Works great except...9 months later...12/14/2018 8:22:33 AM

Pros: Light weight & very portable. Re-positioning fans is awesome. Unbelievable cooling. My 2015/16 Alienware 17R3 laptop CPU temp went from(at idle) 49c to 29c, in heavy gaming from 86c to 57c. GPU in heavy gaming from 82c to 43c. (No idle as Nvidia GPU is not used by Windows environment. Intel GPU is) Adjustable fan speed. I leave it max all the time because slower is hotter on my Alienware.

Cons: Sleeve bearing is shot in two of the three fans. Lots of vibration. It will not be long before they seize up. I ordered three Noctua NF-A8 80x25 5 volt replacements that I will wire in myself. As the position of the fans is so far to the back for me the extra 15mm thickness of the Noctua's won't be an issue.

Overall Review: This is an awesome gaming laptop cooling pad. It is a shame that Cooler Master paired it with such poor quality fans.

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Phenomenal Gaming Keyboard4/1/2018 5:00:50 PM

Pros: As responsive as the G.Skill KM780 RGB with Cherry Reds that it replaced & blessedly silent. Simplicity itself to to program unlike the G.Skill which was very complex & confusing but not as powerful. Can't color individual keys. But that's not a problem for me. No annoying light shining up from under the keys. Key symbols very bright @ highest setting. Brighter than the G.Skill. Keypad tops are large & very low profile. About the same size as laptop chiclet keys. This is a large keyboard, but I like large keyboards with lots of functionality and boy does this have it. Lots of macro keys that I put to good use & easy to program. Don't know why Steel Series stopped making this one, without a doubt, because this is the the very best keyboard that I ever owned.

Cons: There is only one possible improvement that could made to this stellar keyboard. A roller volume control as opposed to Up/Down volume keys. I miss that from my old Logitech G-19, but not enough to give this anything less than 5 eggs.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this keyboard. I would buy this again. Actually I would like to buy a backup since Steel Series stopped making this one, but keyboards usually last me more than 10 years. Who knows what will be available than?

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