It’s nice to be able to read trusted reviews when shopping for PC hardware. In celebration of the thousands of customer reviews on, Linus Tech Tips used product egg scores as their guide when putting together their latest PC build. In a new video, Linus assembles a system based on the highest-rated components available, and comes away with a rock-solid system featuring an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, an MSI MEG X570 motherboard, and an MSI 2070 Super Gaming X graphics card.

Linus Reviews Build + 3090 Giveaway

And as a thank you to Linus and all the customers who have left helpful reviews over the years, Newegg is giving away a brand new fully-assembled PC, made with the top-rated components Linus chose! The only slight change to the system is a significant upgrade – an EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra Gaming graphics card in place of the 2070 Super. Whoever wins this rig will have their PC gaming needs taken care of for a long time.

Finally, as an added bonus, we have one more EVGA 3090 FTW3 GPU to give away to an additional lucky winner. Enter via the form above.

Top Reviewed Parts

AMD Ryzen 3700X CPU


G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4 3200 RAM

Intel 600P 1TB SSD

Noctua NH-U12S Cooler

Seasonic FOCUS GX-750 PSU

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Case

WD Black 4TB HDD

MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X GPU

RTX 30 Series Video Cards



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  • Corbella Dario says:

    I wanted a pc for play vith my frends

    • Riyaath says:

      I would love to win the pc… Because I would never be able to afford the pc. I would have to work more then 10 years to even afford that pc

      • Ulrigh says:

        I want to enter the gaming world.
        Play with my friends en getting the win and just enjoying it

        • Hussein says:

          I would like to win this giveaway to give this pc to my dad, hes a very hard worker and i think if i win he would be so happy with a rig he can game on and work! Thank you and have a wonderful day

          • James says:

            I would love to win this pc or the 3090 because it would be a massive upgrade to my current rig. I have been using new egg for almost all of my tech and really appreciate the reviews and they way they do things

          • Abdullah Naveed says:

            This pc is a beast for me who use core 2 duo

        • Rabah Safa Mekhane says:


        • Harsimranjit says:

          I’d like to win this PC cause i need a pc real bad but my dad just won’t buy me one cause it isn’t portable. Also because my brother is an pro fortnite player i can’t play on my console.

          • Artur Banys says:

            I would like a new pc because the one I have now is not that great (6gb ram, nvidia GTX 260 nvidia xfx motherboard, 400W power supply, 500gb hdd, a stock Intel fan, and an old cooler master case that has 4 broken USB ports. I would really appreciate it if I were chosen.

        • Hector Villegas says:

          I would love to win it because it would be my first pc , and could be able to playing with my friends who changed to pc.

        • Lopez says:

          i need this for online class and online gaming.

          • mathias chaltin says:

            I really wanna win this pc because I’m depressed for almost 5 years to get a pc that can give me some relieve after a hard day. My pc crashes at all games except 10year old games and even then the performance isn’t that great. I live in Belgium so I don’t now if you even consider to ship this so far. I’m a huge linus tech tips fan. I hope to hear you soon.

        • Michael Sparks says:

          Just wanna win

        • Hisham Haq says:

          I’d like this PC so I can get school work done and being able to enjoy current games without lag

        • Vance LaSalle says:

          I would like to win this machine so I can finally beet my son’s butt playing games…. haven’t won in years…

        • Joshua Sanchez says:

          With the economic uncertanties of the times, saving the money that was going to be spent on my first pc build could go extremely far. With the money saved i would have a much easier time with medical debt and other various payments

        • Matthew Shapiro says:

          I want a gpu thats more Beeforoni. My 290x has served me well and is still truckin,but a fresh slab of gpu wood be succulent:)

        • Ricky Lui says:

          One of the cool things about shipping at Newegg is the reviews are quite legit and reliable. Not like others online shopping site that made up false reviews to boost the sales of the product they want to promote.

          To be honest, who doesn’t want a free gaming PC, especially with the RTX 30 which is nowhere to be found except on YouTube? So yes, I really want one!

        • I would love to get this pc because Ive been watching YouTubers and stream since I was really young and they put a smile on my face and I want to put smiles on Others faces and I’ve bin wanting a pc for a wile k or but we don’t have the money and I don’t want my parents to spend so much money and hopefully one day I can pay my parents back for everything they have done for me.

          Thank you

          From: Fabricio Flor

        • Leo Wang says:

          I had my laptop for 5 years I would greatly appreciate an upgrade.

        • Christian Ascencio says:

          I have been wanting to build a PC for a while now so that I can play with my friends (who all have PCs) and winning this giveaway would be the perfect opportunity to do that.

        • William Gibson says:

          This is a great system that I would love to give to my son. Big fan of both Newegg and Linus Tech Tips.

        • James says:

          I would like to win the Graphics card, while I currently have a 1660 my friend no card and all his parts, so I just want to help a friend out

      • Erik Isaksson says:

        I would like to win the pc so I could finally join my friends and play more demanding games.

        • Tony Chainho says:

          I would love to give this pc to my kids so that they could enjoy gaming as well!… I may use it after they go to bed…

          • Yusuf Bagwan says:

            I want to get a new computer because my old computer is a hp pavilion something, and I really need a new pc and a 3090 and ryzen 7 is a very cool upgrade. If I had this I would be able to play Crysis remastered while right now I can play CSGO 10 fps.

        • Raman Sharma says:

          I just want to get over that 60fps mark and play like a beast ,I also want to enjoy high graphics on high resolution.

          • Paul says:

            I would like to win this PC as I am a pro gamer and I use my PC for work as well and my current PC is 6 years old and is showing signs of dying.

          • Byron Thorpe says:

            u gonna have enough money for a high fps and high resolution moniter?

          • Kyle kirk says:

            Never won an online contest or giveaway so i thought, ” sure, why not? Whats the least that can happen?”

        • Gokul B says:

          It so cool

        • Todd says:

          This would be sweet, very close to what I would build for myself (other than the 3090, I can’t justify spending that much on a gpu.)

        • sk90y says:

          Lol nicely done. Choosing Linus to do the giveaway

        • Michael Paul Johnson says:

          Nice rig. I’m stoked it used so many parts I picked for wife’s workstation build. I never looked at the Egg rating. I watch a lot of LTT though. I take most of my picks from Linus, Bitwit, and Gamer’s Nexus. Great value. I’m going downscale for my next build. Wife’s workstation w/ 3080 Ventus 3x OC was overkill… WAY overkill. Her Facebook scrolling is super smooth. My next build I’ll go with a little less MoBo. Maybe wait for Ryzen 5 and match it with a Ryzen GPU, air cooler and fast memory. I’d forgotten how big a mid-tower actually was. Definatly going ITX for next build.

        • Aditya Anil says:

          I am a student pursuing engineering would love to have this for 3d modeling and gaming. Thanks peace out

      • Christopher Johns says:

        I need this pc. My brother is a wounded veteran and is currently seeking treatment and mental help at the warrior’s heart foundation in texas. I’m the only one in the family who hasn’t cast him out because of his struggles with drugs. When he gets out of the program in a few weeks we hope to play alot of video games.

        • Kenric Wilson says:

          need a new pc for daughter.. so we can all be a sus just one8

        • Bhuvan R says:

          Hey Linus….the is glitching out so I was only able to submit one entry but please believe me or if you don’t… contact me…I burnt the only pc I had and now I am stranded….I seriously need a pc for my college so please if you could help….if you want to see what happened please email me.

          Yours lovingly
          A big fan…

      • Johnny Doty says:

        I would love to win this pc even if it’s a slim chance. At the moment I got a gtx 745 which is ok with not so demanding games but new oh yeah. I’m happy with my system which has been serving me well going on I believe 9 years now. Reason why is I cant get a new one now is simply put it’s hard to save and the only reason I got it was cause my w2 which at the time I just wanted something for me. I sometimes wonder how new components would like a gtx 1080 would be like or what ever is out there. i really enjoy your videos you and your team put together linus and which are educational. If I do win I was by some random chance I was gonna give my old pc to my nephew so he can have one to him self. I just want to say I’m not the richest or poorest but even if I dont win it’s ok il try to save for it one day.

        Thank you from Johnny Lee doty

      • Michael enriquez says:

        This is a cool computer

      • Dan Mallery says:

        Fantastic idea for a build! I use the review process frequently when selecting components.

      • I would love to win this pc

        Because I want to stop spending money on console that I can’t upgrade.

      • Unknown says:

        I’ve never had a pc because my parent’s can’t afford it :'((… Currently saving money to buy one but I hope I win so that the money I saved would be used for the family… fingers crossed 😀

      • Marko Buskupić says:

        Nice almost msi build but its great. I am mad for croatia my home coutry. We don hawe new egg or any stores like yours. And we are a cheepo country hahahaha… By u gpu is 350 by us 500 for the same card.

      • Jamie says:

        I would love to win this pc as it will give me the chance to experience what pc gaming is like for years I have wanted one, but unfortunately haven’t been able to afford it really hope I win

      • Noe says:

        My pc only have i5 2400 and gtx 1050 and I cant play alot of games with friend plz let me win it

      • Dan Hirceaga says:

        I never owned a PC before. Only using second hand laptops. Would be a great change

        • Sergio Cervantes says:

          Same, i have only used hand me down laptops that stop the second i try to use discord. I really just want to have fun with the rest if my friends without needing to use my mobile device thst currently has more ram than my laptop.

      • Neng B Chang says:


      • Chris Vogel says:

        Loving your videos. In the past y months I’ve been watching a lot of review and instructional videos in preparation for a new build. Last build I did was a Phenom II 2.2 ghz on an MSI am2 board so was feeling a little behind the times. Thanks for sharing all knowledge and keep up the great work!

      • Daniel Davis says:

        I need this.

      • Remy Yan says:

        I would love a PC as I don’t have one so I can play with my friends

      • jamie says:

        i have always wanted a pc ever since i played on my friends and for 3 years i have been saving and have only mustered up 250 gbp and i’ve always wanted to stream and create positivity

      • Joe Holderness says:

        Hi I’m Joe and I’ve always had to settle for the lower end parts and compromise for some quality and it would be nice for that weight to be lifted so I can focus the money I have on different things. I am 14 and I live in the uk.

      • Jason Waters says:

        I have been trying to build a new PC after my last deployment but hadn’t found the time or money. This would be a great fix for this task on my list!

      • i want to win this because im still using amd A6-5400k without any graphics card and a generic psu for my online class i hope this will help me to my passion

      • Florian says:

        I really have crappie pc, I know I am not gonna win, but if I do I would have saved me exactly 4 months of work go get the money for some pc build like this.

      • Israel Vasquez says:

        I would like the PC because I’m going to college but my old PC is staying home for my little brother to use.

      • Shane padgeon says:

        Hi I don’t need the computer but I would like to win it it would also help with school because the school computers are not that good and very harf to work with

      • Rachael Rudd says:

        I want that PC because with it I’ll be able to make a video reviewing how much I enjoy using said PC. Just like Linus tech tips would

      • Alejo says:

        I would love to win the pc. I’m from Latin America adn here pc hardware is really expensive. I have been saving money to buy a gaming rig for more than 1 year, and definetily win this pc would be a bless.
        I am a huge fan Linus channel as well.

      • Luka Benedičič says:

        I’d like my brother to have a PC too so we could game together instead of switching 🙁

    • Gabriella says:

      My son always wants a better pc becsuse his pc is not good anymore so i hope i get this or the 3090 to build him a pc

      • Robert Stark says:

        I need a new pc so badly… This would be such an awesome setup.

      • AliMalekabadi says:

        Well this is really game changing im a graphic designer and adobe illustrator 2021 uses 100 percent of my cpu and lags so its really great to have a good pc

        • Nick says:

          I don’t have a sad story or one that is to guilt me into a new pc but more so just wanted to see if something great would happen! I would use this pc to stream and play my favorite games!

        • Andres Correa-Morales says:

          I was going to build a pc but due to covid I have to help pay more bills so getting the pc or just the GPU would be a great help to building my first pc

      • Keilan Hickson says:

        I would love 2 win this pc for some gaming and productivity work as i do some music production on the side. This rig would definitely suffice and my last build had to be sold to make rent recently so i am completely w.o a pc atm and am forced to game on my phone exclusively.

        • Todd Brown says:

          I would love to win this pc, because after a hard year mostly in lockdown I need something like this to make me feel that all is well in the world again.

        • Johnathan Vega says:

          This would be nice replacement PC after having to sell one of the two I had and my ex taking my last one while leaving me while I was at work.

      • Todd A Harris jr says:

        I wish i could win well because this would be my first pc cant afford to build my own right now focusing on the new baby and bills right now i could also give my xbox to my 7 yr old. So pls hope you pick me lol

      • Eliana Whitcomb says:

        I would really like to win for my fiancé.

      • Gerard Salac III says:

        This would be perfect for my little brother ( he’s only 10yr old )he loves tech and actually replaced his laptop screen with little help from me.

      • Branden Lee Foster says:

        I would love to win this computer because as of now the only computer my small family of 7 in my house has is a crome book that plays using nvidia geforce now. But even then the pc stuggles.

      • Marat says:

        I hope I can win so I can start streaming

      • aswinlal says:

        It’s maybe usefull for my students for experience more about video editing

    • Bryan M Pelz says:

      Make my son have the best Christmas ever!!!

      • Robert Russell says:

        Cannot afford hardware like this still running a 3rd gen intel chip

        • Christian marin says:

          Birthday gift for my son he want to be a gamer and a streamer and he would love this or the video card I can start building the pc for him too

        • Andrew Orchard says:

          I am wanting to get into pc gaming and don’t have the resources to build one.

      • Richard Krauß says:

        Ive Bern saving Money for My PC over Years, but now its Kind of outdated with a Ryzen 3 and a 1050.
        I really want to have fun while gaming and thats Not possible with less than 60 FPS on My prefered settings…
        So i would Love IT if i win Guys❤️

    • I like to win because i dont have a gaming pc in my life since born we are just a not that rich family so we cant afford it and when it comes on schooling i borrow a laptop with my classmate so i can attend class

    • Brack Winterton says:

      I mean you could pick me but idk why you would.

    • Ravinder Singh says:

      Would love to win this pc because pc parts in india cost twice the original price.

      • Grant says:

        I’d love to win this would be awesome

      • Worrawat Waterhouse says:

        Sold my last gaming pc because i had no time to play it because of nursing school but regret getting rid of it. Would be awesome to win and be able to play with my friend again on my down from nursing school

      • Vincent bucello says:

        Im entering to win, because on a very low budget that my wife n i have. We try to keep our gaming rigs kinda upgraded to be able to game and stream. Im still running a rig with DDR3 RAM at 24gb with a 1050 ti 4gb card, and my wife has a Nvidia 970 1gb card in hers. It would be nice to have a brake and win a new compter or just a video card for my wife.

    • Advait Nair says:

      • Kyandro says:

        I would really want to win this pc. Because I would never be able to afford it. I would have to work longer than 11 years to get enough money for it. I would really appreciate it.

      • Sean says:

        Hey New egg, my son and I was watching LTT, big up Linus, like your videos. Wishing and hoping that I could afford one for my son so he would be able to play with is friend and also his school work, new egg…you guys have some wonderful systems.

      • Ashok kumar says:

        I need that pc for my son as he is waiting for his (Pc pc for 8 months and now I would like to give him this pc as a present on his birthday as i am not able to afford one myself.

    • Maximiliano Ortiz says:

      My name is Maximiliano Ortiz and I am a cal state long beach student that is way too broke to ever build a pc of that caliber so I’m hoping that the stars can align and deliver this beautiful piece of hardware into my hands.
      Ps. Im a console peasent looking to ascend the social pyramid.

    • julien oliver narainsamy says:

      your video help me killed a lot of time during the lockdown linus, thanks ton!

      • Rasmus Jernberg says:

        Dear santa, please help me get next level gaming gear. Before my friends do preferably.

        By the way, i do miss channel superfun.


    • John Vann says:

      Fingers crossed, I have a 10 year old computer system

    • Heath Holden says:

      So let me get this right not just some of the best reviewed Parts but rather a lot of them with the best warranties in the business? If I do win my BFF is getting there first gaming computer and too many Skyrim mods.

      • Luis says:

        I’ve owned the same gaming laptop since I bought it in my time at Fort Sam Houston in 2016. Always wanted to build a desktop but life happens. Still my trusty Laptop remains even if its on its last legs. Its been everywhere with me. Hope I can win to finally give it much needed rest.

    • Tejas k says:

      I have a 1060 now it would be a very nice upgrade to 3080.

    • Rameen Ul Alam says:

      I wanted a gaming pc for my whole family

    • Benyamin abdoli says:

      hey ltt and new egg. im a huge fan of you videos linus and ive learnt a shit ton of english and almost every thing about pcs because of your incredible videos and since i live in iran and there is every kind of sanctions is just a dream for me to have a high end pc. but even if there wasnt sanctions i still didnt have the money to buy a pc because iim broke af.

    • Jaden Rachynski says:

      I also have never had a pc and my parents don’t have much because my mom is slightly disabled and they just want through a divorce

      • Jadon Williams says:

        I never had a PC before I was always on Xbox I’ve always wanted a pc and have been saving up for one I want to start streaming on twitch and a pc would help with that

      • Emiya says:

        I am from India, and no matter how much I work I could never afford this PC in my lifetime although I like to play games, it’s one of my favourite things in the world. Right now I have a potato PC, I mostly see walkthroughs of new games on YouTube, but I would really like to win this PC so that I can actually play games rather than just watching it.

    • I also have never had a pc and my parents don’t have much because my mom is slightly disabled o she can’t work and they just want through a divorce

    • Haris says:

      I want a pc to enter to the more graphics games and for editing videos for youtube

    • Moises Stevenson says:

      Hello I’m new to the channel and I am new to the pc master race I’m currently a high schooler with a 3.5 GPA and haveing won this pc or competent could help me improve my learning experience and gaming experience at the same time that’s all thank you have a nice day.

    • Kamil says:

      Hi i really want to get a new pc i know i have one but i cqnt run warzone and sometimea fortnite

    • Ratul Hasan says:

      Hey I love your videos and I need this pc .Beacuse I cannot afford one

    • Rakib Hossain Rudro says:

      Love you LTT

    • ahmad jawdat says:

      I want a pc from newegg bc how else will i get a 3080.

    • Jan Humpolíček says:

      I want that PC

    • abdulrahman Abdullah says:


    • Cody says:

      I could use a new computer and a chance to get one of course I’m gonna attempt it. I’m glad I started watching linus awhile back lol.

    • jesli says:

      would love to play with my friends too. like I can’t play anything with them bcs I have dual core 2.8 ghz, R7 200 Radeon gpu and 4 gb ram. and don’t get me started on my operating system, windows 7 32 bit

    • Pratik says:

      Hay Linus and new egg I am from India and am having a pc config of i5 3 gen and planing to up grade my pc but am not able to get a good grafic card in my range

    • Kamden Amaral says:

      If I win this entry I would like the computer to have an LTT logo on it please

    • King Darryl C. Naigan says:

      It is a big upgrade for me :> now my pc has amd a8-7650k
      4×2 ram
      500gb storage
      Generic power suply
      Msi mb idk the specific name of the mobo

    • Spencer smith says:

      I wish i jad a pc better than my (not horriable) but lacking core i5 acer first gen nitro with 8 giggs from one single stick of ram. With a gtx 1050.

      Its not that old. But upgrading right now is not in my field of view due to pandemic and work changes and income changes.

      It would be great to game on a pc when im done for the day that can actually run ModernWarefare at more than 30 fps in 1080p.

      Thank you

    • Alexander Winkler says:

      I would love to win the PC, because Im in college running on an older laptop that drank a cup of tea 3 years ago

    • Logan says:

      Need an update from my current pc still rocking the 1050ti

    • Mike Bizzarrino says:

      Hey Linus. Your videos really get my young daughtet excited and into computer building, Thanks for that! would love to win this rig to start gaming with her.

      Best of luck!

    • caeden pollard says:

      I would love this pc so i can give it to my brother who is on a old intel laptop he loves playing video games with me but we have problems playing because his laptop is slow so thats why i would love to win it 🙂

    • Need a pc for school/gaming since the chrome book that I am using would shut down mid class and it’s not good for any gaming related.

    • Baran Bulaca says:

      Hahah I’m dying of laughter reading all these sob stories that’s already enough for me oh and linus if you read this the beards gotta go man I know its your choice but I just get too distracted by it so now I have to rewatch your vids 2 to 3 times
      Hahah have a great day everyone

      Captain Raymond Hollt

    • Chase says:

      I just got into PC building and I am in the process of building a gaming rig for myself. I actually used the “review based system” to choose alot of the parts I ordered.

    • Casy Chapin says:

      Unable to enter due to really bad interface resizing bug. The box for entry keeps changing size and making it impossible to see the entry fields

    • Eric says:

      I never had a pc 🙁

    • Caleb Rivers says:

      yea same my pc i have is a laptop with no battery using the charger that cant connect to wifi and cant run anything like games or a browser

    • Daniel c says:

      I want this pc because my current one is so bad lol.

    • Sergio Gonzalez says:

      I stumbled upon Linus Tech Tips a while back and even though I didn’t understand anything at first, I am hooked. I have been considering building a PC for a while now. Unfortunately between paying school and the uncertainty of job security due to COVID I’ve been holding off. I would love a PC me and my brothers could share.

    • Woah! Its good if i cam make a good gaminv experience with that thing.. but look at those entrie s1.6 million and it have 47 days left hahahaha.. good luck to the winner

    • Cedric Ivan M Marquez says:

      I won’t even be able to afford this even if i sell my organs in the black market, lol

    • Patrick Williams says:


    • I’ll love to win this pc for my bestfriend,he is not the most fortunate and I have a pc myself and we can’t play valrant together.

    • Gintaras says:

      Never had a PC like that I have 5 brothers so they war always more important than me so my PC was only just a dream I’m with Linus from almaust the star just watched he’s videos and dreamd about a PC like that

    • Gintaras says:

      Hi I’m from far Lithuania is a country you don’t really think about. And the PC is something like that I watch Linus from almaust the start i wanted that kind of PC but it always seemed like an impossible thing brother before PC it’s a dream but maby one day

    • Shian Frilles says:

      i was hoping i could get a chance to get a part on this giveaway but i see its only open for “US and Canada” only 🙁 Here i am from the Philippines, watching and getting jealous of someone who’ll win this, sad :’(

      Never have experienced gaming on such high end pc’s, only on my laptop thats running on Amd a6 series with 4gb’s of ram *sigh*

      Still hoping to win even though im from the philippines

    • Viktor says:

      I want it cuz I have a freaking athlon and RX 470

    • shahil gohtar says:

      I want this new pc because I have an old pc that doesn’t work or post anything still has windows XP in it with 512MB of ram and it has intel duo core CPU which my dad bought me 12 years ago
      I really want to play modern AAA games.

    • Waleed says:

      Damn i always wanted a pc but life doesn’t want to

    • omar says:

      my laptop is not have RGB

    • Giorgio Varlamos says:

      I worked all summer to build my first pc, and all the new hardware is way too expensive for my budget, and looks to be sold out until 2021. I hope I can win this system to finally have a gaming pc that is a beast and can handle any game I want to play. I have been watching gaming pc builds, reviews, and so much more from Linus and so many other influencers, I’ve spent hours on system builder planning out builds, it would really be a dream to win.

    • Aaron Stull says:

      I just looked into computers a few months ago, and I realized just how convenient they compared to other systems
      Having this would help me out so much with editing, productivity, art, games, etc
      Newegg has always been one of my favorite websites for information and informing me on many things regarding Computers
      Good luck to everyone, and of course, myself♥️

    • Dominic Tabuzo says:

      Same Bruh millions commenting here someday ill build my own Pc after my college and myabe find a job.

    • Karel Van den bergh says:

      Really hoping to get lucky enough to win this, always wanted to know what it feels like to have a real pc. I’m currently stuck with a laptop from 2008. I’m in college so I can’t afford a new one and I’m tired of it crashing during the simpelest of tasks.

    • Shaikh Sameer says:

      I am going start a gaming/streaming channel. I don’t pc if I win this it would be great. Or else I have to build it or my own. Btw I’m from India.

    • Lopez says:

      I need a this for my online class and online gaming

    • Patrick Martin says:

      I would love to have this pc for my family who is now all working from home

    • Jack says:

      this pc dope, better than what I have now lol

    • Eric Mickevicius says:

      I have been playing games on my laptop its old now and after 10 years it completely broke literaly in two seperate pieces becuse of holders they broke off and damaged cables boin to screen it iš old Dell and even with other monitor it lasted year until not posting on other screen it should be great to get some replacement and i started to to school to get in to addvertisement making like posters and other same things. And due to covid it iš going to be hard learn from home with no computer to work with

    • Kyle coffman says:

      I’m not gonna say I need the pc I mean i got a all in one Lenovo from idk when and still have fun playing on it but I need to upgrade and I’m turning 16 this Nov and the virus is standing in the way of me getting a job.

    • Christian marin says:

      Birthday gift for my son he want to be a gamer and a streamer and he would love this or the video card I can start building the pc for him too

    • Alan Yael says:

      I really want pc because the situation here in latam because of the COVID is getting worse and my family isn’t able to buy me a new computer and my online clases are so laggy that I would be bless if I get this machine. Thanks

    • Anthony says:

      My whole clan was murdered by my brother, I have a demon fox inside me, my wife left me, I’m dying of every posible illness, burnt my tounge with pizza bites, called my teacher mom on accident, almost got raped on my way to ChuckeCheese, lost my job to a printer, I live on a pineapple under the sea and worst of all I still can’t run Minecraft at 16K RTX ON!!!

    • Anthony says:

      My whole clan was murdered by my brother, I have a demon fox inside me, my wife left me, I’m dying of every disease posible, I burnt my tounge with pizza bites, called my teacher mom on accident, almost got raped on my way to ChuckeCheese, lost my job to a printer, stepped on a Lego, I live in a pineapple under the sea and worst of all I still can’t run Minecraft at 16K RTX ON!!!

    • Viktor says:

      i want a pc because i would like to be able to games at more than 30 fps which is what my used lenovo legion y530 does lol

      • Robert Edwards says:

        I just would like to get my hands on a new graphics card so I could upgrade my son’s computer so he can play games

    • link says:

      I need it please

    • Jerry V. T. says:

      my lasdesktop pc was Intel 486, 80Mhz, (golden times), now I’ve got laptop with Intel i3, 4th gen, 1.9Ghz, I’m thinking to get a new desktop, but can’t push my self to do it, since the laptop is still functioning, but slow for gaming, and video editing, etc. would be nice to get the newegg’s giveaway pc,-)

    • Danny Dante Mallqui Asto says:

      I would like to win the pc for video editing and games. Also love the rig, gorgeous!

    • I wish I wil be picked. Currently I’m having trouble using my pc. With slow reading and slow working. It affects me from online schooling since I need to be on time. Having this pc will greatly improve my grades and also help me achieve my dream.

    • Yahir Garcia says:

      I’ve been gaming using my MacBook Pro and would love to upgrade to a PC to game with my friends, create simulations, and edit videos.

    • Joven says:

      For fortnite epic videogaming.

    • Michael Allen Maher says:

      Would be nice to win. then me and my gf don’t have to share my current gaming pc, and i can just give her the one i have, and keep the beast for myself.

    • Sam wilson says:

      Great vid nice build thanks newegg for upgrading the card and the extra card

    • I want to get a pc for my girlfriend to try and convince her to stop doing drugs and sneaking out of the home and to instead stay home and get obese playing the best games on the best machine. pc

    • Joshua Solomon says:

      I love all the odd ball stuff Linus does plus his throw away apple joke

    • Velica Paul says:

      I would love to win the pc because my current pc is 15 years old and I can’t afford to get a powerful pc.
      Thx a ton guys. Even if I don’t win, I still have mad respect for you!

    • Dylan Sherrard says:

      I just lost my testicle due to testicular cancer and I have alot of downtime, plus I live in Abbotsford, so linus could drive it to me

    • Jarin says:

      Honestly.. been going through some depression lately. Sometimes the anxiety gets pretty bad. So I’ve been getting into PCs and PC gaming a lot more lately.. has been helping me a lot. Take my mind off of things, and have been really enjoying it. So if I were to actually get a good pc (instead of the one I have) would be incredible. So.. although the odds are pretty low to say the least, gonna go for it.

    • Mike Cahill says:

      for memes

    • Richard Dowell says:

      I would love this as my old gaming computer is about 12 years old!

    • Dez says:

      I need the pc for my youtube channel. Without it, I will never become as successful as Linus or his entire team.

    • Rinku says:

      I would love to win either. I think it’s super cool that newegg is doing this, and even if I don’t win, I’d still be happy for the winners. These items are out of budget for a lot of people, including myself. I appreciate what newegg is doing for the pc community.

    • Uriel says:

      I would love to have such abeast of a pc, sadly it hard to affort in this country. Best luck to all !

    • Ramie Pondar says:

      I wanna win the pc for my school and also having fun with my friends

    • Veronica Siedlecki says:

      I’d love this pc because I would be able to finnaly play games with my friends. they’re all on pc and im on my xbox 360 (no online). I would have to work like months maybe a year and a bit just to get the pc. So please and thank you

    • Abhijith John Vichatt says:

      I want a pc, you know for school and stuff


    • fisher says:

      looking for a pc so i can play with my S/O, this looks like an incredible opportunity

    • Alex Hmung says:

      I can Barely run minecraft on low settings on mycurrentlaptop

    • mark says:

      i want a pc because i have a very old laptop that can barely run microsoft teams. the main reason is because i want to do schoolwork and pursue my passion of programming aswell as streaming

    • Sagar ks says:

      I really needed a computer and would love to have a great computer from trustworthy site and people couldn’t have asked for more

    • Jacob knoll says:

      if i win this pc i would give it to my little brother who is going to college and is moving out i want to help him out so nothing goes wrong for him in college

    • Kevin Leal says:

      First off all my situation is really though right now and I want to be able to win this pc give away. I want to be able to game without a problem and want to be able to pursue call of duty Cold War as a competitive player if I can my dream is to become successful in life. I am currently not in the best situation but this computer can make my whole year and day this would create a huge impact in my life. I’ve been trying to contact many people if they can be able to help me to create a computer like ASUS MSI AMD NVIDIA and ROG if there’s any opportunity they can help me make a pc but hopefully this could help me out. Thank you Newegg for the opportunity for doing this giveaway. I want to be able to game with all my friends with no problems at all and once again thank you everyone.

    • Caleb says:

      I want to win because why not?

    • Preston McCorkhill says:

      I want this pc to help get me into pc gaming and further understand Pc’s I’ve actually been working on getting a pc for a couple of months but I’ve hit a road block I had about 266 dollars but my mother had taken all my money for her special stuff I think you know what I mean I don’t live with my mother I infact live with my grandparents she just came over one day manipulated me and took my hard earned money I know this is just me complaining on the internet but if I could get that pc it would been the world to me

    • West says:

      I’m gonna keep it short and simple. I love pc gaming and I love gaming in general. I game on my dell xps13 laptop which I got for school. My favorite game is valorant and csgo, but I don’t have a graphics card. I run about 40 FPS on low settings so this build would be a major upgrade and my first desktop computer. Thanks for the chance of letting me enter Newegg and Linus! Love you guys and good luck to everyone who entered!

    • Tag the bag says:

      I am big into 3d printing and gaming and my laptop is a duo core processor with integrated graphics. It’s battery is broken so i can’t take it off the charger. All my cousins have gaming laptops and I’m not able to play with them in even some of the weakest games. I barely get 30 fps in games like Terraria.

    • Marc anthony says:

      I really want a pc to play minecraft hypicel with my friends and at the moment I can’t afford one

    • Derik says:

      i would like to win the pc because after the house fire that destroyed my old pc i have been stuck playing on my xbox 360 for the last 2 years i do wish i could win it

    • Sid says:

      Well i am not a big techie or a computer nerd but i watch LTT videos just because i like it and is very informative…. I do like gaming but rightnow i do it only on my phone, never had the gaming pc thing, but oneday i will buy for sure, plus i love gaming!!

    • Michael says:

      I would like to win the Graphics Card to upgrade my System.

    • Lissandro says:

      I want a pc because my dream is to become a big streamer at just 10 years old so I can play with friends and enjoy my life!!

    • James Hopkins says:

      I wanted a pc for play with my enemies

    • Elijah says:

      I personally want the pc because my gt 730 with 2gb of ram and a motherboard older than me is getting a LITTLE laggy and slow

  • Simon says:

    Is this the giveaway entry?

  • Silver Rider says:

    The last time I had to build a pc was when I got a ryzen 3 1200 from newegg. I accidently bought the r5 that came out at the time and had to cancel it but that was pretty quick. Haven’t had to buy any other new pc parts from them but I was looking into ram upgrades and realized that they have an ebay store as well. So I guess I’ve bought more from them than I thought.

    • Lorenz Eberle says:

      I’d love to win of course ^^

    • Neil Barker says:

      I am EGG. I am NEW. I am EGG CITED !
      This card has a dream of travelling.
      Since its birth it has set it’s clock on faraway lands.
      Down Under ?
      Was this a game it was destined to never play ?
      No !
      It’s a destination !
      A future ?
      A card can dream !
      So it seems.

    • Plss I need a pc for my online class
      I am a Filipino plss help me thank you

    • Daniel Sawatsky says:

      I could really use a new pc
      My 4th gen 4770k
      Is on its last legs
      It still works but afaird my 12 year old power supply is gonna blow

    • Md Faysal says:

      I never had a pc . I couldn’t afford a pc price like this . And I from a small country called Bangladesh. So, I will be very grateful to Newegg and Linus if I get chance to play with this pc .

    • Logan Orme says:

      I definitely agree that RGB is not an influencer that makes me buy any gaming equipment, aside from maybe a keyboard and mouse. But cases hide too much.

    • Ryan Schneider says:

      Little brother needs a new pc, fingers crossed

    • Emilio says:

      I only have a laptop, and I never had my own desktop so if I do win that’ll be amazingggg, congrats to whoever’s does win because I doubt its gonna be me

      • P. Zochhuansanga says:

        My current pc is like 10 years old and i haven’t upgraded since then, it would be the best thing if i can win this pc

    • Justin Reeves says:

      Newegg is always my goto when shopping for PC components. Winning a new PC would be a great way to end 2020!

    • Edward nako says:

      My brother loves competitive video games and wants me to try them with him, however my computer is not powerful enough to run anything at 1080p 24fps and It makes the experience not enjoyable for either of us. The system would also allow me to use the money I am saving up to spend on something nice.

    • Sylvain Duval says:

      Nice build. Love my LTT

    • Rich says:

      Hello love to see if I can win if this is still going on?

    • Josh says:

      I’ve been wanting a super solid gaming rig for a long time now, I’d finally be able to get rid of my crappy old laptop and push some serious frames. The pc or the 3090 would be such a huge help in getting me gaming properly.

    • Logan says:

      I always wanted a pc it would make my life so much easier so I’m able to do my school work and gaming and it been very upsetting for me my dad has lost his job so my family are kinda struggling good luck to everyone who has entered the giveaway

    • Akshit Mehra says:

      I want it to play games, then win games and then beat everyone else in every game.

    • Andrew Walker says:

      If I were to win, I could tell my wife I ‘need’ new CPU/monitor to go with it now! Lol

    • Jake says:

      I have a gtx 960 as my graphics card… that’s all you need to know about my 5yr old system..

    • Its awesome I love it

    • Jack Butler says:

      Need a pc so I can play with friends. Aswell as somthing to keep me entertained. I really enjoy building PC’s but never have the money to build a decent one.

    • Duane Chino A. Atis says:

      Something to look forward to at the end of this phenomenal year 2020. Thank you for ending the year with a BANG! More power to you guys. :

    • Danne says:

      Would be sweet to have a media center for movies and more and also invite a friend home to play along on same game i have without taking theres computer to my plaxe and they can play on my 75 inch tv. and just yave a great time

    • Hugethetank says:

      How do I qualify?

    • Jesse Housby says:

      I build a gaming PC the the same week the 30 series was announced and decided to wait for the GPU. Haven’t been able to get one, so I have a gaming pc with no GPU.

    • Dheeraj Adhikari says:

      The pc i own cannot even run the test benchmark that linus shows on his channel. Kinda feel jealous of all his rigs and upgrade he does so frequently.

    • Rodge Labay says:

      I have a gaming laptop that is about 4 years with me, i7 7th gen, 8GB 2400mhz RAM, GTX1050, it’s still working, battery died, have to constantly plug the charger, corners are chipped out, I’m afraid it just might die sooner, getting this would be sooo muchhh appreciated since I’ve always wanted a PC but never had one ever, I hope I win, if ever I don’t, advanced congratulations to the one <3 much love guys

    • brandon morris says:

      I’d like to win this system to start playing PC games. I’ve been a long time can of LTT and watch most of their videos. Thanks for sponsoring them and also thanks for the opportunity to win. Thank you

  • Hey Linus and Newegg! I love watching your videos and like buying from Newegg’s website! I recently bought some pc parts and you inspired me to build it. If I somehow win this giveaway I will give this pc to my brother or maybe use it for myself. Well, I hope at least you guys can read this and this would make my day.:)

  • Bjorn says:

    Would love to win something

  • Joel D'santos says:

    I love your video will I get this pc please

  • Anthony Lepore says:


  • Chris Toutloff says:

    This is amazing !!!

    • Jeremy says:

      Hii great videos Linus forever a fan!! Never could afford a good gaming pc 🙁 hopefully i can win one. *Finger crossed***

    • Joel Rodriguez says:
    • Edwin Gonzalez says:

      I’m probably not going to win this, however if I do, I would jump up and down on my crap office pc I got from my grandma that can’t run tf2.

    • Adrian says:

      Hewwo Linus hope you have a great day and i love your video is been like 3 years i watch your YouTube channel and i love computer and me only 15 right now Xd.
      This the first time i join the giveaway me was busy looking your video and me like when you build a pc and is really interesting.I hope i can win the giveaway if not it’s okay, not everyone can win it first time Okay linus see you later and love your video :3

    • Michael says:

      Hi linus this is my first entry for a giveaway i love your videos and im subscribed at all your channels hopefully i can win because my pc runs at windows 7 and ive never tried a windows 10 pc.

    • Suyog Powale says:

      Wow it would replace my never existing setup…

  • Sam says:

    Hopefully I win

  • Jan Miller says:

    Are you available as a consultant to optimize a gaming system?
    I have a new Dell Alienware Aurora 11 with the Nvidia 3090 card, Netgear SX 10 switch, and dell 34″ curved gaming monitor.
    I have no idea how to optimize the system.
    Can I hire you to optimize my system?
    The only game I play is World of Warships.
    Thank You,
    Jan Miller

  • Erick Epperson says:

    This would FX based system really well

  • Yilmaz Ayten says:

    I don’t see the form to enter the giveaway 🙁

  • I don’t have a pc I have never had a pc and I need one for auto technician school and for gaming but at the moment cant afford anything.

  • Kabir Soni says:

    Hope I win it.either way love ya Linus.

  • David Brown says:

    Love Linus and Newegg.

    • Louis Sabor says:

      As someone who replaces his pc, once every 5 to 6 years this would be awesome.
      Due to covid (and ridiculous exchange rates) it’s not always easy to get the really good parts.
      But in the past have had really good experience with Newegg since about 2004

      Point is really want that pc.

    • kUNWAR ADITYA says:

      Linus never disappoints. …
      Bruhh that 3090 would be a so good upgrade for me ❤️❤️❤️….hope I win this

  • Edward Lee says:

    Awesome video and giveaway! I hope to win the pc or the graphics card for my work and gaming needs 😀

  • Mukundraj Mudras says:

    I love Newegg. Like man, it’s the next best thing for people who don’t line near a micro center

  • William Armstrong says:

    WANKERS why is comp blocked to EU

  • Calvin Campbell says:

    Man if I got that life would be better

    • Varun yadav says:

      Hi new .was always trying to buy a pc myself …I made enough money last year was waiting for holidays…now that I have a chance of winning it , I didn’t want to lose it. I saw want to win the pc ..and put my money towards my education

    • Jonathan hernandez says:

      Linus, I love how you talk to your kid. Wish my dad would have treated me the same. Love your videos.

    • Avilay Anand says:

      I have a dell laptop with No graphics card, i3 th gen 4 gb ram and i design college magazine, college posters yt thumbnails etc so it will be great to get a pc that actually runs and can let me save the files without crashing

  • Kash Kaushal says:

    Great Company and service

  • Genc Revend says:

    Hope dis works

    • Andreas Lindquist says:

      I bet I won’t win cuz nobody in there right mind would send a pc from Canada all the way to Norway. But hey, its LTT… Anything can happen

  • Luis L Patino says:


  • Aaron Goodall says:

    Great video. But there is no form other then this one on the page. Unclear if this is the one intended for entry to win.

  • ishaq says:

    If I win I will forget all the troubles of 2020.

  • Martin says:

    Maybe an older egg like Chuckie Egg could be raytraced

  • Marek Borik says:

    I really like LTT and NewEgg!!

  • Tanvir Ahmed says:

    Hopefully i will win, so i could do my 3d modeling properly !!

  • ishaq says:

    If I win I will forget 2020’s troubles.

  • Sam says:

    If I got chosen could I have the autograph of Linus on it, Please!!!

    • Cesar Montero Delgado says:

      Hope I win :D, actually I am trying to get myself a computer, I saw your reviews and looking forward this EVGA3080 is a monster, hope I get one

  • Sabina says:

    Is this opened worldwide? I have entered from the UK

  • Bryan Paquette says:

    i realey like the bad reviews how bad they were

  • Jason Wall says:

    Great idea!

  • I wanted a new pc and was going for. 1000$ one but here in India everything are extra priced 300$ processor cost 400$ here.. So if you are so generous to giveaway the pc.. I would be so happy to take it… With love fron India..

  • Isaiah says:

    Building my first PC would love the 3090 or 3080 probably won’t win bit, I can still dream lol thanks for all you do!! Pc parts picker has help me a lot!!!!!!

  • Brock Woodling says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Tobias Delvaux says:

      I recently build my first pc. Been having so much fun with cable management and lighting (no rgb only red lights, going for a sith theme, actually looking for a figurine to put into my case next to the mobo as I have a big empty space in the case right now). My girlfriend has started watching the LTT videos with me and was sooo excited to see your daughter in the video. Big thumbs up for your (feel good) content. If Europeans are eligible for this contest and by some miracle I end up winning this the pc will go to my girlfriend so she has something to play on.
      Cheers and keep up the good work!

      • ASD ASD says:

        Read the TOS bro.
        “ELIGIBILITY: Void where prohibited by law. Unless otherwise provided herein, the Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 49 United States and the District of Columbia (Rhode Island excluded), age 18 or older at the time of entry and legal residents of Canada who are at least the legal age of majority in the province or territory in which they reside, but in any event no less than 18 years of age (“Entrant”). THIS SWEEPSTAKES IS VOID IN THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, AND LEGAL RESIDENTS OF QUEBEC ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER.”

  • Bryant Yong says:

    I need a pc coz I don’t have one I wish I can get a pc to use to play some games and do productive work.

  • Amiyo Roy says:

    I like the idea of them that how they grab all the high rates parts and build a gaming PC. It’s a totally new concept that might actually help others to build their pc.

  • Peter Mortensen says:

    Can Europeans take part in this?

  • Brent Davies Champrix G. Requillo says:

    Im from the Philippines LINUS!! and I have a crappy i5 4th gen PC i really hope I WIN!!!

    • Jason Bowes says:

      I probably have a better chance at winning a new nvidia card then I do of buying one from a retailer right now.

  • Han Ji says:

    I hope, I wish to have a good gaming pc and i can no longer play at 30fps any game and to enjoy.

  • Kenneth Spencer says:

    I hope I’m entered.

  • Kevin Berger says:

    Newegg has been my source of PC components and reviews for years. But my Rig is starting to act it’s age, built when the Intel 6000’s were king, and the 980TI was the best on the market… I’m overdue, but can’t afford the upgrades.

  • Darren O'Hanlon says:

    Stick to the herd.

  • Shawn Almashy says:

    I would love to win a computer that was built by Linus and then gone back through by his team of professionals.
    I’ve been watching LTT for a very long time.

  • Omar Adil says:

    i dont have a pc

    • Faraz Imtiyaz Wangde says:

      Every time there is a giveaway, I feel leftout as it is not in my area. I am from India and the prices of components is almost double than what it costs in the U.S. I have always wanted to build a PC but I always go out of budget. Even an entry level PC cost around 500 USD. PC gaming is regarded as a expensive hobby over here.

  • Pritom roy says:

    It has been 4 years since i played a game on old one is fried and my family can’t afford one right now after my dads will be cool if i get lucky and win

  • Shahroz says:

    I need for development and graphic designing

  • Brent Davies Champrix G. Requillo says:

    Hi newegg my name is brent. And I’m from the Philippines. I really do wish I win your promo. Thanks to linus I saw all of your adds!

  • Darwin Gonzalez Sardina says:

    Amazing news tnx Newegg and Linus, I desperately need a system to game and make videos, please consider send it to me to Mexico 😉

    Happy Halloween guys, bye.

  • owen says:

    i am doing this for a friend to give them a gaming pc for live streaming

  • Jovan Itzab says:

    I may or may not be the first comment but I am in desperate need of an upgrade. All I got is a laptop for college

  • Shahroz says:

    I need this for video game development.

  • Kelvinpalacios says:

    I hope to win 🙂

  • Jackson Grayson says:

    PC would be very epic. That is all.

  • Hardik says:

    Plsss ltt pls give this pc to me i reallllllly. Need it

  • Ayon Kumar Biswas says:

    Love newegg

  • Andrew says:

    I’m currently have a zotac gtx 750 ti 2gb installed in my pc and it drives me round the bend!!! It randomly dies and it slow and loud!!! A new graphics card would be soooooo amazing and a new pc would be even better. Anyways, I think NewEgg is super cool for doing this giveaway and may the best LTT fan win!!!!

  • Richard Yao says:

    entry for giveaway

  • Chris says:

    Great website, built my first computer this year using Newegg and it saved me from so much trouble with compatibility.

  • Why do you not trade in the EU? Does Europe have a greater population than the USA and Canada combined? I think it does. We are all 1st World and can even run polling stations and count votes without going to the supreme court. And at my age (71) still, build my own PC and overclock the hell out of it!

  • Kenneth hinchee says:

    Love the content

  • Blake says:

    I need a computer but I cant afford one and I would love to win the pc linus built thank you.

    • Joshua Owen says:

      would Love a PC to play with my brothers and friends. I haven’t had a PC desktop in decade last thing I remember playing was Diablo 2. Also with the use of game pass would pair nicely for gaming. Looking to buy/make a pc this coming year.

    • Dorofte Andrei-Florin says:

      If I “have luck” I love this pc because I have a 5 year old laptop that can’t even run any game or even zoom

  • Matthew Haddad says:

    I love you!

  • Trung Nguyen says:

    Just in case leaving a comment increases my chance of winning somehow.

  • Facundo Barbisan says:

    I want the PC soooo Bad. I am from argentina so i don’t know if i can win ir.

  • Michael Eral says:

    Awesome system. Great for 90 percent of the gamers.

  • khaouni soufiane says:


  • Nirupam Gupta says:

    I love you Newegg thanks at least if I am lucky enough Ii will get an upgrade from playing Fortnite on mobile at 20fps to playing Fortnite on pc at 100+ fps.

  • Imran butt says:

    Thanks Newegg!

  • Luis says:

    Hi, hope whoever reads this is having a good day ^-^ I really hope that luck is on my side and that I win this, but either way it was worth it. It’s really nice and cool that Newegg is doing this give away thank you.

  • David N says:

    How is the noctua so much, get a mugen 5

  • ludovic racapé says:


  • Abdalrhman says:

    I didn’t expect a case like this to have this much reviews

  • Simon Rösch says:

    This PC looks so different – but kinda cool, so yeah i like it a lot! And about the Graphics Card? Its an RTX 3090 – yeah its OK 😉

    • Ridwan Yahuzah says:

      I’m trying to get my sister into PC and gaming. I’m glad Newegg is doing this giveaway. This build would make me the best brother in the world when I win it. I hope. Congrats to whoever else wins it. Cheers

  • Nirupam Gupta says:

    At least if Ii am lucky enough I will get an upgrade from playing Fortnite on mobile at 20-30 fps to playing Fortnite on pc at 100+ fps.

  • Tanner Bray says:

    I hope I win this! I have been trying to build up a new PC since mine had an issue. Being alone during the holidays sucks but its better with gaming. Cheers!

  • Jesse says:

    I think the official Newegg Canada twitter handle is NeweggCan, not NeweggCanada. At least from what I saw on the two accounts.

  • Magdiel Crisan says:

    My name is Mag i would love to win this Meg 😀

  • Khalid Hakim says:

    hi linus and newegg, i would like to thank linus for all the help you gave me with the videos. it got me into pc build despite being only 12 years old.I would also thank newegg for giving me this opportunity to have a pc/gpu.The reason why i this giveaway because ive been wanting to have a pc for over 2 years now but i cant have one because we dont have enough money to buy the parts and i live in a 3rd world country. Thank you again for linus and newegg to give me this opportunity to get a pc or gpu and i hope i win.

  • Niko Tiittanen says:

    This PC is set for the future, would be awesome to win! Also holy dongers FTW3 3090!

  • Fokion Sanoudos says:

    Truth be told I wouldn’t use it much as a gaming pc more as entertainment system/ workstation but it would be nice.

  • Amr Waleed Radwan says:

    Another flawless PC build for linus , nice choices for pc components (except for the Intel SSD, doubt it?!) . All thanks to linus and Newegg for this great video and giveaway 🙂

  • Jeremiah Hodgdon says:

    Newegg kinda hot

  • Danickson E Vasques says:

    Nice giveaway

  • Luka Požar says:

    I really need a new pc!!!

  • Maurice says:

    Awesome build. I loved all the parts except the case. Great build linus

  • Arnav says:

    I really need a pc for my online Classes cause right now i use a phone so it not soo good. I cant concentrate enough.

  • Daniel L Knopp says:

    Good on whoever wins it. Game hard and enjoy.

  • Ryan Terry Williams says:

    I want that RTX 3090

  • Amazing videos ☺️

  • Sohaib abbasi says:

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    Your sincerely
    Sohaib abbasi

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    Love y’all’s site stay safe out there,

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    Cons: The RNG is not going to bless me.

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    Honestly I saw a little teaser of this build and thought this was cool to see or even own.

    P.S love your channel Linus and products Newegg

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    Kind regards, Robert

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    I started with a 1050ti, went 2060 and now looking at the next gen. My wallet cries, hut my PC hungers for more power

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      Hie stil uses a outdated i5 3000 series and a gtx 1050 . 8gb ddr3 .

      Good luck all !!

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    I’m also desperately in need of a new system so, fingers crossed.

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  • Rev. Jeremy Benjamin says:


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    Also a little question, are these giveaways international or just for canada.
    Sorry for taking up your time and have a good one!

    Thank you.


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    Thank you newegg I hope you were more common in my country Israel and maybe a few stores in here .

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    It was fun to watch the video, at the same time very informative and the reference to Newegg gave us a new alternative for knowledge about new pc technologies. I work as a DBA in an institution in my country, and the computer I use now is very old, and I have space requirements and virtual machines that do not work very well, apart from being a fan of “FPS” video games and others like “Tomb Raider “, NOW I NEED A GOOD ACUTAIZATION

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    It is nice to see that the community of purchasers and reviewers take the products they choose seriously and can build up a good reference to people who know little or nothing trying to build their own. It gives great satisfaction to have bought and built your own PC versus going to a store to bring one home.

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    hope everyone is staying safe and your families and friends are healthy and well

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    uawqdfjbjklwdbljdbwa 69420

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    I cant even play any games now adays

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  • Dovydas says:


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    I am studying BTech in information technology, I really need that PC awesome other PC like this but my parents can’t Buy one.

    It’s ok if I don’t get selected in the giveaway, just want to say watching your videos make me feel good 😉

  • Hani Alotaibi says:

    I just purchased the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 from Newegg and had it shipped to UAE – Abu Dhabi. It said that I shall receive it withing 9-15 days but I got it in 5 days. Great customer service and cheap compared to others (Not in everything though). I will buy from Newegg again for sure.

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    Thanks for helping people get pc’s

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  • Thank you for the opportunity to win a beatiful system.

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  • Michael Woodbrey says:

    Thank you for the opportunity (an possibility) to win such a fantastic machine. My current machine is a modest DIY AMD build with a 5-1600 cpu and a Saphire R 580 gpu on an ASUS Tuf Gaming board. It’s my first build and I really can’t say enough about the way it performs.

    I also thank LTT for the fine videos about PC building and showing how easy it is to put together one’s own PC.

  • Thomas Martin says:

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  • My name is Joshua Mendez. I’m a Medical Assistant working in Buffalo, NY. I’ve been a subscriber now for about a year and change, and I would love a chance to win this PC. I Build my first one last year christmas, and I would like to gift it to my mom and my sister. They recently moved into a new house together in Rhode Island. It would be nice to give them mine old set up.
    Stay safe, wash your hands, and keep your distance.
    Thank you.
    Joshua Mendez

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    My greetings

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