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How to choose a cell phone: Is a $1000 iPhone worth it?

By October 30, 2020No Comments

JC knows a lot about phones – probably more than is really healthy. So he knows that, as we approach the end of 2020, consumers have more choices than ever before in terms of cell phones. In this video, he breaks down the key features you should be considering in your phone buying process, as well as taking you through the different price tiers and covering what you should expect as you go up in cost. In the end, not many consumers need to pay $1000 for a top-tier phone like an Apple iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S20 – so if you’re going to drop that much on a mobile device, you should understand the reasons for your purchase.

Unlocked cell phones under $400

Unlocked cell phones under $600

Unlocked  cell phones $600+


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