How to Learn Coding with a Raspberry Pi

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It’s estimated that by the year 2020 there will be more computer science jobs than computer science students. This is mind-boggling because computer science is one of the highest paying careers in the world. With over a million jobs waiting to be filled, this is an untapped $500 billion opportunity for those that want to take advantage.

The computer science industry is in dire need of more students because it’s growing at a rate twice as fast as the national average. Everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Barack Obama is urging young people to learn how to code because our future may depend on it.

Coding can be intimidating to those that have never tried it. One look at a coder’s computer screen is reason enough to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to learn how to code.

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on a computer science degree and can learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own computer. A college education is a great thing to have on your resume but it may not be the best way to learn for a lot of people.

In a recent study about New York City’s technology workforce, they found that 44 percent of tech jobs didn’t even require a bachelor’s degree. This number is certain to grow as online learning and self-education become more mainstream.

The biggest reason people don’t learn coding is simply because it’s not available to them. Only one out of ten schools teaches the subject and not many teachers even know what it is. If you’re thinking about teaching yourself this lucrative profession, one of the best ways is with a Raspberry Pi.


The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized PC that can be programmed to do anything your desktop computer can do and more. You can program it to perform simple tasks like create documents, play video games, or surf the web. But with a little bit of practice you can make a digital camera, a tablet, or even fly a drone!

Raspberry Pi owners from all around the world have been using this little computer to develop interesting projects while learning how to code at the same time. The Raspberry Pi website has many free resources that offer inspiration and how-to guides on creating a variety of different projects. For those new to coding, the Raspberry Pi is a great way to begin your coding adventure. Starting at about $40, this is also one of the cheapest ways to learn coding.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing one of these powerful little PCs, Newegg is the place to shop. We currently have a great promotion on one of the most popular Raspberry Pi computers (Model B) and are bundling it with an 8GB NOOBS microSD boot card. We’re selling this package at 20% off the retail value but it’s only for a limited time. This promotion ends on April 19 so shop today!

All you’ll need to do is plug in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor and you’re all set to start coding. The rest is up to your imagination.

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