Decent low budget card4/14/2015 6:15:24 PM

Pros: Great for multiple displays and works great in my SFF desktop

Cons: Down on performance, feature set is somewhat limited

Overall Review: You get what you pay for, a pretty good low profile budget card.

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Stopped working about a year later4/14/2015 6:12:15 PM

Pros: They did extend the desktop across two monitors

Cons: I have 3 of these and all three stopped working after about a year. No warning or indication, just one day monitors were blank.

Overall Review: I wouldn't recommend this product. What I did buy was another brand that was externally powered.

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solid all in one pc2/23/2015 11:23:04 AM

Pros: Solid construction, very stylish, very slim and small footprint Large, exceptional colors, wide angle touch screen monitor Lots of connectivity options Powerfull cpu and gpu Biggest surprise is the amazingly rich sound, where is it coming from?

Cons: While the keyboard and mouse are aesthetically eye pleasing, they feel cheap to the touch. Maybe not intended for my heavy hands. Disk performance, while it does have a 8GB SDD which does speed up some operations, its conventional 1TB HDD drags its feet during bootup. It should have done away with the mechanical drive and used a larger SDD instead of this hybrid setup.

Overall Review: Overall a very nice PC, I'm glad I ditched the conventional tower + monitor setup for this all in one. It does everything my tower did but it a very stylish looking and more modern looking way. The monitor is largely the most attractive part of this computer and the performance you get from such a small footprint is amazing. I've had many other Lenovo products and this does not disappoint.

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Solid investment and most importantly highly reliable.12/4/2013 12:46:23 PM

Pros: Fast bootup times Faster loadup times No problems since installation

Cons: Annoying software asks admin permission to startup everytime

Overall Review: I'm on my 7th month of using this cache in two different PCs and every once in a while it will lose it's synchronization and will have to resync, but it does this silently and I have never lost any data. Starting up the PC and opening up applications are unbelievably quick. I would highly recommend this device to anyone.

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Low-cost descrete video10/15/2013 3:06:15 PM

Pros: Low cost, low profile with lots of memory 2GB. Multi monitor capable. Much better than on-board video.

Cons: Heat sink fan failed after 5 months

Overall Review: I needed a low profile card to fit my SFF desktop and I just wanted any video card to get me off of the oem onboard video. This little card work perfectly with my dual IPS monitors at 1920x1080 each, one on HDMI and the other from the DVI port. Image quality is great and performs much better than the onboard video. My only complaint is the failure of the fan.

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Beautiful colors9/16/2013 3:53:44 PM

Pros: The bezel around the monitor is small, glossy bright screen, extended gamut, very stylish. Images are vibrant, crisp and clean looking. Buttons are easy to reach and easy to calibrate. No bad pixels.

Cons: Do not use this monitor if you are planning on running multiple monitors. Since the stand is off center the monitor does not sit 100% straight, it's about 6.35mm off skew if you have them side by side. Which you are forced to since they do not have VESA compatible mounting points. reflections in the monitor, the stand has an annoying silver accent (should have been all black)

Overall Review: I also use a competing IPS monitor in the same price range that has a matte screen, the gloss is what really makes the colors pop on this monitor.

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