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XP is Officially Retiring Today

By April 7, 2014No Comments
Upgrading your PC to a new OS is a no-brainer. But which one should you choose?

Upgrading your PC to a new OS is a no-brainer. But which one should you choose?

Today is XP’s last day on the job and starting tomorrow, all computers running the outdated operating system will be left completely unprotected. Millions of people will be upgrading to a new version of Windows and the one they choose will depend on a variety of different things.

If you prefer a more traditional desktop, Windows 7 is the obvious choice. The taskbar and start menu are nearly identical to XP and users will have no problem adapting to it since it’s a familiar interface. This OS is fast, stable, and reliable.

Windows 7 has also been received with generally positive reviews from both consumers and critics alike. One reviewer from TechRadar called it “the best Windows operating system ever” and praised it for its new way of organizing files, improved backup capabilities, and less annoying notifications.

All in all, Windows 7 is a worthy successor for those that are upgrading from XP. However, there are some downsides.

The biggest problem with upgrading to Windows 7 is that mainstream support will end early next year. And although extended support will be available until 2020, before you know it you’ll need to upgrade once again.

Another factor to consider is the price. Windows 7 costs nearly the same as Windows 8 — a newer, faster, and more advanced operating system. If you’re going to upgrade, why wouldn’t you want the latest version of Windows?

Despite being criticized by early adopters, the newest version of Windows 8 has been met with mostly positive reviews. The 8.1 update that rolls out on April 8 also fixes a lot of the problems that plagued the first version and critics have been praising Microsoft for listening to customer complaints.

Among the new features are an enhanced Start screen, improved mouse and keyboard navigation, and support for 3D printing. If you want the best that Microsoft has to offer, WIndows 8 is definitely for you.

As great as the Windows 8 is, it also has some issues. First of all, to get the full Windows 8 experience, you’ll need a touchscreen monitor. This OS is designed to be touch-first and computers that don’t have this capability won’t be able to use all the great features.

Also, computers running XP won’t be able to upgrade directly to Windows 8.1. Instead they will have to install Windows 8 first and visit the Windows Store for a free update to 8.1. This won’t cost you any extra money but it’s an extra step that may seem tedious to some people.

No matter which version of Windows you decide to upgrade to, Newegg wants to simplify your transition to a new OS. We have great deals on everything you need to upgrade your PC including software, CPUs, hard drives, and more.

It may be the end of the line for XP, but it’s also a great opportunity to make your computer better than ever before. So, which version of Windows will you be upgrading to?

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