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You Can Now 3D Print a Spleen

By April 16, 2014 July 12th, 2018 2 Comments

Necessity is the mother of invention. Once upon a time, when a man needed a tool or utensil of some kind, he’d go into his woodshop or metal shop, tinker around for a while, and craft it. That was technology – the tools to carve out and construct what you needed. Now, we make machines that make our stuff, 3D printers being the latest in that lineage.

Forget guns – let’s print something interesting. Hamburgers. Cranial bones. A child’s windpipe. Prosthetic leg for a duck (how sweet is that?!). These are the things that are being created by 3D Printers today. What else can we do? Scientists are now working on 3D printing a human heart. Yes – no more worries about finding a match and waiting for a donor, watching the clock and hoping time doesn’t run out first. Just use your own cells, DNA code, maybe a little plasma, and voila – we’ll print you a heart!

The technology is here. In fact, it’s probably been here for a while. But now you can do it at home! Heck, couple the 3D printer with a voice activator, and you can just tell it what to print – “Printer, one Cadbury cream egg and a dirty Martini, shaken, not stirred.”

An organ? A broken fingernail? A tooth? What would you print?

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