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Future-Proofing 101 – Cases and Power Supplies

By June 17, 2015No Comments
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Building your own computer system can be an awesome and satisfying experience, and so can upgrading it. We always want a powerful system that can keep pace with the ever expanding system requirements of software. The goal of this post to highlight areas where we can “future-proof” to give the most benefit in the long run, both in terms of price and lifespan.

There are a couple factors to consider when you are planning a computer build to really last and perform. The computer case and power supply are at the core of having a long lasting, powerful and greener system.

The Perfect Case

Cases are also one of the main parts of your computer that you can attempt future proofing. You can start with your current desktop or buy a new case that can withstand operating for a long time. Try looking for a larger case that can house graphics cards, allow for good cable management, and provide space for cooling. You are looking to upgrade your system over time.

Here are some cases that I personally would get to last:

Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower

Rosewill BlackHawk-Ultra Full Tower

NZXT H440 STEEL Mid Tower

Moar Power, Less Loss

The more processing power that software demands from your computer, the more power you need. The increase in power causes more heat, which means more fans and cooling needed… which require more power to run. You see where this is going.

There is no sense in having top of the line components with a really weak or unreliable power supply unit. I personally look for 80 Plus Gold or above to limit excessive heat. Your system, and possibly your electricity bill, will thank you for it.

Here are power supply units that I’m considering for my next future-proofed build:

EVGA SuperNOVA 80 Plus Gold 750W

The 80 Plus Gold PSU with 750W of power is pretty solid for a great build. This will provide plenty of power for your system.

This next one delivers more than enough power for what most people will be doing with their machine. With that said, if you want to max out your PCIe slots, have an intense cooling system and have multiple hard drives, then this is right for you.

EVGA SuperNOVA 80 Plus Platinum 1000W

Awesome 80 Plus Platinum power supply unit with 1000W of power.

Smart Builds

There is no guaranteed way to future-proof your PC. There will always be sudden changes to the industry. Having a solid foundation with a top of the line power supply, and a case that has a great layout will definitely make it last and allow for seamless upgrading.

Let us know about your most recent future-proofing or upgrading experience. How has your build transformed over time?


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