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Oculus Quest 2: Virtual Reality like never before

By December 10, 2020No Comments

The follow-up to the ultra-popular Oculus Quest headset is here. This is the Quest 2, a fully standalone virtual reality headset equipped with a new, faster processor for increased performance. With the Quest 2 you can play games, experience live events, travel the world with VR tourism, or just kick back and watch a movie – all without the need for a VR capable gaming PC. 

The Quest 2 features an advanced display, with 50% more pixels than the original Quest. That’ll make games and experiences more immersive, while also making it easier to see fine details, like text, in VR.  

The Quest 2 is backwards compatible with the previous Quest library, so there’s a ton of great content to explore right from launch day. And though it’s a fully standalone piece of tech, you can also get the best of both VR worlds with the purchase of an Oculus Link cable – sold separately from the headset itself – which will allow you to play titles from the extensive Oculus Rift game library.  

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