Google Opens Explorer Program for One Day Only

By April 15, 2014Newegg Newsroom


If you’ve wanted to wrap some Google Glass around your head, now’s your chance to buy a pair. For a limited time (today only), Google is opening up their Explorer Program to anyone that is interested.

Previously, participants in the Glass program had to join a waiting list and receive an invitation code to purchase a pair. This created a black market of codes being sold across the Internet and may have prompted Google to open the program for a limited time. Whatever their reason is, you need to act fast.

Only a few spots have been allotted and Google is not saying how many. You also need to be at least 18 years old and a US resident with a US shipping address to be eligible. There is no indication that Google will open the program for non-US residents at a later date.

The $1,500 price tag may seem hefty but Glass is one of the most advanced pieces of technology currently available. Designed for those that move, Glass allows you to use many Google services and applications that typically require a phone, tablet, or computer.


Although Glass was initially met with complaints for how “ugly” it looked and worked, Google has done a great job at listening to Explorers and making improvements. Glass has received nine software updates, 42 Glassware apps, iOS support, prescription frames, and more. With several styles of frames and shades to choose from, there is definitely a pair for everyone.

Google is also making headlines today with their recent acquisition of drone-maker Titan Aerospace. Among the things Google has planned for these unmanned aircraft is to broadcast Internet signals to the masses similar to what Facebook is planning. Could it be possible that these drones will one day provide Internet service to Glass?

The Google Glass Explorer Program is open for one day only. Visit for more information.

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  • baracuda68 says:

    “Could it be possible that these drones will one day provide Internet service to Glass?”
    Sure, why not? GLASS has WiFi…

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