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July 13, 2018

The iDevices Smart Suite is the Most Approachable Smart Home Kit Yet

Take a trip to Tomorrowland at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom and you’ll find a quaint view of what the America of yesteryear thought the future would look like….

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July 12, 2018

Game Development Hardware

Episode 33 How do the games you love get made? With the right tech for the job. If you’re interested in game design or are looking to build a system...
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July 10, 2018

Choosing the Perfect Back to College PC

Whether you’re going to college for the first time, or are finishing up your final semester, having a reliable PC is a must. With so many options, it can be...
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July 5, 2018

How to Choose a New Home Theater Receiver for Epic Sound

We’ve all had at least one momentous experience with sound. You know, the first time you walked into a room with a movie or music playing and you actually felt…

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July 5, 2018

RGB Fireworks

Episode 32 To celebrate 4th of July, Trisha and Juan covered the best games of 2018 so far, checked out colorful RGB builds from our viewers, and played some co-op...
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July 2, 2018

3Doodler Brings the 3D Pen & Maker Community to the Masses

When I heard I was going to be testing a 3D pen, I experienced harrowing flashbacks to grade school art class— self-portraits that looked like a surrealistic horror creature, watercolor…

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June 29, 2018

Is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute the Future of Vacuum Tech?

I have a bad history with vacuums. In my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I participated in my school’s work-study program, in which students would perform assigned janitorial…

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June 28, 2018

Samsung TVs, Audio, and More

Episode 31 This week, Trisha and JC talked about all the hottest new Samsung tech, including cutting edge televisions, sound bars, QLED monitors, SSDs, and more! Featured Products Samsung QN65Q6FNAFXZA...
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June 27, 2018

Choosing Between a Desktop and a Laptop

The world of computers can be an intimidating one for those who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. There are seemingly infinite options, from ten-thousand-dollar gaming behemoths to notebooks...
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June 27, 2018

Your Guide to Monitors: Terms You Need to Know

4k. UHD. Free-Sync. BFGD. Look at the page for any monitor from an online seller, and you’ll find a bewildering amount of abbreviations used to describe the properties of a...
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June 27, 2018

The Best Portable Mice, Keyboards, and More

Keeping things lightweight and portable in this day and age is an increasingly important part of our lives. We're expected to carry more electronics with us than ever before, but...
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June 27, 2018

DIY College Guide: Dorm Décor with Style on a Budget

Starting college and living in the dorms is an eye-opening experience, and most often the first time students really get a chance to live on their own and see what...