Top 5 easy mobile games

By August 31, 2012Featured Articles

Tap, tap, tap. Swipe, swipe, swipe. These are the sounds of games which are super simple and easy to play. They require no intricate settings, tutorials, or in-depth strategy – just a few taps, clicks or swipes.

After a long day of work or school, some people just want to unwind by playing games on their smartphones or tablets which require no thinking. Other people may just want to be lazy and play a game that exerts the least amount of effort. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 simplest, addicting games to play on your mobile device:

1. Abduction! – Just tilt your screen to have your cow bounce up the ledges! Tilt your mobile device left to jump left, and tilt it right to jump right. If you reach the top and jump into the UFO, you’ve won that round and will go on to the next level for some more jumping action. If you fall off a ledge, you lose.

2. Action Potato – Touch the pots to jump and catch the potato! If you catch a rotten tomato, you lose a pot. If you catch a heart, a pot comes back. Lose all three pots and die. That’s all there is to the game! No levels, tutorials or strategy required.

3. Angry Birds – Use a slingshot to shoot the birds at the pigs hiding behind crates and walls. If you get the right bird, you can destroy everything in your path. As you go up the levels, the difficulty increases but it still is one of the most popular, easy-to-play games today. If you’re bored of the regular Angry Birds game, try Angry Birds Space or Angry Birds Rio.

4. Fruit Ninja – Swipe across the fruit with your fingers. If you swipe a bomb, you lose. If you drop three fruit, you lose. Get a high enough score and unlock new blades, backgrounds, and more. The best part of this game? It’s not only optimized for smartphones, but also optimized for most tablets so you can enjoy Fruit Ninja on any mobile device.

5. Temple Run – Swiping is the only action needed to play this game. Swipe to turn, jump and slide! The goal is to keep running for as long as you can. Collect coins to buy power-ups and unlock new characters!

Of course, we can’t mention mobile games without mentioning Newegg’s Golden Egg Games. The Golden Egg Games are playable once per day until September 30, 2012. Just download the Microsoft Tag reader on your smartphone (it’s free), scan the Tag code and play! Players can instantly win a free Newegg T-shirt, $10 Newegg gift card or $100 off any Ultrabook purchase. If you’re not an instant winner, you can still enter our sweepstakes and win an ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook. No thinking, tutorials or strategy required!

What games do you play like playing on your mobile devices after a long school/work day?