Nintendo is Skipping E3 (Again)

By April 30, 2014Newegg Newsroom


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the biggest video game trade shows in the industry. Every major company from Activision to Zynga makes the annual trek to this premier event to showcase the latest in video game technology. Tens of thousands of people attend from over 100 countries and the list of attendees includes gaming professionals, business partners, and many industry analysts. If you’re somehow involved in the video game business, this is the place you want to be — unless you’re Nintendo.

For the second straight year, Nintendo will forgo attending E3. Instead, they will host a series of events scheduled during the expo, including a digital press conference where they will reveal their plans for 2014 and beyond. The Nintendo Digital Event will begin at 9 a.m. PT on Tuesday, June 10, and will be streamed live on Nintendo’s E3 website. The fact that they’re doing this two years in a row is evidence that Nintendo is clearly building on this new approach. It’s also a nice treat for the fans.

“We demonstrated last year that we are never afraid to reinvent a proven tactic or to break completely new ground if we believe it will provide the best experience for our fans, followers, and partners. So, whether you’re attending E3 in person or joining online, there’s an amazing lineup of games, experiences, and events coming your way.”

–Reggie Fils-Aime, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America.

Nintendo is not completely abandoning their showroom presence either. With their Nintendo Treehouse: Live @E3 event, fans will be able to tune in to a livestream straight from the expo floor. Viewers will get an in-depth look at some of Nintendo’s hottest titles as they watch Treehouse game experts put on live gaming demos during the event.  The “Treehouse” is Nintendo’s Product Development team so you can be sure fans will be able to get a deeper look at Nintendo’s best games. The program will be streamed all throughout E3 and fans can watch the festivities during all hours of the event.

Nintendo is also releasing two brand new Super Smash Bros games for the 3DS and Wii U this year. To celebrate this momentous event, Nintendo has invited 16 of the world’s best players to compete in the Super Smash Bros Invitational. The competition will be held at the NOKIA Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and is being touted as a way for “new and veteran fans to take part in a tribute to this legendary franchise.” Not much information has been revealed about the tournament, but Nintendo is promising to reveal the identities of the participants and announcers shortly. Fans will also be able to watch this event in person or via webcast.

This new approach to E3 by Nintendo is not only a great way to break news; it’s also an excellent way to get fans involved in the fun. Whether you’re on-site or at home, there is definitely something for anyone that wants to enter the world of Nintendo. GameCrate will also be in attendance and provide you with all the E3 coverage you can handle. For now, follow @GameCrate on Twitter so you’re the first to know about all the E3 details that will be announced leading up to the event. See you there!

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  • Why does this get reported incorrectly again?
    It was the same misrepresentation last year as well.

    They aren’t going to do a presentation AT the venue, but they’re still attending with a big showroom presence. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.

  • ECM says:

    As a friend noted: NewEgg should focus on selling cool stuff for low prices, NOT BLOGGING. You are *terrible* at it.

  • Robbie says:

    This is yet another blog post from Newegg that has been terrible. Nintendo isn’t “skipping” attending E3. The post itself contradicted the title by saying they would be in the showroom. Just because a company decides to forgo a presentation in favor of better methods of showcasing their new stuff, that doesn’t mean they will not have a presence at E3 (even though you said they would).

  • averagebill says:

    Oh Newegg. This world is filled with companies doing things they are NOT good at. TWC showing dramas, Shaq selling cars, pizza joints trying to sell deserts, and yes, Newegg blogging. Stick to what you know. Please.

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