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By April 15, 2015 August 21st, 2019 One Comment
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The industry of 3D printers is constantly developing ways to bring small-scale production to the home. The latest 3D printers are breaking the speed barrier and making 3D printing more fun and efficient.

For instance, Gizmo 3d revealed it’s making a system that can not only produce 3D products, but also can produce them at blazing fast speeds. This new method can produce 6x3x1-inch products in just 6 minutes! Let’s take a look at how this all works.

How It Works:

This new printer technique uses a process called Direct Light Processing, which has been seen in other printers, but not with this speed innovation. What makes it special is it prints in one continuous motion, as opposed to the stop and go of other 3D printers. When you print your designs they literally grow out of the liquid. Gizmo’s 3D printer can even make wax-like molds that can be used for casting in ovens. Of course this is still in the early phases. However, there is a good chance they might get even more speed out of this technique, which means, we’re one step closer to those replicators Star Trek promised us so many years ago.

Plastic Is Fun, But Why Not Work With Metal?

Another approach is additive manufacturing, which is similar to welding and a CNC machine in one. The DMG MORI machine does it all.

How It Works:

This machine starts off using a process similar to welding called additive manufacturing. After the rough base product is made, it’s then cleaned up using CNC cutting blades. Pretty soon any shape that is currently made in plastic, can be made just as easily in metal.

The Impact

This can really be a major change in product development. From the automotive industry to aeronautics; projects that took many hours, can now be whipped out with one machine. In the future parts can be manufactured and designs modified, without major retooling or a complete redesign of a product. These steps cut out countless hours out of research and development. We will see rapid prototyping of new parts. Eventually an auto parts store could simply produce the part you need right as you drive over. Pretty soon you’re going to be able to download a car too.

How do you see yourself using your 3D printer and what is your favorite model? Let us know.

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    …Huh. I knew about CLIP and stereolithographic methods, but additive manufacturing is new to me. Thank you for this, I’ll add this topic to my reading list.

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