DSLR cameras give your video that "professional" look

By March 4, 2011Product Overviews

Filming video with a digital SLR camera allows for greater freedom and accessibility than a professional-level camcorder, according to PC World’s Matt Brown.


A major advantage DSLR cameras have is that the video looks professional. If a person sees something that they want to shoot, they can simply pull out the camera and begin recording.

Brown provides several factors for using a DSLR camera to achieve great-looking video. The price is not only much lower than most professional cameras, but also provides similar results. The cameras are much smaller and allow for greater mobility. Not only do the cameras offer great video, they also have the ability to shoot great stills as well, according to Brown.

“Even now, after using many different DSLRs for a couple of years’ worth of video projects, I am still amazed by the video quality,” wrote Brown. “I’ve used DSLRs on big shoots for TV shows, advertisements, multicam setups, and interviews. The quality never disappoints.”

Purchasing a DSLR camera may be the hard part. Find one that fits your style and budget and get out there and start shooting … video that is.