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Japan’s Robot Revolution

By September 21, 2015No Comments


Japanese leaders recently stated they will be ramping up the use of robotics throughout their country. With a declining labor force, Japan has sought to automate manufacturing and optimize businesses as much as possible. Widespread robots might be the way to go. The goal is to make the production and use of robotics as affordable as possible to the point where they are mainstream. It could mean robots will start showing up everywhere in the near future.

Robotic Hotels and More

Japan already has hotels, restaurants and now department stores using robots on a daily basis. It might save money in the long run and reduce liability for businesses. The challenge has been making these machines more affordable and effective in satisfying the customers’ needs.

Venues embracing robots have seen a boost in their business. However, it will likely be a while before these machines become advanced enough to handle everything on their own. It will be interesting to see the changes as Japan’s robot revolution gets underway.

Advanced Manufacturing


Nearly every modern heavy machine factory has embraced robotics in the production line and, in Japan’s case, it is an understatement. Automation through robotics is ubiquitous in Japan to the point where multinational companies look to them as a model and supplier of robotic manufacturing tools. Who wouldn’t want to speed up manufacturing, reduce liability, potentially reduce material cost and be able to run a factory 24 hours a day every day of the year?

Robots in Culture

Giant fighting robots have deep roots Japanese pop culture, especially in anime. The Gundam series were some of my favorite anime when I was younger. Piloting a behemoth humanoid machine into battle seemed pretty cool. In this case, fiction has become reality as Japan and the USA might face off in a giant robot battle soon. Check out our story on giant fighting robots.

Your Personal Robot

Since its inception, the field of robotics has supported humanity’s cause for a better standard of living. As robots become more affordable and accessible to the common person they will be used for many things. With the abundance of tools available to us it’s a lot more convenient to build a robot ourselves. I’m not saying it’s easy, just more accessible.

If you could build your own robot what would it be like? What kind of future would we have with more robotics? If you’ve already built your own let us know in the comments below.

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