Buying Guide: Six gadgets with a retro look

By April 23, 2013Buying Guides

There’s something cool about retro/vintage/classic gadgets, but they’re not exactly practical to use. Below are six products that combine the best of both worlds – retro style that’s compatible with modern technology.

1. NES USB Controller


This plug-n-play USB controller looks just like the classic NES controller! It features an eight-way directional pad and four digital buttons. It works with both PC and Mac for plenty of old school gaming fun!




2. Atari 10-in-1 TV Games

atariWith the Atari 10-in-1 TV Games System, you have a completely self-contained gaming system. Take 10 classic video games with you wherever you go – all you have to do is hook it up to your TV. Games include Centipede, Pong, Asteroids, Missile Command, Real Sports Volleyball and more!



3. 1 GB Mix Tape Memory Stick

mix tape

Remember the days before digital music and MP3 players? If you do then you probably made compilations of all your favorite music to share with your friends and loved ones on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes. With this 1GB Mix Tape Memory Stick, you can store up to 900 minutes of quality digital music – perfect for creating your own unique compilation of songs for friends.


4. iHome Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod

boomboxThis re-imagining of the classic stereo boombox easily fits any iPhone or docking iPod model without inserts. It has an FM radio, class “D” amplifier coupled to 4″ carbon composite woofers and 1″ dome tweeters, 5 band graphic equalizer with LCD display and a remote control.



5. Pyle PRT15I Retro Home Telephone for iPhone/Android/Blackberry


When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he would’ve never imaged how far his creation would have come. The Pyle PRT15I is a telephone designed with the styling of the early 20th century with the future in mind. The handcrafted wooden body and brushed copper accents give this piece an authentic feel. This phone may look like an antique rotary but it’s been updated to work with the latest mobile smartphones on the market today!


6.  Retro Vintage Turntable System

turntableCombine classic record playing with today’s audio files with this Retro Vintage Turntable System! Tune into FM/AM radio or use it to play CDs, MP3s, cassettes and vinyl records. This turntable will definitely catch your eye and can easily become the center piece in any room.

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