCFM-20014 Disposable Face Masks | 50 Pack | Made For Daily Use Protective Masks | 3 Layer | Blue
Rosewill RCFM-20014 Disposable Face Masks | 50 Pack | Made For Daily Use Protective Masks | 3 Layer | Blue

Pros: Exactly what you would expect in a standard paper disposable mask.

Cons: not really a big deal, but all 50 masks are shipped in one pouch inside the box... I would like to see smaller packets of 5 or 10 masks filling the box. dirty looks from anti-maskers.

Overall Review: fitment is straight forward, the masks ship flat so you need to bend the bridge wire to fit your nose properly. ear loops are tight, so I would recommend stretching them before slapping on the mask. would recommend to anyone shopping for paper masks.


GS KN95 Protective Mask, 25 pcs per Box
GS KN95 Protective Mask, 25 pcs per Box

Pros: exactly what I expected with a disposable kn95 mask good seal, light weight. box comes with 5 sealed packs holding 5 masks each.

Cons: to get the proper fitment you need to adjust the ear loops and bridge wire, which i've found to be standard with every single kn95 i've used in the past year and a half... the bridge wire on this mask comes pressed closed, so you need to be careful flexing it into proper fitment, not to break it. anti-maskers give you dirty looks.

Overall Review: I see many people complaining about ear loops breaking on masks, yes its frustrating when it happens, but I've found it happens regardless of manufacturer. I've learned to avoid breaking ear loops by stretching out the ear loops before use. I hold the loop away from the mask in one hand and stretching it out gently with my other hand... avoiding pulling the loop directly from the mask while stretching... this lends to a much better fitment and helps avoid snapping off the ear loop. I do this on every mask regardless of type or manufacturer, and i've had a much lower failure rate of the loops snapping off. This is a "one size fits most" product, I have a somewhat large head, so I'm used to making adjustments to masks to get proper fitment. would recommend to folks willing to make the mask work for them. lastly I would like to thank Newegg and UPS for their ultra fast service. I ordered on Thursday afternoon, package arrived the next day on Friday afternoon. (shipped 3 states away!)

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Cameta Camera

Bought two cameras in just a few days time, one on a Thursday, another on a Monday. Both cameras were exactly as advertised. My orders were processed and shipped very quickly, securely packed, and shipped priority mail 2 day. I received both cameras within 3 days of each order, Monday and Wednesday. The pricing on the two cameras was too good to pass up.

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