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Halloween Costumes: Superhero Edition

By September 19, 2016No Comments

With Halloween approaching quickly, we’re now in one of the best times of the year: Costume shopping! Newegg is famous for selling computer hardware, but did you know we have costumes as well? We offer a huge selection of costumes at different price points, so we probably have what you are looking for.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best superhero-themed costumes available at a few different pricing and complexity levels. No matter if you are a Halloween expert or just along for the ride with your friends, we can help.

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Quick and easy costumes

  1. Ironette 


As any comicbook fan knows, any sufficiently popular character will eventually spawn different versions, whether it be a little kid, robot, or gender-swapped version of a classic hero. And while Marvel will be rolling out an actual female Iron Man later this year (named Ironheart), you can create your own interpretation right now with this Iron Man-themed dress and mask combination.

  1. Spider-Man 


Everybody wants to be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! For around $25 with shipping, you are getting a polyester suit with not much muscle padding. The suit will be comfortable to wear and will wick away sweat due to the polyester fabric. Keep in mind that this suit doesn’t come with gloves, but Newegg carries those separately. You can see our selection of Spider-Man gloves here.

Mid-level costumes

  1. She-Ra


How do you feel about 80’s superhero nostalgia? This costume takes a little more time to pull together due to the amount of accessories. The gauntlets, boots, and other a pieces you may want to add to make it your own (browse Halloween costume props right here). You can order this costume between sizes 8-14, which are actually some of the most common sizes for women.

  1. The Flash


The Flash has long been a common sight around Halloween, and with a successful TV show his popularity has risen. This suit does have muscle padding, so if you are in a hot place this probably isn’t the best costume to choose (The Flash usually isn’t super sweaty, right?). The Flash is a simple costume to pull off, without a lot of complicated extra bits, but the price point nudges this into the medium category.

Advanced costumes

  1. Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy has always had this stigma: she can only be a “sexy” character. I don’t think this is true. With this costume you can add green eye shadow, more green vines, and other creative aspects to turn this not into more than a good costume, but a great cosplay as well.

I put this under the advanced section due to the work that would need to be put into the costume to really make it stand out. You can look for appropriate supporting items on our Halloween accessories page.

  1. The Joker 


Heath Ledger’s Joker was legendary, and now you can be too. This deluxe costume comes with virtually everything required, so you won’t need any other accessories, unless you want to give this costume a unique twist.

For under $200 you are getting a great Halloween costume, and also great cosplay as well. The sky’s the limit!

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