Buying Guide: What’s For Dinner?

By November 1, 2011Buying Guides

The kitchen is usually the room in the house where family and friends congregate for
 meals and casual get-togethers. However, have you ever wondered if having family and visitors in your kitchen has left them less focused on your company and cooking, and more focused on your outdated kitchen and its old appliances? This just might be the case if you are still using the oven from 1989 or if your outdated blender is drowning out conversation. New appliances are probably more cost-effective than you imagine and can make the most important room in your house digital camera-ready. 

Rather than rushing to the coffee shop every morning, think about how much time and money you will save by having a sophisticated coffee maker right in your kitchen. A brand new Keurig or Saeco Aroma Espresso Coffee Maker can be purchased in stainless steel or chrome and may really improve your kitchen’s counter appeal. Making cake mix with the kids or whipping veggie dip in front of guests can be made simple and clean with a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, available in a variety of colors to match any decor.

Did a storm rain out your cookout or is the family craving grilled hamburgers in January? Not a problem if you have an indoor grill or a griddler. This year the neighbors won’t be talking about your ugly kitchen appliances, but how you saved the day at your annual July 4th barbecue.

New cooking utensils can also spruce up a dingy kitchen. For example, a 12-piece cookware set could be used everyday and make your kitchen look more professional by hanging pieces on a rack, such as the Range Kleen Oval Hanging Pot Rack, over an island countertop. If you’re looking to add even more flair to your kitchen, setting up a LCD TV in the room would be great for entertaining guests and enjoying cooking shows while preparing meals. A kitchen television would also allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee (from your new Keurig) while catching up with the morning news as well as prevent the kids from spilling on the couches during their afternoon snack.