Warcraft Funko figures invade Newegg

Warcraft sure has come a long way since 1994’s Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

2016 may very well be the biggest year for Warcraft in a long time, thanks to the continued growth of Hearthstone and the June 10 release of the Warcraft film from Legendary Pictures:

To celebrate the Warcraft renaissance, here’s a look at some of the newest Funkos available on Newegg, who also happen to be some of the biggest heroes in Warcraft lore!

Heroes from Warcraft history

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Orgrim Doomhammer. Durotan. Garona Halforcen. Sir Anduin Lothar.  King Llane Wrynn. These are legendary figures from Warcraft history, heroes or villains depending on your perspective (do you back the Alliance or the Horde?). These characters may not be well known out side of Blizzard fans right now, but once the Warcraft movie comes out in June, their names will be a lot more familiar. That movie tells the tale of the first titanic battle between the civilizations, led by Lothar and Anduin, after the orcs are forced to flee their home world of Draenor.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Azeroth since the very beginning, you’re a WoW player from way back, or if you were introduced to Blizzard’s fantasy world through Hearthstone, these collectible figures are great additions to your Funko collection.

As we’ve all come to expect from Funko figures, these new Warcraft models look great both inside the box and without. They’re all full color and free standing, and for a very limited time they’re all available for just $12.99 including shipping!

Pick these up now before the movie hits, because they’re unlikely to be this cheap (or in stock!) in a few months.

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(That’s a new Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse for size reference, if you’re interested!)

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