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Lights Camera Action: Why I Like Dash Cams

By May 11, 2015No Comments
Dash Camera

Dash Camera

Lights Camera Action

If Russian dash cameras have taught us anything it’s that driving can be hazardous. Whether it’s avoiding meteorites or tanks, it’s a frightening drive out there.

Why Dash Cams?

Dash cams record the action. It provides a good defense in court cases and can be vital evidence when something goes awry. Here are some good reasons to invest in one today.

Theft & Damage Claims

Hit and runs happen. We have even seen people run at cars to claim personal injury. Dash cams are great when it comes to defending against this. It’s not going to stop the accident, but it will help you prove who did it or if you were even at fault. Some cameras will turn on instantly if the car is bumped and help identify the person or thing that smacked your car. It might even aid in a UFO discovery, because we know the truth is out there.

Car Enthusiasts

Dash cams are a great way to record that epic adventure through the mountains. Some cameras can track your progress and lap times with features like the ability to track speed, GPS and even G forces. While you might think you have the perfect line, going back over your video can show you signs of where you can improve.

Sports Cam

Why limit the fun to being behind the wheel? Sports cams record you on the trail. These compact sturdy cameras can be great in capturing your favorite hobbies. They are compact enough not to get in the way and are usually built to take a beating. Whether it’s splashing through water or dodging tree branches they are great for every occasion. They also seem pretty durable based on the amount of accidents I’ve seen recorded, which also make great fail videos.

What’s Your Favorite Video Moment?

My favorite video was when a meteoroid was coming down in Russia and a guy just casually flips his visor down to block the light. What’s your favorite dash cam video? If you had an on-board camera, what moment would you want to capture?

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