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Businesses are Desperately Clinging to XP

By April 11, 2014No Comments


Earlier this week, Microsoft abandoned support for one its most popular operating systems of all time. In the months leading up to the inevitable end date, XP users were urged to upgrade their computers to a newer OS if they still wanted to receive security updates and technical support. Although millions of people heeded the call, there is still one group that refuses to get with the times: businesses.

According to Computer Weekly, Crown Commercial Service (a cabinet office part of the UK government) paid Microsoft $9 million to extend XP support for 12 more months. The support will spread across the whole UK public sector and will provide security updates for all central and local governments and schools.

The Dutch government has also followed suit and struck a “multi-million euro” deal that will impact 40,000 civil servants. Considering that Microsoft charges around $200 per desktop for support services, this deal is probably valued at around $8 million.

Europeans are not the only ones forking over large amounts of cash. Here in America, where 95 percent of ATMs are powered by XP, JP Morgan has also purchased a one-year extension for an undisclosed amount. Our money is still safe and we don’t have to withdraw our accounts just yet, but should we be concerned that banks are using 12-year-old software to store our cash?

“XP design and engineering started in the late 1990s. Technology travels in dog years, so that’s a long time ago in technology terms.”
–Tom Murphy, Microsoft’s director of communications for Windows

Although the XPocalypse won’t destroy these antiquated computer systems overnight, these businesses that are still clinging to XP will have to eventually upgrade. And with so much money being spent to extend support, it makes more sense to use that money for new systems instead.

There’s no reason to keep avoiding the issue. Technology is completely embedded into our way of life and those that don’t adapt will have to suffer the consequences. You can’t just run an outdated OS and expect everything will work fine. Eventually, something will break. Let’s just hope it won’t involve our hard-earned money.


If you’re one of the many who upgraded and are frustrated with those that refuse to change, Microsoft has created a new browser game where you can poke some fun at the luddites.

In Escape from XP, you’re a soldier whose mission is to kill XP once and for all. The pixelated hero scrolls from left to right as he battles against the evil “e” logo of Internet Explorer, burning Recycling Bins, and minions of My Computers. The only way to save yourself is to jump on the Microsoft chopper and “hit the button to kiss XP goodbye.”

This may be a novelty but the message is serious: UPGRADE OR DIE.


If you’re a business and haven’t upgraded from XP, visit where we make IT simple.

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