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Orico Technologies: The Household Name in Storage Peripherals

By May 30, 2017No Comments

Back before Instagram and Pinterest became household names, Orico Technologies was one of the leading manufacturers in Asia for computer peripherals and accessories. Founded in 2009, they’ve devoted their efforts to bringing the latest technologies that connect our digital lives through intelligently and intuitively designed products – whether it’s for the home DIYer or B2B market. A large part of their success comes from their reputation developing storage device technologies, which helped them penetrate international markets in other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America, and the biggest consumer market— North America.

The Orico lineup

Storage solutions

For those who don’t know, Orico has a strong foundation in hard drive storage, hubs, chargers, surge protectors, batteries, power banks, and more. They’re most well-known for their hard drive docks and enclosures like the Orico Portable 2.5” to 3.5” HDD Adapter Tray and 2.5” Transparent HDD/SSD Enclosure. The former helps transform any laptop hard drive into a desktop storage solution, designed to provide lighting fast data transfers while helping dissipate any heat the hard drive cooks up through the open design. The ABS fireproof housing is a direct swap with standard 3.5” hard drives, with stated data transfer speed up to 6 GBps for SATA I/II/III.

The transparent HDD/SSD enclosure takes any internal 2.5” hard drive or SSD up to 2TB and makes it accessible via a simple USB 3.0 plug-and-play. The enclosure has a max stated data transfer rate of 5 GBps, designed to deliver quick file transfer and storage in a portable package.

Powerful protection

Some of Orico’s bread and butter products are USB hubs like their 12 Port USB 3.0 Hub with BC1.2 Charging Ports, which allows users to safely connect and expand their digital ecosystems with the latest USB 3.0 and battery charging technologies. This is probably more USB ports than anyone would need at one time, but it sure does make things easy, and I like the flexibility it offers. After using this device on my own desktop, I found how much I enjoyed charging my phone and tablet on my desk while having a few USB flash drives all connected to an easily accessible hub so I didn’t have to fumble behind my computer just to unplug a few devices.

The company is all about utility and which is a common thread in all their products, including the Orico Travel Power Strip. This device turns a single outlet into a power hub with three outlets and three USB charging ports – I find perfect when at the airport and need to charge up a phone while getting some work done. Even though this is pegged as a travel device, it makes a lot of sense for less USB-dependent users as a home base device.

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Simplistic efficiency

Orico’s products aren’t flashy, and they won’t be the star of your peripheral collection. They are designed to be the reliable support staff that keeps things running smoothly so your operation is at peak performance. The idea behind the Orico lineup is to simplify design and use, in the most efficient way possible without sacrificing quality. As with many things, simplicity is often the better path to take – more emphasis is placed on the product utility for a few uses rather than trying to be a Swiss Army Knife that does it all.

Featured in this article

Orico 2.5” Transparent External Hard Drive Enclosure- $7.99

Orico Travel Power Strip, 3 USB/3 Outlet- $10.99

Orico Portable 2.5” to 3.5” Hard Drive Adapter- $6.99

Orico 60W 12-Port USB Hub- $29.99

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