Motorola’s Xoom hits the market

By March 10, 2011Newegg Newsroom

Although the tablet market has been dominated by Apple’s iPad, including the buzz surrounding the iPad 2, Motorola recently released its Xoom tablet.

Motorola Xoom in action

The Xoom offers several upgrades over its Apple rival, according to Business Insider’s Steve Kovach. Android 3.0, Honeycomb, allows the Xoom greater customization than the iPad. The device is also expected to be the first to offer 4G speed.

Other benefits the Xoom offers include the multitasking, which allows applications to run in the background. The notifications may be the most significant advantage on the Xoom.

“Honeycomb’s notification system isn’t perfect, but it’s vastly better than what you’ll get on the iPad,” wrote Kovach for Business Insider. “Instead of annoying badges, notifications on Honeycomb pop up in the lower right corner with a preview of your new email, tweet or instant message.”

Whatever the case may be on the Xoom, the tablet market is set to take off in the coming years. According to research by the NPD Group, tablets sold during 2011 will reach 55.7 million, up significantly from the 19 million sold in 2010. By 2014, the group expects tablets sold to reach 172.4 million.