What do you spend the most time doing on your smartphone?

By September 6, 2012Featured Articles

According to a recent study, nearly two thirds of all U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones. Over the last several years, smartphones have continued to evolve and add more functionality, and as a result, they’re slowly replacing many of our gadgets. They’re no longer just used to make phone calls – they’ve become our digital cameras, alarm clocks, gaming consoles, computers and more.smartphone poll

In fact, with smartphones now capable of doing so many different activities, we wondered what were the most popular, common uses of smartphones these days. So, we set up a poll on the Newegg Facebook page last week asking just that question – what do you spend the most time doing on your smartphone?

Out of the more than 2,500 votes we received, texting came in first and web browsing was second. Social networking was a distant third and phone calls came in fourth, barely edging out playing games and emails.

Are you surprised by these poll results? What do you think will be the next device that our smartphones will replace?

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