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Overview: Titan Pro-Ace II Massage Chair

For some people, it takes too much time, effort, and energy to set up appointments and travel to get massages on a consistent basis. One of the best solutions for this, besides having a masseuse come to your home, is to get a massage chair.

While there are hundreds of massage chairs on the market, not every massage chair is created equal. Lower-end models can sometimes end up doing more harm than good – so when you’re in the market for one, you want to look out for high-quality materials and a recognized name in the industry. Titan is looking to up the ante with its Titan Pro-Ace II, a high-end massage chair with all the modern bells and whistles you’d hope for.

Disclaimer: This article was produced in partnership with Titan.

Hands-on with the Titan Pro-Ace II Massage Chair

Construction and shipping

titan pro ace massage chair overview (9)The Titan Pro-Ace II comes delivered fully assembled in a single box, which means once you get the chair inside your front door and open the box, all the hard work is already done. The box is big (253 lbs gross weight, and measuring about 56″ x 33″ x 48″), so this is an item where the shipper will call ahead to arrange your day and time. You don’t want something like this left on your doorstep!

After the box is opened and the chair is plugged in, the chair is basically ready to use. Its construction is rock-solid and sturdy, which is important when using the chair’s reclining “Zero Gravity” modes (more on those in a moment). And even though the chair itself weighs over 200 lbs, its actually easy to move around when you want to, thanks to wheels in the base that only roll when you lean the base of the chair back in a specific way. It all adds up to a solid balance of stability and convenience.


Though the massage chair might look big in these photos, its actually compact in person, for all it offers. The chair length, when stretched all the way out in the zero gravity position, is about 75 inches, while its width is 32 inches. The seat itself is 22 inches in width and the chair as a whole is 48 inches tall. The angled, oval design makes good use of space, without any arm rests sticking out to bump into furniture or people walking by. Once you have the chair where you want it, just check that it can fully recline without bumping into any obstacles, and you’ll be all set.

The Titan Pro-Ace II comes equipped with a back cushion, seat cushion, and pillow pad for maximum comfort. There’s also full leg and foot rests and internal armrests for air massages. There are also two Bluetooth speakers embedded near the headrest.

Aside from the brown color featured in these photos, the same chair is also available in black. Both color schemes are warm and rich, evoking high-quality traditional leather recliners, but the shape is distinctively modern and sleek, and a little futuristic. It makes for an interesting visual combination.

Massage Chair Features

Titan Pro-Ace II closeup

The Titan Pro-Ace II has a number of features that set it apart from other massage chairs you may have tried. This is a serious step up from the coin-operated units in your local mall.

The Pro-Ace II has 3D massage rollers that cover the majority of your back, and L-Track massage rollers that work your lower back, glutes, and thighs. As soon as you sit down in the chair, your body is scanned so it can give you the best experience. During this process you sit down, and the chair’s sensors measure your dimensions, and the mechanisms inside the chair adjust accordingly. The 3D massage rollers can also be adjusted manually with the remote control, so you can tweak how far the rollers extend from the backrest.

In addition, 12 airbags in the chair focus on your shoulders, arms, hands, lower back, legs and feet. The air pressure massage movements are meant to help increase blood circulation in the body along with relieving tension and pain. Heated pads are installed on the back and calf positions, offering a mild warmth that you can turn on or off. The heat is meant to increase blood circulation during massages.

Titan Pro-Ace II remote

The chair comes with different massage styles and focus areas, including full body, upper body, back, lower body, Kead, Shiatsu, Tap, and Tap & Kead. You can manually select any of these massages along with setting a time limit up to 30 minutes.

There are six pre-programmed massages that feature combinations of the listed massages. The Refresh massage incorporates the Shiatsu Massage and the main full body massage. The Good Morning massage uses the Tap massage up and down the entire body while the Good Night Massage uses a different intensity of the Tap massage. The Relief Massage offers slow kneading and transitioning movements and both the Yoga Massage and the Stretch Massage utilizes different functions to simulate a variety of stretching and relaxed-based position.

There are also programs that utilize only the air bags for air pressure massages. The chair offers Full Body, Upper Body, Down Body, Shoulder, Hand, Lower Leg, and Foot massages, along with allowing to determine the pressure and intensity.

Titan Pro-Ace II massage chair

Everything is programmable and controllable by the full-color wired remote, which you can use to adjust time, speed, intensity, strength, and angles of the backrest and leg rest. And while you’re getting your massage, you’ll be able to connect your Bluetooth device to the chairs speakers to further increase your relaxation with your choice of music.

Last but not least, this massage chair offers what Titan calls “Zero Gravity” modes, allowing for a dramatic recline and foot elevation. This can be really comfortable, and can also increase the intensity of the massage as it places more of your body weight against the back rollers.

The Titan Pro-Ace II offers a well-rounded variety of massages that fit any mood or any time of day, and it can be manually adjusted to focus on a specific part of your body. When you add in cool features like Bluetooth capabilities, heating pads, and air pressure massages, it’s no surprise that the sample we had in the Newegg Studio attracted volunteer “testers” from all around the company.

Buy the Titan Pro-Ace II in brown or black on Newegg.

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