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An ABS Desktop For Any Business

By May 13, 2015No Comments
ABS Desktop

Today I got the chance to check out one of the new ABS N-Series desktop PC for business. This small and nimble system is a perfect replacement for my aging Dell OptiPlex. If you’re not familiar with the brand, ABS is Newegg’s PC house brand. They have been in business since the 90s with a long history of making awesome systems.

What’s Inside?

ABS Side View

• Intel Haswell I5 4590 3.3 GHz
• Samsung 120 GB SSD
• R206 Case ITX Slim (Rosewill)
• FSP Sparkle Power 400W power Supply
• ASUS ITX H81M-A Motherboard
• 4GB Kingston Memory DDR3 1600
• MK120 Logitech Keyboard bundle
• Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

What’s Hot?

The Intel Haswell CPU is powerful enough for any business task and the Samsung 120GB SSD means fast boot times with quick reflexes. This Newegg business PC has ample video options such as HDMI, DVI, VGA and even classic PS2 connectors so it will support just about any device you could possibly own. It comes with a Logitech Keyboard and mouse which are a good starter pack for any desk.

What’s Not?

With only 2 USB 2.0s up front, the case limits my access to external devices. The Built-in Intel HD graphics 4600 is not powerful enough for high end graphics or games, so expect this to be your first upgrade if you decide to use it for more than just business. The PSU sits in an awkward forward position and runs an extension cord from front to back to power itself. The rubber feet are larger than ones seen on a full size case.

Room For Expansion

The system comes with a PCIE16x slot ready for a low profile video card along with an additional SSD bracket on the bottom of the case. There is also room for an 80MM fan on the top in case your system is in hotter regions. I never saw the stock SSD as its buried deep inside.

How Does It Compare?

The case is a little taller and a lot longer than an OptiPlex. It has a full size DVD-ROM bay which makes it easier to upgrade, should you desire one.

Overall the ABS N-series is the perfect system for business or even the casual internet browser. It would be at home at your office or a good starter you won’t need to worry about upgrading any time soon.

Check out different models of powerful business desktop PCs by ABS here on NeweggBusiness.

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