Why I Switched from iOS to Android and Why I May Go Back

I've owned all of these.

I’ve owned all of these.

I have a long history with Apple. I learned how to use a computer on an Apple IIe, a PowerBook G4 got me through college, and I’ve owned every iPhone model up until last year. I also use a MacBook Pro on a regular basis and consider it to be the best laptop ever made. Needless to say, I’m what some people may refer to as a “fan boy.” But, even though I am a loyal follower of Steve Jobs, something happened last year that made me switch smartphone allegiances.

I was very excited for the iPhone 5S to be released because I was tired of being jealous of all those people with big screens. I too wanted to stream Netflix and snap Instagrams on something bigger than a credit card. Deep down inside, I truly believed that the 5S would be the greatest smartphone ever and that it would have the ultimate screen. Then, when it was finally announced, my dreams were crushed. “This thing looks exactly like the phone I have now!” I screamed at my computer screen as I aimlessly stared at the keynote presentation.

I immediately began researching Android phones and considered many of them. After a couple of months of intense research I narrowed my choice down to two phones: the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. I was intent on purchasing either of these until a colleague at Newegg informed me of a new “Google phone” called the Nexus 5. After reading the specs and learning about the price, I was sold. This was going to be my next phone.

My current baby.

My current phone in all its glory.

I counted down the days until its rumored release date (Halloween in honor of KitKat) and was one of the first people to buy one online. I settled on a glorious, black 32GB model with a magnificent 5-inch screen. I would finally have a phone that not only rivaled more expensive models, but was actually better in many ways. I tracked my shipping code each day until it finally arrived at my doorstep. I was ready.

I wasted no time in setting the phone up. I was nervous that Google’s cloud services wouldn’t be as intuitive as iCloud but I was wrong — they’re actually easier to use across different platforms. It took me about 10 minutes to upload my documents to Google Drive, import my contacts, and set up my calendar and e-mail. I also set my photos to be automatically uploaded to Google+ and began the process of uploading my MP3s to Google Play Music. By the end of the first day, my entire computer world was in Google’s cloud. And the best part is that it all worked perfectly fine on my MacBook.

Looking back six months later, my experience with Android has been much better than it was with an iPhone. The bigger screen makes a huge difference in the way I interact with the phone and simple tasks like sending an e-mail or text message are much easier now. I also thoroughly appreciate not being tied down to the default applications and enjoy testing out new apps regularly.

Despite having an overall positive experience with Android, Google, and the Nexus 5, I may be switching back to iOS very soon. Rumors of a bigger iPhone being released this fall have me foaming at the mouth. A 5.5-inch screen could be the “sweet spot” between phones and phablets and I’m anxious to try it out. Even if the price tag will be much higher than what I paid for my Nexus 5, the build quality of an iPhone can’t be beat. Also, with Google being reported to be dropping the Nexus program very soon, I have no allegiance to Android. Should I switch back?

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  • Android all the way! The iPhone has great build quality, sure! But with an iPhone you lose so much of the customization that Android offers (Default apps, widgets, live backgrounds, tasker, custom launchers… etc.) and also with Android there is competition. Sure, technically Android and iOS are competitors, but many who buy iOS devices continue to buy them. Where Android users may only be loyal to the OS, not also the manufacturer.

    For instance,
    iPhone User:
    Their phone has been getting slower over the past year and even reformatting it hasn’t done the trick (probably due to an iOS update to the most recent OS that doesn’t actually change anything except for the version number in the About section of the settings). So, it’s time for a new phonne, their contract is up anyway so why not? Let’s see. Their choices consist of color and storage size. Maybe between a ‘C’ and an ‘S’ but that’s it. Apple’s price too high for you? Too bad. No other options…

    Android User: Their phone is also getting slow and reformatting hasn’t helped much either, and their contract is also up. They want a new phone so they go searching and have many many options as to what they want to choose. Their choices consist of Samsung, HTC, LG, OnePlus, Asus, and MANY others.

    Find the one the is right for YOU, not the one right for APPLE.

    • YoMilbert says:


      • psykick says:

        If you get HTC you get the build quality… just sayin’

        • Andrew says:

          ^^Seconded. I have an HTC One and LOVE it. You can’t beat the build quality with this phone, and why run the risk of having your dreams crushed when the next iphone that comes out is the exact same phone you’ve had before? You know it’s going to happen.

          • partycrasher131 says:

            do not be so proud bout the build quality of htc one. you will learn that soon when u will get a problem like your display is cracked and after changing that the microphone dont work. turns out htc is the hardest phone to repair.
            i am telling u this coz i’ve had so many customers with this problem showing up.

    • phreetoz says:

      tru tru, i was an iphone fan, android just offers so much more customization, and that’s what i go for.

    • Dang says:

      There’s this thing that’s called a Jailbreak. And idk anyone who can stand the lag on any android phone or window phone. Look at the ads samsung is puting out and notice the lag time. Smh. If you are in tune with technology you have to stick with apple even if the screen size is smaller the iOS will beat down anything other mobile device OS. Again if customization is your thing JBing an iPhone gets easier every year. Now if there’s no jailbreak, I might consider a device other than iPhone.

      • David Ward says:

        People who say Andriod phones lag have never owned a high end andriod phone. You can’t buy a 50 dollar track phone and expect it to perform like an iphone or nexus device.

        • Sos1989 says:

          I own a galaxy s5 and it lags… I’m goin back to iOS ASAP. Oh and the user interface is ugly time to go back to that pristine lookin iPhone 🙂

          • BrandoDrum says:

            Stop running EVERY processor heavy feature all at once. The S5 IS NOT slow. It just has tons of features that you can pick and choose from, many of which are on by default when you buy the phone.

            Best advise, switch to the Tesla Launcher. Free in the Play store. Your phone’s performance and battery life will skyrocket. It blows away every iOS device ever made.

          • Guardian3791 says:

            Please don’t judge android based on stupid Samsung phones. Try a Nexus or Motorola device and you’ll have a much better experience. I’ve been using a Moto G for several months without any lag. A Nexus 5 would be even better.

          • Kim says:

            I can relate I Loved my iPhone 4G. I had the 4G for 2 years and it ran great. Charged over night it would run all day long into the night. I got a Samsung Note 3 after months of searching. Had to finely replace my iPhone because I spilled a coffee onto the ear phone and was unable to hear when receiving a call. 🙁
            If I could have the features of my Note 3 and iOS I’d be happy. I Hate Google because it’s far to intrusive. Samsung really needs to develop their own operating system and drop Andriod. The only complaint I have a out this Samsung Note 3 is all the useless apps that take up space.

          • Tom says:

            I loved by Apple 4S, but the small screen just got to me and the lack of customization. I had a Galaxy S4 (junk) and now have a Note 3. The note 3 was great, but with Lolipop the lag is unbearable and the crashes/freezes is obnoxious. The lag is almost unbearable. My girlfriend has a Note 3 and the exact same issues so I know it’s not just my phone. It’s time to upgrade and I am heavily considering the jump back to ios and the iPhone 6s plus.

        • LANE says:

          I agree and can introduce you to 6 prior IOS/Mac only folks who after using my Note3 switched. My thirteen year old daughter had to leave Android to have the newest IPhone, my parenting skills tell me to allow her to learn through her mistakes as long as I can afford to so I bought it aa her new phone 3 months ago. It was her phone for 1.5 months before she came to me to explain why she now knows she made a mistake choosing a “cool kids” phone and realizes at thirteen without prompting all the reasons it was a mistake to have me purchase that phone for her. She could have had any phone she wished and chose popular of function, a mistake millions make every year. And half of those or better dont even know how much better a high end Android phone is if you use your phone for more than just a phone. I carry 3,000 albums in my pocket and dont use data to.listen to them. I am connected to the world in no less than 12 ways 24/7 and to date have only one complaint and that is what I call apps arguing over who performs a function or simply having multiple apps doing the same function needlessly for my needs and they use battery power like a dog gobbles up scraps. I build buildings, I dont do tech, therefore I dont root my phones to get rid of the bs bloatware Samsung chooses to burden me with. But even that does not make me go back to an Iphone for one reason, they dont make one that can do everything.my current phone does.

      • Eric says:

        actually… its getting harder…. and when you jailbreak you lose warranty, and all support for the phone basically… so you’re taking a huge risk… unlike android that supports everything Apple does and Apple doesn’t… only had my android for a few days now, absolutely love it! haven’t had any problems with it, I like how its a lot more customizable then iPhone and I Like how it supports a lot more then apple does….

        • Andrew says:

          Jailbreaking as long as you know what your doing doesn’t void warranty and it can’t be proven you jailbroke it if you just restore before you bring it

      • Zack says:

        If you haven’t so much as considered a non-iDevice, you can’t really knock them. I also hope you realize that there’s something to be said for a device that’s usable out of the box rather than requiring a jailbreak to make it your own.

      • Jeremy says:

        Well made point but he was mainly speaking about how iPhone, ever since the passing of Jobs has been truly nothing but repeats of the same stuff over and over.

      • C Wade says:

        Obviously you haven’t used an Android phone in a long time. I have an HTC One and it has no lag it all. It’s actually faster than my Iphone. The Nexus 5 and LG G2 are also lag free.

      • Andrew says:

        With my jailbreak I can do so much more than what I rooted android can do I love my 5s the speed the capabilities the functioning without lagging the fact it never slows down.

        • Wall Breaker says:

          LOL. Wow now I know you have never used a modern Android flagship device.

          Jailbreaking only gives you Non Rooted Android features. Rooting is only one small aspect, you have themes, mods, huge variety of custom roms, side loading custom akps, insanely customizable widgets and launchers, custom kernals, xposed framework, I mean the list goes on and on.

          You can even create your own Custom Widgets from scratch with Zooper Widget and UCCW.

          I suggest you check out http://www.mycolorscreen.com and see the true power of widgets and android customizing in action. There are literally over 50,000 + ways you can customize any android device not just in look but even custom roms can change the functionality of your device.

          I’ve own the iphone 5 and 5s both for a month their nice solid basic devices but if you want better, specs, HD displays, expandable storage options, better cameras, more features, freedom to do what you want when you want. If you want to do more Android is the platform to do it on.

      • partycrasher131 says:

        ur rite. jailbreaking makes the iphone awsome. there’s no android in the world that can beat iphone after its been jailbroken.

      • But the lag you talk about comes from the manufacturers putting on their own custom “Skins” (UI) that slow down the phone almost immediately. If you want a true Android experience and a (almost, very close, but almost) lag free experience, go NEXUS or get a Google Play Edition of the phone if they offer it.

        • RedEyes says:

          Android runs apps with JIT compiling until ACT is implemented. iPhone runs code natively. It’s why Android is switching from the Dalvik runtime system.

      • Steve F says:

        Please post your AOL address so we can all praise you personally.

      • Lag? Seriously? Look man, I’m using a CyanogenMod flavored Android 5.0, on an ancient, rooted Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3. With no serious mods, or anything else but a couple of simple ComaDose tweaks, my old S3 still blazes, and ART makes the damned thing smooth as buttah. Actually, of all the kajillion phones I’ve had, I keep the old S3 as my daily driver, because as an 55+ year old EDM freak, I need my electro, prog-house, and glitch-hop to sound as tight, and loud as possible, and Viper4Android isn’t made for iPhone. My **** still runs processor intensive apps, super-fast, and runs them cool and stable without lagging. I mean….Monstercat mixes love my non-laggy ‘droid. ‘Nuff said. Peace.

    • Kevin says:

      Great build quality?! You get a screen that cracks if you look at it and a back that scratches if you wipe it with microfiber. Crap sounding speakers and a low ppi screen. Where is the quality? Oh, is it that little bit of aluminum they wrap around it? Please. The iPhone is a cheap piece of junk. Why do you think people put their iPhones in massive protective cases?

      • David24 says:

        EXACTLY! This is one of the many reasons I do not understand Apple fanboys. Another one is: Why give a crapload of money to a company that only cares about money? Seriously. Apple’s only advancements recently have been way over-hyped fingerprint technology and a retina display that SAMSUNG makes for them! They also drop support for older devices soon after they re-release them and add a 2 or 3 or etc after them! You know that $800 iPhone 5s you just went into debt for? Have fun being stuck with apps that you can’t update and new iOS versions you can’t download! It turns into paperweight way too quickly!

        • Jeff says:

          If $800 puts you in debt (regardless of the phone) you need a job that pays more then minimun wages.

          • David24 says:

            Ugh. Don’t nitpick. It doesn’t matter if it puts you in debt or not, $800 is way too much to give to a company like Apple.

          • Brett says:

            *than *minimum
            Put all that money you make into an education if you want to nitpick.

        • Ben says:

          Just a heads up, because I think you have this whole support issue backwards. Older generation iPhones support far for versions of iOS then android phones and versions of android. I’ve owned galaxy phones and iPhones. I prefer how light weight and smooth iOS is vs android. But hey that’s just me.

          • David24 says:

            No, I said that because old ipads that were ridiculously priced at the time they came out and now your can’t update them past ios 5 or 6 and therefore you also can’t update the apps and games and such and therefore they always crash. They’re paperweights…

          • serj says:

            Then u font know the true power of android of course Samsung’s touchwiz prevents people like u from knowing how fast android can really be if u run a nexus version of android which u can always update anytime by rooting. There’s always a way with android . bottom line if apple is so great why do so many people own an android device these days .

        • Derrick Ross says:

          David24 I can not believe you really posted that bs.
          You do know Apple only makes one line of phones. Do you really think that people would be going back time after time to buy the new iphone if they were making junk and offering no support for it? They make money because they keep their customers for the most part pretty damn happy. Your comment about not being able to update apple apps totally absurd. You really wanna compare apple updates to android? It’s clear to me that you have no clue what your talking about. You. As far as them breaking, it’s a delicate piece of hardware, not a damn hockey puck. I’ve had every one since the 3GS and I have never broke one or even cracked a screen. Keep it in your hand and off the pavement problem solved

          • David24 says:

            What the hell? Nice job taking one sentence of mine and completely twisting it, *******. No **** they only make one line of phones. One ****** line. I was talking about people that bought the older products when they were NEW. Not afterwards. When they were new. An iPhone 3 or an iPad 1 or iPad 2 or etc etc etc (notice I said iPAD not any other line of phone) cost a LOT of money when they came out, but now they’re complete paperweight. You cannot upgrade past iOS 5 or 6 which means all the apps that updated to support iOS 7 will not be able to update on the old devices and therefore crash often or run very slow. And as far as them breaking, I’M NOT THE PERSON THAT ORIGINAL MENTIONED THAT, SO SPEW YOUR BS AT THE OTHER GUY NOT ME. But I will go ahead and put my 2 cents in, since you are spewing it at me anyways. iPhones break easily. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to treat an iPhone like a hockey puck for it to break. All you have to do is drop it from waist-high… onto anything… pillows, carpet, beds, anything… they’re way too fragile. BUT, almost all smartphones are the exact same way. Apple is no different there. I bought an otterbox for my Note 3 simply because it’s huge and skinny. And sleek, which all adds up to make it easy to slip out of your hands. I also had a big case for my iPod Touch for the same reasons.

          • David24 says:

            Oh also, where exactly did I say anything about Apple making any other phones besides the iPhones? *cough*don’t accuse me of saying/doing things I never said/did*cough* it’s one of my pet peeves and will get you on my bad side very quickly.

            If you’d like to INTELLIGENTLY debate further, please do so. But seeing as you are an Apple fanboy, I don’t expect it. So go ahead and feel free to stop replying at any time. 🙂

          • Kerri says:

            I find Android confusing,bulky and the voice in talk back is atrocious. Ys, I do like that you can use SD cars in Andorid phones, yes I like the customizability but I find them confusing. You have Galaxy pas, Google apps, or whatever brand of phone you run, get me out of here.

          • Ivan B. says:

            Kerri, I used to agree with you until Android released KitKat. Have you tried it out?

        • partycrasher131 says:

          hey dude plz look at the support of the android devices on samsung. i dont see a 4.4 for i9300..comeon dude u have got to do ur homework before u post things like that.

          • Vito A. says:

            Most of it is due to carrier lag I know it the most due to being a Verizon customer waiting time in time out yet nexus is day of release.

          • serj says:

            U always can put cyanogenmod ROM with the updated version of android which is Bella tweaked out to be fast. There’s a whole world out there with android but with apple it feels like u have blindfold on.

        • CallmeJJ says:

          Lol because your phone’s company doesn’t care about money. You’re right man, they honestly care about you and not you’re money

      • alex says:

        Not to metion iphone protection you pay a hundred dollar. And still have to buy a new one if something happens. Which is the reason for those cases. Androde avrually let you buy a replacement, useually same price and that is if your local shop can’t fix it.

    • Justin says:

      Motorola Razor bro.. A classic

    • Bruce Lee says:

      Do what you want and screw all these shallow numb skulls. I left an iPhone 4S for a HTC One. I love the phone but I can’t stand Android/Google. Let’s face it, Google is an advertising firm who developed all this software in order to get our information so they can advertise crap to us. Having said that, just yesterday my phone automatically reset itself to its factory settings for no apparent reason. Never had that happen with my iPhone. Customization? OK for those who are into that sort of thing but most iPhone users aren’t. In my experience, customization only means an endless search for getting my phone the way I want it…again and again and again. It can get pretty annoying actually. If the rumors about the iPhone 6 are true, I may also switch back. Google has killer software and services for sure, but their push to become Skynet doesn’t sit well with me. If I do switch back, I’ll miss some things about the Android platform. But I’ll welcome the functionality of the iPhone. Functionality I think is missing from Android.

      Oh, and by the way, eat poop NSA.

    • Lambert S says:

      I have owned and used both iPhone 5s and samsungs all of them and nexus 5 at the America time one thing I noticed on iPhone is for I needed much memory so I got myself 64gb though isn’t enough I only have 4.5 gb free left however it was a relief as I had previously ignored iPhone for one reason is selfish.
      How? All the app are too expensive after buying an expensive phone too. However it pays because old iPhone doesn’t drop value like android does.
      Believe me I have tested th all except htc m8 and any version released after June ,2014.
      Now the issue last time thus early July I was planning to go back to android so I went to AT&T , tmobile and sprint stores one full day each what I noticed was that iPhone was opening any web faster than any android in the store the had the same signal of network but performance was better on iPhone.
      Then I looked back on android I had purchased a buch of games on the market and app in the versions of 2.00 to the latest kit kat but only to be disappointed most of them went missing on new version of android or were broken down and could not work at all so guess what this mean? I lost all the money because it was not easy to trace some guys that are not visible on the market 99 cents to maximum 5 dollars I purchased too much over the years but believe me I lost almost half of them when android 4.4 and kitkat kicked in.
      0.99 times about 200 equals what? Can you accept this kind of loss? No.
      The only thing I hate I mean hate on iPhone is too pricey market and screen too small if they could only improve the way screen is operated little many would accept to spend a thousand and save on the phone for time.

  • thomas gaughan says:

    dude apple is going to make small deliberate updates a 5.5 inch screen is way to drastic of a change for apple.

  • Dave Fultz says:

    No you should stick out Android and look up the OnePlus One. Going to be the next nexus but better.

  • So let me get this straight. You’ve been let down by a company over the span of several years because of lack of progress from their products. You’ve found something new that you are happy with and hasn’t let you down. Now company that let you down is releasing something they should have years ago with no guarantee that they won’t let you down again? Stockholm Syndrome much? What your story says is that you have been brainwashed. Apple products have been relatively stagnant since the 4. Revolutionary is what the 4S was supposed to be. Now Apple is playing catch up. Why jump to the back of the line?

  • Jc Adduono says:

    On the contrary, the dropping of the Nexus program was good! The replacement program, Silver, is Google’s goal to bring the supposed great build quality of iPhones to the Android mainstream and high-end markets, along with reducing the amount of manufacturer crap allowed on the new phones (or forcing the manufacturer to make the apps removable by the user) – which will keep them quite snappy and all the more customize-able.
    If you do end up going back to the iPhone, you’re basically going back 3 years from android hardware and missing out on all the exciting development to come for android.

  • shilofax says:

    Android all day every day.

    iOS is so restricted.

  • Jim Mo says:

    If you had an overall positive experience with Android and are happy with your phone, there really isn’t anything I’m seeing from this post to reason a switch back to Apple, other than you own other Apple products (which you said wasn’t a problem using Google services on).

    My personal suggestion would be to stick with Android. Agree with Arthur though…

  • geepee says:

    “I’ve owned all of these.”? I thought you just cloned the picture and zoomed in for the last one.

  • Chris says:

    Honestly, to each there own.

    I have used iPhones and never really found them to be as functional as I desired. I have been using Android phones for a very long time because of just that, complete functionality. I can do so much with my phone that others really can’t. I currently own the Note III and at first it seemed entirely way to large. After small amount of time, that size was dwarfed by how awesome the Note III really is. If you want screen real estate, battery life, functionality, and pretty much everything else then I would recommend really taking a look at this phone before you dump Android to go back to an IOS platform and really limit your self.

  • Cody says:

    I’m Android all the way. Then again, that may be because they are Open Source and I’m a programmer (Computer though, not mobile…Yet). I’ve had 2 Iphones in the past both I considered junk next to any of the 6+ Android phones I own (I’ve only ever had 1 android phone I got rid of because of issues).

    I just can’t stand the IOS and how restricted the IPhone is… Maybe some people like a society where they are told ” No you can’t go to StraightTalk, No you can’t upload custom software No you can’t go pee between 12 and 12:10. I however, like the freedom to do what I want when I want and the IPhone just doesn’t offer that.

    I have to say that as far as a pre-built OS I like what HTC usually has cooked up. Most of the Samsung stuff is pretty good too! but, when it comes down to phones.. LG just can’t be beat for durability Most Lg phones are the Nokias of the Modern world.

    I could get two bigger better faster phones for the same price of an IPhone the cost is tottally nuts. Not to mention the Store on the IPhone is kind of a joke almost anything good you have to pay for and there are much much more free options in the Google Play store.

    The only light at the end of the tunnel for The IPhone for me is… I’d choose it over a windows phone… That’s about it I’m not a fan of the windows Mobile OS (Or windows 8 tbh) So if I was stuck on a deserted Island with an IPhone I’d use it… If I was stuck in a Deserted scrap yard I’d try to build something and put android on it before using the IPhone.

  • Look into the HTC One M8. It will still have that large screen and high build quality that you are looking for plus the customization that comes with every Android device. Android gives you freedom where Apple controls your phone.

  • Me says:

    And all you blind Droid lovers can have your Google Play store where any malware writer can release the plague. I liked my Droids but realized that their lack of caring about security put me at risk. Until they change get I have to stay with an iThingy.

    • I have never once gotten a virus on my android and I’m on my 5th

    • FellKin says:

      Apple is literally changing the bare minimum for every new phone they put out. They are way behind in terms of performance and can’t even make different looking phones.

      On a side note, in reality, was it your Android device that didn’t care enough about security, or was it you that didn’t care enough? Learn to look around and don’t just download crap without knowing what the hell it is. I don’t use ANY anti-virus software and I DO NOT get viruses on my phone or my computer. I use Windows and Android. Aren’t those WAY LESS secure than Apple products?

      Please. Enjoy paying an extra 100$ for technology dated 4 years ago.

    • Joe says:

      I guess you were not aware of the hack not long ago that allowed users to gain access to the Apple cloud services. Giving them complete control to do as they please, including factory resets on the users phone and any device connected? There have been numerous security issues with every version of i(whatever). Some as simple as just randomly tapping on your iPhone screen until it simply gives up protecting you and allows the user to get into your private information.

      Bottom line, NOTHING is perfect. So don’t fall for the “Security” hype of Apple. It is just that, “Hype”.

      • partycrasher131 says:

        hey dude thats what software updates are for in iphones. dnt see samsung making these kind of steps. actually samsung just ditched i9300 and its not updating it anymore..so funny that one..

    • Stephan says:

      I have been using androids for years now and never had a virus on my phone. I am a big fan of Samsung and currently use the Note III. I also have Norton one one every phone and computer in my home.. No viruses and no malware.

    • Robbie says:

      Android devices now come with a pre-installed program called Lookout that acts as a anti-virus app scanner that automatically scans every new app downloaded from Google Play, as well as doing periodic full scans of all data on the phone and will alert you and disable any malware-causing applications. It would seem your information is a bit outdated.

    • MadJoe says:

      This comment is two years too late, sir. The Play Store has had very aggressive malware scrubbers in place for a while, and now they gave even stepped it up further. You had no intention of ever buying an Android, never mind “another” one. Nice try though.

    • Vito A. says:

      There is real good malware protections for Free! On Play Store and if you get malware it’s because you went off the beaten path me typing on a rooted S5 with only one program that is supposed risky which is my root.

  • Turner says:

    Try the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s larger than the Nexus 5. Everything you mention are reasons I’m sticking with Android all the way, and I’ve been so pleased with Samsungs over the years, that I’ve also narrowed my loyalty to them as well.

  • Joe says:

    android……. no expandable memory on apple and the battery on iphones isn’t that great.

  • Redtail says:

    Closed markets are good for some things, like ensuring that a company does not have to compete for market share with a company willing to cut quality left and right to reduce their prices. They are bad for some things too, though, like making a company stagnate on identical devices for decades at a time with no significant change.

    Here’s another model to look at. Asus Computers is one I like to point out to anyone looking for something approaching Apple quality but still maintaining the price point of a typical WIndows computer. Since they have set themselves apart by mentality from the competition, they don’t really have to compete with Dell for price point because they have buyers who will flock to them for their build quality. However, this economic… I don’t want to say “isolation”, but rather, “separation”… This has led them to adopt a very dull business model. They dipped their toe into the all-in-one market a little bit, but pulled it out because it was too cold. They make a good tablet, but their selection of computers is not very inventive.

    I would like to see GIgabyte produce a computer, not just because I like Gigabyte as a company, but also because I believe that they would motivate Asus to stick their neck out a little bit more.

    Apple does not have any market competition, because only two people buy Apple computers:
    People who buy nothing but Apple anyway, or people who have been burned buying three or more bottom-dollar Acer, Dell, or Toshiba laptops in a row that failed or underperformed.

    The iPhone is the easiest and simplest phone on the market to use. Every iPhone is identical and can use the same apps identically. This is why we recommend iPhones to the elderly or the less tech-savvy; we know they will get the most out of a phone that is as reliable and easy-to-use as the iPhone.

    To the geardos, we like to recommend the Note or even the Lumia, because they’re more adaptable phones that are more powerful, if a bit less simplistic and user-friendly. THe tradeoff is that you have a less consistent and slightly less intuitive overall user experience, but for your trouble, your device is a lot more flexible about what it will do and what capabilities you can get.

    Speaking of capabilities and cost… Anyone else out there really digging the Moto X?

    • Jerry Pepin says:

      I Most definitely am digging Moto X, it’s a very comfortable solid performing phone. I had an iPhone 4 for about a year after having owned nothing but android and was just so disappointed with the all around experience. If I had to find a complaint with the Moto X I would have settle for saying perhaps the camera could be a teensie bit better, all in all though Kudos to Motorola.

  • Some Dude says:

    What I want to know is how many times IOS customers need to be taken advantage of by Apple. How many times do they need to buy devices that later have the price drastically adjusted only to be told sorry you paid to much. How many more times do they need to get OS updates that end up hindering the device only to be told Sorry maybe you should upgrade to the new phone when it comes out. Most importantly why they constantly feel they need to shell out money to a corporation that markets itself to customers as the company that will improve the persons appearance instead of the persons experience. So go fork out money to get the new bigger screen. Then you can look cool as you pull up in your VW and sit outside of Starbucks drinking your skinny latte, while wearing your skinny jeans, and listening to Imagine Dragons or Mumford and Sons. When you decide your ready for a real phone go get a Nokia 3310 and actually take the time to call people. Which is what phones were designed to do.

  • Nick Masola says:

    ‘The build quality of an iPhone can’t be beat” tell that to the HTC one M8

    • partycrasher131 says:

      ya tell htc one m8 one other thing. make spare parts for their devices available as cheap as iphone parts are…coz once ur m8 breaks u’ll learn it will take a fortune for it to be repaired…

  • Get whatever you feel like….

  • Doomsday says:

    What the hell is this? This is exactly the attitude apple is hoping for. You like Android, why would you switch back, build quality?! C’mon man stick with Android screw the hipster phone

  • Dave says:

    I too have had iPhones (and iPads) for quite a while, but nowadays I can’t wait for my contract to be over so I can move to 100% Android. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 recently and from that experience, I’ll never look back to Apple again. Admittedly, the iPhone by itself is good. On the other hand, Androids have great advantages too. Let’s face it, they’re both good and they have their strong points. I give Apple an advantage on available apps, but then I hate the way Apple tries to keep you under their thumb and limit you.
    A clincher for me is iTunes. I am tired of iTunes screwing things up like my music. And transferring or syncing files? It’s so much easier moving, copying photos and music between computer and device with Androids than iTunes. I’ve even tried the iTunes alternatives and still am not satisfied. Also, you have to love the inexpensive expandability of Androids by using SDram cards and being able to use multiple batteries on some phones. Try swapping batteries on an iPhone or expanding the memory.
    Come September, it’s adios Apple ….. hola Androids !! I have over 25 years of IT experience and am a tech junkie, so I know a little bit of what I’m talking about.

  • Torvalds says:

    I have an iPhone because everyone has one and iMessage and FaceTime audio makes it easier for secure/faster communication(without third parties) … What phones are meant to be used for.

    I’m sure no one here is the typical consumer when it comes to electronics and neither am I with rooting at least 10 phones for custom roms, but a phone is a phone dammit. It’s like using google+ for it’s extra features when everyone’s on Facebook with group chat and you’re missing out on the conversation.

    Of course id switch to android as my main phone if everyone else was using it but for majority of the population that just need a phone as a phone, android lacks the simplicity and focus on improving core phone functions without technical experience.

    That is my personal experience whenever I switch to android and everyone’s needs are different. My whole family use iPhones and some even think they’re difficult to use. I’m a big Linux advocate with multiple distros but a phone is a phone and Apple are pretty damn genius on understanding the average consumer.

  • JJtoob says:

    I like both OSs, and Apple makes really nice handsets, and there are things about one that I really wish the other had. Like I really like the emojis and the way some of the stock apps and how notifications work on iOS as well as how polished everything looks too, but I like how there is more customization on Android, and I can get less expensive Android phones with more current versions of Android compared to trying to do the same on Apple’s side. I think for now, I’m satisfied with Android.

  • sinogue says:

    @Me “And all you blind Droid lovers can have your Google Play store where any malware writer can release the plague. I liked my Droids but realized that their lack of caring about security put me at risk. Until they change get I have to stay with an iThingy.”

    Really? Have some sense about what you download and you should never have this issue. I’ve used Android phones since the original G1 was released and never had an issue with Malware. That’s because I don’t download every free app I see on the store, I do my research and find out which ones are rated and reviewed well. I would do this even if my security weren’t an issue, because I’m not going to waste my time on low quality apps.

    Just as I wouldn’t restrict the purchase of a bicycle to only those that come with training wheels, I won’t restrict my phone purchases that limit my choice of software “for my own good.”

  • Tylorw1 says:

    I highly doubt that Apple will release an iPhone with a 5.5 inch display. Apple is to cautious with change to their ecosystem to make such a large leap.

    If your current use of Android has been pleasant, why not stick with it? I agree iOS is easy to use, efficient, etc, but it has much limited usability to technical, which I am expecting you are to some degree, as am I.

    Also “Me” , if you are careful about what you download, you will never counter an error. Plus, if you think you may, Android actually has reputable anti-virus apps that can be used to layer the protection. Unlike Android, you must rely on Apple to be secure, while android’s security can be reinforced.

  • greg says:

    I really like my Nokia Lumia. Mostly because it has a great camera but also the integrated experience – but that’s just me.

  • Andrew Fort says:

    After owning an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, I decided to try out an Android. The only one I saw fit to switch to from an iPhone was the LG G2, which has been an awesome device. 32gb storage, integrated wireless charging (I use this every night), big screen, “knock-on” so I don’t wear out my power button, and far better battery life than the iP5. Camera is garbage in low-light shots but outdoors it’s great. Not being tied to iTunes: Priceless.

  • usufruct says:

    As a discerning customer, I like having choice. The choice to choose what apps I uninstall, the choice to hop around to different hardware manufacturers when I get a new phone, the choice to install custom versions of the operating system, which app store to use, and just in general a highly customizable user experience.

    My unlocked phone (that I bought from Newegg) is a couple years old now, but it still works perfectly and I have no desire to upgrade yet, since Sony has done a pretty good job at updating the software to keep up with the newer devices. Oh, and did I mention the standardized (micro USB) charging and USB interface?

  • Anonymous says:

    Then again, I had a android device for a year, I switched back to iOS because of many security issues. I have no problem with the iPhone. I find the app store useful (about half of the apps on Android installed adware on your device or scammed you for your money) And I don’t want a device that is easily hackable.

  • Aaron says:

    You should switch to one of the new BlackBerry 10 phones. They now have much of the same features as Android and iPhones have now, but with what is most important in this modern tech world, Security. Which both Apple and Google are lacking in there phones.

  • Rob says:

    I just switched to android because i cant deal with apple anymore. They are overpriced. I built a hackintosh with the same parts apple uses to make their mac pro. It cost me nearly $1000 less.

  • Two words… Project Ara. I know that’s a little ways off yet, but Apple will never create a phone with modular hardware. They can’t even let you have flexibility in your software. You will immediately miss the freedom Android has given you if you go back.

  • Tylorw1 says:

    I need to make some clarifications.
    1. technical users*
    2. Unlike iOS, where you must rely on Apple to be secure, when android’s security can be reinforced.

  • Do a search for the Oneplus One. Best cpu currently available, 5.5 screen, 64 gb of space and great build quality with great attention to detail. And all for $350 without contract.

  • stankin says:

    riding Apple’s sack a blog does not make. Hell you didnt even give any good argument other than screensize. theres a crap ton of 5-6 inch android phones.

  • Nickolas says:

    Define ‘build quality.’
    A non-shattered iPhone is as rare as a hipster with an Android.

  • Ivan B. says:

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! There’s a lot of interesting arguments for both sides of the question…

    If price were not an issue, would you still go with Android because of the customization? I’m currently using 99% Google Apps on my Nexus so I’m not a major modder. While it’s nice to have the option, I don’t think that’s a determining factor for me. Screen size and build quality are my #1 priority.

  • Kyuta Syuko says:

    I say stick with Android. Sure the Nexus is a great phone, but depending on the requirements of the Silver Program mentioned in that article all Android phones will be pseudo-Nexus phones. Then you have those cheap China phones that run off modified custom ROMs like Cyogenmod if you really want that Nexus like setup. However you should go with whatever provides you with the best user experience.

  • jimmy bond says:

    Its samsung or nothing for me man

  • Anon says:

    Really couldn’t agree more with you here Torvalds. As a tech person and someone who works in the IT industry, I can certainly appreciate the customization and “freedom” that Android devices can offer, but when it comes to my phone I don’t care nor do I need all of that customization, I just need the functionality. I’ve had multiple Android tablets and loaded a half-dozen different custom ROMs on them, so I’m very familiar with the capabilities and customization of the Android OS, but again I don’t want or need this “tweak-ability” in my phone. All of that customization is neat and all, but does it honestly make your experience that much better over the long term? The novelty of phone customization wore off pretty quickly for me, and I’ve found that the simplicity and focus of iOS is spot on for a mobile phone which is exactly why I stick with it.

    Also, I find it a little funny that a lot of you Android fan boys are dogging iPhone users for “having” to upgrade their phone every two years..you idiots are doing the exact same thing! “Ohhh I love my HTC One, my Google Nexus, my Galaxy S27” – yea, those are all new phones that you’ve upgraded to in the last year or two, and will surely exchange for the latest-and-greatest Android phone sometime this year or next, whenever the battery has cycled so many times that it barely holds a charge for a few hours (this happens with iPhones too, I know, it’s inevitable).

    Just drop the whole “Android is better than iPhone because I can customize my phone more than you” thing. Sometimes customization isn’t the most appropriate or desirable thing to have, and in my opinion the mobile phone space is a great example of that. Even if you get some enjoyment out of adding widgets to your homescreen and having super-duper-cutting-edge technology like NFC (yea, how often do you use that by the way? ..exactly), it’s not for everyone and it doesn’t make your choice of Android better or someone else’s choice of iPhone worse.


    • saxi says:

      At least when the battery on my windows phone went bad, I could replace it. Had the same phone for close to 3 years now. Im a windows guy fer life, or as long as they produce them.

    • MrXJ1979 says:

      Gotta agree with you. I don’t tweek my phone. I use it for my internet. IOS does everything I want my phone to do. However I have owned both. I am more of a fan of the feel of android over iOS.

  • Robbie says:

    I’m sorry, but if you’re going to start out your post by stating you’re somewhat of an iPhone and Apple “fan-boy”, and then you want to talk about why you should switch from Android back to Apple, you’re going to immediately lose people’s interest since it’s clear you’re not an unbiased opinion. It’s one thing to say that you’re an Apple fan-boy that dropped the iPhone. To then say you’re switching back, I could really care less. Android has always out-performed iOS and just because the iPhone will have a bigger screen isn’t going to change that.

  • A.M. says:

    Why does everyone keep saying iPhones are “better build quality” than android? what makes them better? the fact that when you drop them from 2 feet the screen shatters? my last android phone (Samsung galaxy S2) was dropped several times onto concrete, asphalt, brick, & tile and i had 1 pixel break and that was when it feel down my stairs then hit the tile at the bottom and no i do not use a case. Samsung / Android for the win for durability & design

  • j238 says:

    You’re impressed with big screens. I stopped reading at that point.

  • saxi says:

    Get a Windows Phone. Problem Solved.

  • Matt says:

    You should not switch back… android is better than iOS in every respect.

  • Stay with your Nexus 5. I have the same phone and it’s great! I highly doubt Apple will release a 5.5 inch display, that’s asking too much of them.

  • yilduz says:

    This is exactly what I don’t understand about Apple fanboys. You admit to only using Apple going back to infinity. Then, you switch something up and try something outside of their tiny little bubble and absolutely love it. You write a big list of reasons that you find Android to be better than iOS, go on about how easy it is to use, how much more flexible it is and how much more freedom you have. Then just because Apple is going to release the exact same thing they’ve done a million times before with a slightly bigger screen, you’re going to jump back into that restricted, closed-down, uninviting speck of the digital universe? For what?

    I’m a former Apple employee. I’ve seen this attitude time and time and time again, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. KNOWING something is better and cheaper, but going the other way anyway. It just makes absolutely no sense at all.

  • Gary Briggs says:

    I only have one question: where do I put this 64 GB memory card? Not in an iPhone, that’s for sure.

  • *Face-Palm* says:

    The author is clearly a sheeple. iPhone users = modern day zombies.

  • Um… Did you read your own article? If not let me summarize for you: “I loved my iPhone, I wanted a bigger screen, got a Nexus, found out it is way better than expected, oh yeah and way easier than the iPhone… I think I want the next iPhone”

  • BobbyJ says:

    This article shows me that iphone users are just brain washed. Guy switches to android, loves it, says its easier, nicer being able to choose own apps, etc and then still wants to go back to iphone simply because they’re suppose to release a larger screen model. *shakes head.

  • Geogri Nakov says:

    Why don’t you try Windows Phone OS? Then please compare…

  • Scott says:

    Why? You have discovered android is better. These days Samsung leads. iPhone copies. You should have bought the note 3 and never looked back.

  • MrXJ1979 says:

    I have the moto x and I love it. I can stream iHeart for 9 hours at work and still have some battery left. Its thin bigger screen than my last phone( atrix HD) Made in Texas. Google owns moto mobile. The only lag I get is from my network. The handset is actually smaller than my HD was.

  • G2Gsupport says:

    Jailbreaking is great, but you can also root android phones as well. But that is for the tech people that don’t want to run stock setup.

    To me it breaks down like this, if you want one company that makes slight improvements to their phone OS and hardware stick with apple. If you have Iphone only apps that you can’t live without stick with apple. The rest of us will go with who makes the best phone and leave nothing in a column of pros for “loyalty”

    Free market, real competition, it seems obvious to me that a phone’s release date __months from now with a list of hardware specs is just pointless. Because the next week, the next guy is going to release the one that is better than that. In the case of some manufacturers they release multiple options.

    My point…forget loyalty go with the screen size you like with the features you like for the price you can get it for and if someone doesn’t have a phone that fits that then someone else will. No loyalty in a buyer’s market

    oh and you can run teamviewer quicksupport 7.0 on samsung phones and remote control your phone with…pretty much anything else. Handy for working on mom’s phone and training employees on how to do things with their new phones.

  • allan says:

    I have had I phones since the beginning, the first iPhone was the first smartphone I ever had and the first phone I got when I got back from Iraq. I was loyal , but 5 years later nothing changed. I switched to the galaxy s3 in 2012 and never looked back. I have note 3 now and I can’t wait to see what the note 4 will be capable of. Continue to explore Android

  • Willaim Leezard says:

    If you switch back from a great phone to a less good phone for a different screen you’re a ******* idiot. You are what Apple loves, sheep that love to buy their crap regardless of what is in it just how it looks.

    • Martini says:

      Thanks for repeating the same unintelligible mass generalizations you’ve heard from other android fans. Perhaps you like what you like and others like what they like? Could be that simple.

  • andy says:

    I guess it all depends on how much you rely on your phone. I have an Galaxy S3 from work, had a Droid or two before than, and a blackberry before that. The blackberry seemed to be the most stable of the bunch. All the androids i’ve ever owned have been flaky (the OS), weird lag/pause spikes frequently, and camera app crashing very frequently, usually at the worst time. The only thing I like about it is that it has better Google integration/apps (we’re a Google shop), and a lot more options for configuration/tweaking. I use my phone mostly for the phone/messaging/email/lite surfing/maps/price checking 🙂 But I am seriously considering asking for a new iPhone when the next update cycle happens for me. My Nexus7v2 has the same quirkiness that the android phones do. Whereas my iPad behaves like I expect a device to behave (yeah, it does stupid things from time to time as well, its not perfect, but iOS is leagues ahead of Android in terms of quality/stability).

    As a code monkey I get tired of dealing with bugs/errors/etc the whole day. I don’t want that in my devices. I need some hope of escape into stability somewhere 🙂

    So my vote would be to go with an iPhone. All the configuration in the world means jack squat to me if the fracking thing can’t go a day without doing something stupid.

    I do love the macbook HARDWARE, but still consider the OSX to be inferior to just about everything short of XP 🙂 even though its also much more stable than anything else out there. In a desktop/laptop environment I require configuration/customization first and foremost. Win7 is in the same league as OSX. Android is not in the same league as iOS.

  • Bill Johnson says:

    I switched to Android years ago by leaving behind my iPhone 3G and have not found a reason to go back yet. Android is just more intuitive and less restricting than Apple will ever allow iOS to be. Currently a Galaxy S4 owner….Samsung all the way!

  • MadnessChi1d says:

    I had an Ipod touch once. The only reason for this was to look up **** in detention. Android wasn’t mainstream then so it was really my only choice as nobody in high school can afford the Microsoft counterpart, which didn’t have network capabilities.

  • Rene Sanchez says:

    I only have one gripe with your article, you are using a nexus 5 ($350) and compare it to a iphone 5s($650 unlocked) quality wise and complain about the quality? from my point of view you are basically saying that you paid for a cheaper product and expect not only better performance but also greater build quality?, before making a decision you should at least try on of the high end android mobiles for build quality.

  • Kristina says:

    I was an android user and I’m very happy that I switched over to Apple. My android phone lagged so bad I usually had to restart it once a day. The storage on it was terrible and upgrading the storage was extremely costly. I have the lowest storage on my iPhone and I still have a ton of room on it for music and apps. It does lag sometimes but only for a second or two, and sometimes it shuts down unexpectedly but it doesn’t take long to start back up. Only minor annoyances. I got so annoyed with my android phone I was close to throwing it several times. The customization aspect of android isn’t 100% appealing to me if it doesn’t work well. And yeah I can always jailbreak my phone if I’m desperate enough! I say stick to iOS but it’s definitely what you prefer.

    • Vanessa says:

      Yeah, my husband and I are about to switch to iPhones soon… this lil ol POS Android has its share of problems, is slower than molasses in wintertime, even after a reboot, and 9/10 of trying to find a half usable app on Google Play are all crud, and 80% of the “5-star reviews” of these crApps seems to be shilled, because when I leave reviews, I describe why it deserves that rating. The shill ratings seem to be done by people in some 3rd world country to rate, and use some language that seem like some random letters, but mostly no description of why it deserved 5 stars is left.

      Also fed up with the lame excuse of a browser in Android. And I am a rare breed, a girl programmer, yet I hate Java. Never liked it. Web browsers were never meant to be written in 100% Java. Security risk. Look it up.

      I can go on and on, but I’ll stop for the sake of brevity.

  • brain says:

    I have a lot of experience in the mobile phone industry and always recommend iPhone when people that want an “easy to pick up and used” device but will often recommend Android if someone wants a more customizable/technical device. Honestly I think it is important for people to have the option of one or the other. If we were all the same we would be so boring!

  • Dan Wyrick says:

    I’m sorry but this type of attitude from someone that works in the world of technology just baffles me. I’ve been involved in technology for over 30 years. I’ve seen different manufacturers be on top in all technologies, desktops, laptops, video cards, etc… I would expect a technology professional to look at what is available and, using their own needs, determine what is best for them at the time. As an example, for my needs, android devices have offered the best mix of usability and flexibility. When compared to iOS there is no comparison in my experience. That being the case, despite being burned badly by Microsoft mobile OS in the past, the latest phone I selected was a Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows 8 mobile. I have had the phone for less than a month but I’m very happy with its functionality, ease of use, integration with Windows apps that I use daily and its stability.

  • Nick says:

    Can someone clarify the build quality thing? Are you talking ascetically pleasing? I manage a Verizon account for my company with about 40 phones, 23 of which are the apple variety. Nothing lower than a 4S. ALL of them have been exchanged on Verizon’s asurion plan at least once. The 2 5S are on their third replacements. Problems ranged from screen rotation completely stopping to front facing camera being completely unrecognized by the OS. The most recent one just had the mic stop working in the middle of a call. Never came back, gave it a few days. Formatted on all of them with no luck. No damage to them at all and most of them we even let an apple tech take a crack at fixing all ending in the tech being like, “wow, this is so unusual…” I’ve got a pretty good sample size of proof going against their build quality. Or maybe just their quality check. On the other hand, we still have 4 galaxy s2s which have never been exchanged still running almost as good as day one. They drain battery fairly faster than when we got them but that’s about it. And other than that the rest are comprised of various Android phones. Only ones I’ve had gl exchange were the RAZRs and the MAXX versions.

    • David24 says:

      Android has problems, too though. Not saying I’m against Android (and definitely not saying I like Apple) but my Note 3 literally just stopped working one day. I set the alarm on it to wake me up before work so I could take a nap. I woke up on my own (just in time to leave) to see that my phone was off. I tried everything. It wouldn’t even charge. I got a new phone and charged it to 100% then took the battery out of it and put it in the old broken one. It still didn’t power on. The people at Verizon were very confused as to why it happened and said there wasn’t any water or physical damage. I lost all of my photos and music and game progress on a few of my games. Not cool.

  • lordmike says:

    I’ve owned both, and honestly love both. There is no real argument between the two, people just love to factiontionalize. My HTC androids were awesome but I ultimately switched to apple because I got tired of it being buggy and crashing. Does that mean that android sucks? No, I just got to a point in my life where flashy customization no longer mattered to me. They’re both awesome and anybody who slams anybody else for liking something different is a moron.

  • Facebook says:

    A lot of us (at least I was) were directed here by newegg via Facebook. I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally I hoped for something substantive and not just “I was an Apple fanboy, tried Android loved it, but now that Apple is releasing a big phone too I have to have it!” Didn’t really seem blog worthy, maybe it’s newegg’s fault for directing me here and assuming I would come across worthwhile feedback.

  • Luke says:

    I will probably be the only person to say this, and that is not to get another Android phone. I personally have an Android phone for my self, I actually just upgraded from a LG Optimus G to a Nexus 5 to give the real stock Android an experience. I have owned a low end Android phone and than went to the high end. After all that there is one thing I can say about Android, and that is it could be a great phone OS, but its not, and that is for one very good reason. Android tries to support the low end market along with the high end market. I have had my nexus 5 for a little over a week now, and I have already noticed little irritating bugs, such as youtube app not working correctly have the time, or when I open an app it stutters a lot more than it would on an Iphone.

    On an iPhone your experience is consistent, where as on an Android it has a lot of variants that become bothersome over usage. The one upside to Android is the ability to customize the phone, however the major downside is that it is almost required to put a backup manager on your phone and unlock the bootloader, because if the phone is actually used to its potential it is very seceptable to kernal panics that will almost guarantee needing a new phone, and or having the bootloader unlocked to reflash the backup. This has happened twice to the LG Optimus G I had. Once of which I had to redeem warrenty on it with LG since i did not unlock the bootloader at the time, and the second time I had it unlocked with TWRP on it to reflash.

    Lastly the reason why the iPhone should be the choice is because it is still the only phone on the market with a fully capable 64bit ARM CPU (Which is a bigger deal than people are saying, I also may be wrong about it), and it is a proprietary hardware platform, which in return will mean better suppor, and Apps will almost always perform better on the iPhone because the developers are developing with the hardware in mind, where as on Android it is being developed for a wide variety of hardware.

  • James Shaw says:

    I have the Samsung Note II (SGH-i317) running DN3 and I love it. It does have a bug (volume control), but it’s been quite dependable. I have it in an Otterbox and have dropped it a few times. Still ticks along, even with a 64GB card.

    I’ll be running this until it dies. If it does, I’ll get the most recent Note due to screen quality, specs (3+GB RAM, Oct core processor, etc), and overall durability. The S Pen is a nice feature as well.

  • Ryan says:

    I have the Galaxy S5, and it is without a doubt my favorite phone ever! I’ve had 3 different iPhones, and will never go back. I have a MacBook Pro, and can say it is my favorite computer ever, but the phones suck!

  • NEKO Kai says:

    I almost hopped on the iOS train but decided to go with an Android and am still happy I’m not on Apple. Even if I were to compare my HTC phone to the new iPhone 5s, I’d still prefer my htc due to its easy to access Facebook and news tickets plus faster load time for text messages and custom menus.

  • Will says:

    Hmm, well your post started a senseless flame war of pride. Everyone forgot an important detail, one to one Apple owns the market with Samsung trailing them, but not one to one, in mass product release. Another point, tech savy users are like 2 or 3 percent of the user market, and don’t make a dent in a company’s sales. So bickering here about who’s better is silly. And pointless, for the poster if this get what ever you want and feel comfortable with, it’s your money.

  • I would say do what makes you happy. Although you will realize pretty quickly how much freedom you have with Android. If I was you and your looking for a bigger screen then I would try looking something like Galaxy Note 3. The Google Experience Launcher works flawlessly On the Note3 and and you get the same look and feel of the Nexus 5 with the added benefit of Samsung fetures. If not a fan of Samsung look at other larger phone. But again do what makes you happy, but the first time you see someone using NFC to pay for something will have you wanting a Android phone again.

  • Craig says:

    Ok. I’m going to be different from everyone else. I’ve had and still have Apple and Google. I switched to Microsoft and Nokia and couldn’t be happier. I like the uniqueness and solid build quality with a tough phone that takes great pictures. Others say there aren’t enough apps but I have over 800 apps on my phone and with only a Snapdragon S4 process it’s still faster and smoother than my friends phones. Others say they don’t like it but can’t say why but I have tried all the others multiple times and now I’m content. As long as the person who owns it is happy that is all that matters.

  • Ed James says:

    Don’t switch back unless you want a product that has planned obsolesce built in. You run out of memory? Too bad Apple will never have an expandable SD card slot for almost endless upgrades re: memory. App store vs. Google ‘store’, these days becoming a wash. So unless you are a hopelessly addicted ‘fanboy’ don’t switch back

  • v says:

    The tweaks are available within the settings of all recent Android phones in a section called “Developer options.”

    This section might be hidden on some phones, but it’s very easy to access. On many phones, you just have to open a certain page in the settings and tap a button seven times. Use Google to figure out how to enable Developer options on your phone if it’s currently hidden (for example, search “enable developer options HTC One”).

    Once you have access to Developer options, simply scroll until you find the following three settings, which may be located on the main screen or within an “Advanced” subsection:

    Window animation scale

    Transition animation scale

    Animator animation scale

    Tapping each of the three aforementioned settings will reveal that it’s set to “1x” by default. If you want to speed up your phone or tablet dramatically, simply change each of those three settings to “.5x” — that’s it.

    Just as iOS 7.1 completely changed the feel of the iPhone user experience by speeding up transitions, this will do the same for Android devices. Adjusting these settings also shouldn’t really have any impact on battery life, though if you’re using an older phone with a slower processor you may see some choppiness.

  • Therealtruth says:

    Hello people…now let’s just say we find a love for what works for us…apple has always updated as many devices as possible… Now when your device hardware was to old for the new technology then it’s not possible without giving super poor performance… Now android use to do that and your battery life went from sh*t in a bowl to the sewer main… Now these company learn from each other and sale you on what they feel is important… Some of you truly think apple is behind the bar that android set…. We’ll look at the smart phones before apple… They were windows based phones with plastic screens & stylist,and blackberry… Now Android Nokia blackberry Hp palm and apple share something’s that are not original using other idea. Apple has never claim to be the 1st at anything; only the 1st to do it right and make it easy….now apple is the 1st and only company that addresses issues with there products give and update to patch the problem… Now look at the facts people like to customize there android right… We’ll most people are not developers so your customization is what other people come up with i.e. your not doing what in your mind it’s lauded out for you. Sounds like apple to me… People say you can’t do anything with apple; well what do you wanna do? Thing is apple makes it super user friendly so from birth to 150 year old can operate it… Now android lovers how many times have you said my phone does everything and iphone does; which means you have subconsciously admitted that apple is better. Some people can sale water to a well… Now if you dig deep enough you could’ve gotten it free… Now you say I’m a fanboy however I’m a developer. I make apps for android and apple. Now when your a consumer everyone wants everything free… Now let’s say you are a super athlete or the next bill gates.. Do you give away your talent or do you want your worth… I suspect that the latter is the option of choice and since we all agree that time is put into developing apps and we(developers) are not rich and money is a good reward to do something like continue to make awesome apps and devices… Now people that don’t make a ¢.10 want to convince everybody they know which is better when in fact it’s all great tech and we enjoy it… Now tell your friend or family member that is not pursuing a career at android manufactor or apple then to shut they mouth and let you be human find what you like or don’t like… Have a good evening

  • Andrey K says:

    Well, I’ve recently switched to a nexus 5 32gb from an iPhone 5 64gb. I’ve fine tuned the nexus 5 so that I get my easy access toggles such as flashlight, WiFi, Bluetooth, and battery %, on my left lock screen, as well as a widget button. Hangouts is the imessage for android. Rooting your nexus 5 is super easy, much simpler than any other android device I’ve rooted. You can root it easily from your Mac desktop. Rooting let’s you install stuff like adaway to get rid of annoying ads, get access to using all cast app which is similar to airplay on iOS, although it’s more of a streaming than mirroring app. Also the most important feature that you should install right after rooting, titanium backup app, which is at its core like icloud, but here the difference is, you get to pick and choose what, how, and where you want to backup. You can backup app data and have it back up to multiple locations like internal memory, one of your favorite cloud drives like drop box, Google drive, or box, and if your device supports it or if you have an otg adapter, you can backup to external memory as well. Android let’s you use a default app of your choice if you don’t like our prefer an app other than what was set by default on your device. Swipe keyboard is a must have feature. I personally can’t go back to tap typing like on the iPhone. In fact I’m typing this with a swiping keyboard oninterface. 5. I’ll admit I stihaveinterfaceals
    als from using an iPhone for 4 years, but every time I go to try and use my old iPhone 5, it just doesn’t quite level up to my expectations I’ve become accustomed to on my nexus. All iPhone is to me right now is a pretty user interface. I guess you can say apple makes zombies out of their customers, because as much as I’m loving my nexus experience so far. For whatever reason,I just keep looking at apple’s iPhone like as if it had some magical powers. I guess it’s the nostalgia taking over my brain. Android does almost everything my iPhone did and on top of that I can carry my collection of retro Nintendo, Sega, play station, and arcade games, plus use it with a Bluetooth controller (nyko play pad works awesome). The fact that Google plus backs up my photos automatically gives me a piece of mind that I couldn’t have with apple’s iOS. I can go ahead and keep my phone memory free of photos if I choose to and just access them from Google plus photos and videos section. Sure customization gets old, but not stuff that’s essential. So in theory iPhones are good to go out of the box, but after using and experiencing a nexus device, iPhone don’t give me the same level of satisfaction. It simply limits the user to use the features and functions that it deems best for the average Joe or Jane. Also if you set up a new or a factory reset device with iOS, you can only reinstall your app backups only during initial setup. On android you can do it with titanium backup or helium backup at any given point of your use of a particular android device regardless if you’re just setting it up or if you’ve used the device for years, titanium or helium let’s you pick and choose which backups and/or apps you’d like to reinstall. I find this to be another priceless feature that iOS simply won’t allow the end user to keep outside apple services. On board vlc player-another killer feature. Access to files via one of the file manager apps. Otg adapter for additional storage like your whole music library. Get the meenova since you have the nexus 5, it’s tiny and portable and can givmewellup to an extra 128gb (currently) of extra storage. The best part is you can stream music, videos, game roms, pictures, books, and pretty much anything else except actual app data, which can only be stored on external memory. By the way, wireless charging is one of the nearest features of your phone, and it cuts the charge time in less than half of the conventional wired charging. I can keep rolling down the list of how android features are nicer in most cases, but the point is, iOS will leave you empty handed if you try to go back. Why not pick up your old iPhone 5 and try to use it for a day or two. I tried this with mine a few hours ago, and just couldn’t do more than appreciate its elegant looks, but not much functionality that ice raised my standards to after getting the awesome features of android. True some of the websites and emails look a bit more pleasing to the eye on the iOS device, but that’s not enough to convince me to start using my iPhone or get a new one for that matter. You can also torrent files and never deal with iTunes to source your music on your device. With android you just download like you would on any desktop. So convenient and unlike with iOS, you get to keep the files as well. For me to go back to iPhone, apple would have to do everything I like about android and it’s quite a lot. I’m not saying there aren’t features I miss from iOS, but they just don’t add up to the user experience on android. I guess if you want a pretty phone with a pretty ui, get the iPhone, but that’s really as far as iPhone goes. It doesn’t integrate well with other platforms on its own. Also visual voice mail can be had on a nexus 5 via carrier app, in case of at & t I had to side load mine, but it works perfect every time I get a voice mail. Choice is yours really, but what it really boils down to, is that you may just need some pointers around android. Once you have the device set up the way you like, it’s cake from there on.

  • Seth Gowing says:

    Actually in case of iPhone there have some less opportunity for appropriate Android OS. Our Website MTCTECH can describe it properly.

  • jdozo says:

    I’ve had nothing but trouble with android devices since using them for the past 2.5 years. I actually like the os, its the hardware. Ive had an htc screen shatter, my s4 chrome paint is chipping after 6 months, battery is terrible, and gps is lousy. my asus nexus 7 screen also cracked. and to add insult to injury, I had a chromebook and the power brick died after 6 weeks. Now with lightroom and other ios exclusive apps, def going back to apple on my next phone, tablets. Its really about the hardware, apples hardware is far more durable and reliable in my experience, which really counts on small devices. For desktopa, I use windows and linux bc I can build the machines to spec. Im sick and tires of these cheaply built plasticy devices falling apart.

  • Anna says:

    Authur Dickerson is very right. There is so much more with android. android all the way.

  • diane says:

    Oh man, where to start!!! Well I’m a Motorola lover, currently using moto x, love love it, very few aggravations!!! But I phone well my bunny is I phone lover, support ya say…hmmmm more like money…buy I tunes and stuff of its kind or u can’t donwload things$$$$, then 3 weeks into iPhone 5 s….the crappy charger went out..I phone says pay 20.00 I say suppor ur device and elements…I can use cheap chargers no problem but I phone says unsupported!!! My guess $$$$$…I fell I phone is all about the $$$$$$$$! No lie!! Just think bout it!!

  • bleank says:

    I would not use an android to save my life, not willingly anyway. It’s nice blabla blabla. It’s like reverting to the days of Nokia for me. The iPhone saved my life. One design. One perfect design. And unlike the brilliant childishness of the Android, I terribly prefer the classic simplicity of the iPhone. It’s like a tower of bricks. You build it up however you want but you know you can always return to the ground where all the pieces are simply lying around. Endless possibilities!

  • Kay says:

    Ivan, what did you decide?

  • hi there says:

    You can get an android “phablet” that has a larger screen.

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