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Apple Updates the iPod Nano Software

By February 23, 2011 No Comments
Ipod Nano 6th Gen

Attention, my fellow 6th Generation iPod Nano owners: Apple has finally given us a software upgrade!  Today’s Version 1.1 update packs a few handy options into the sleek but flawed little player, making it a lot more useful.

The Nano now features a proper “Off” mode, which lets you completely shut down the device, instead of just putting it to Sleep. That’s perfect for air travel.

More importantly, this update lets users control audio playback without having to constantly look at the iPod. You can now set the Nano to make double-tapping the Sleep/Wake button pause or play the current track.  Alternately, it can be used to skip to the next song.  That’s great news for anyone who’s ever fumbled with its hair-trigger touchscreen.

All of this makes the 6th gen Nano a lot more usable while exercising or driving. Frankly, I had a hard time recommending it before these changes. Now it’s pure awesome.

Sadly, this upgrade is nowhere near as extensive as what I was hoping for.  Where is my option to make it a permanent wristwatch?  I didn’t buy this (totally sweet) LunaTik band for nothing!

LunaTik watch with silver iPod Nano

LunaTik watch with silver iPod Nano

I specifically wanted a real-life Fallout Pip-Boy.  Give me my dream, Apple!

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