Buying Guide: Laptops vs. Tablets

By November 1, 2011Buying Guides

Deciding what computer is best for you has always been a somewhat daunting task, but now that tablet PCs have been added to the computer world, you also need to know what will best serve your needs when choosing between a laptop and a tablet. Experts agree that by researching the pros and cons featured in each device and by carefully considering what tasks you will doing, you should be able to properly determine which will be a better option.

First, consider what you will mostly be doing on your computer. Will you be online shopping, tweeting and watching videos? If so, a tablet may be a good alternative to a laptop because it is often more cost-effective and conducive to performing basic tasks such as these, but without the bulk of a traditional laptop. However, if you plan on editing photos and videos, managing reports and spreadsheets or typing long documents or emails, then a laptop is probably going to be more useful to you.

On the other hand, if you already have a desktop computer or easy access to one, a tablet is often the secondary device of choice for users. This is likely due to the fact that tablets are considered to be the ultimate means of technological mobility. Tablets allow people to access the internet anywhere, but also take up as little space as to be able to fit into a pocketbook.

In addition to what you will be using the device for and its overall size and mobility, consider what programs you enjoy using and which you use most often. Keep in mind that tablets often use apps for programs, whereas laptops utilize software. Research the programs you use and their app versus software availability and pricing. The laptop to tablet PC debate really comes down to a matter of preference. Before you buy, simply consider everyday application and priorities.