Simple install, basically as fast as 970 Pro.4/9/2020 9:53:03 AM

Pros: - Being M.2, the install for this took about 5 minutes. My motherboard has two M.2 slots, so my main drive was already an SSD and this slotted in next to it. - Speed was comparable to the 500GB 970 PRO main drive, and a bit faster in sequential reads/writes. - Very reasonably priced for a very good performing drive!!

Cons: - 500GB is about the bare minimum for a single drive system, if you need more - go for the 1TB.

Overall Review: - Would highly recommend to other people, in fact, I have already recommended it to people!

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What the heck!? NOT the right size.7/26/2012 8:44:51 PM

Pros: The outer shell of the case seems solid. Looks nice!

Cons: This case is advertised as being 11.8" 'deep'. It isn't. Not even CLOSE. It's closer to 13.5" deep, when you take into account the little PCI slot tab, and a hair under 13" without it. I was curious as to what the heck the 11.8" was even measuring... so... If you remove the front fascia of the case - and the front indicator LEDs - and the power button - and then unscrew and remove the front USB and sound box - leaving you with a completely bare metal case - THAT is 11.8" deep.

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