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CES 2020: Dell unveils screen-bending and dual-screen concept PCs

By January 7, 2020 January 8th, 2020 No Comments
Dell Concept Ori bent-screen tablet

Dell impressed the techie masses today at CES with the announcement of not one, not two, but three pieces of concept technology, all billed for future releases. First up were two dual-display, touch-screen PCs code-named Concept Ori and Concept Duet, and the press conference was closed with the unveiling of a handheld gaming PC called Concept UFO.

Ori and Duet are designed for next-gen productivity, with the idea that both products will solve a major problem. Duet, for instance, takes the “multiple displays” problem and attempts to rectify it in one device, as well as one slim profile. Ori seems much more experimental, taking screen-bending technology, which is largely a gimmick in the current consumer market, and attempts to make it much more sleek and consumer-ready.

Duet is a dual-display device, and both displays are touch and pen compatible. They’re also both 13.4 inches, making the device’s total size profile quite small when compared to standard touchscreen laptops. The concept of the Duet is that it gives the standard user access to two displays, which are very useful (and sometimes necessary) in many office environments, without needing the cables and footprint of multiple monitors and many display and power cables.

The Ori is… similar, but it’s more like an amped-up tablet. It’s a single display, and it can function as a single display, but it can be bent in the middle (which is seamless) to automatically switch to dual-display, with both “displays” being on the same screen. It can be folded all the way closed for a very, very small size profile.

The specs of both of these products wasn’t revealed, but if you’d like to read about our hands-on with the handheld gaming PC called Concept UFO, you can read our coverage on that, too.

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