Buying Guide: The best handheld video games platforms

By September 5, 2013Buying Guides

If you’re a serious gamer, you’ve probably already got one or more video games consoles in your home, but what about when you’re on the road? Long car rides or lengthy flights are the perfect time to work on your high score, but with so many handheld consoles to choose from, picking the one that’s right for you can be tricky. Before you think about splurging on a handheld game machine, check out our roundup of the latest and greatest portable platforms.

PS Vita

Although Sony’s PSP Go wasn’t the biggest hit, the PS Vita has proven enormously successful. This stylish and compact handheld gaming machine boasts a large library of games and some impressive hardware. At the heart of the Vita lies the ARM Cortext A9 CPU, a powerful quad-core processor that maximizes multithreading for superior graphics and optimal framerates. The Vita also features both front and rear-facing cameras, a 5-inch touchscreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a six-axis motion-sensing control system. Plus, with some of today’s hottest titles like “Dragon’s Crown,” “Soul Sacrifice” and “Sly Cooper,” the PS Vita is an ideal choice for gamers on the go.

Nintendo 3DS

The venerable Japanese gaming giant started it all with the Game Boy way back in 1989, and today, Nintendo is still a major player in the handheld market thanks to the 3DS. This innovative platform was one of the first mobile consoles to boast touchscreen functionality, and it has one of the biggest games libraries available today. Many classic Nintendo franchises have been reimagined for the 3DS, including “Super Mario World” and “Donkey Kong.” In addition, many original IPs have been developed for the 3DS, including the enormously popular series of “Professor Layton” mystery puzzle games.


When it comes to PC gaming, NVIDIA is a trusted brand known by players all over the world. Although the manufacturer specializes in PC components like graphics cards, NVIDIA recently tossed its hat into the mobile ring with the Shield, a powerful handheld console that could raise the bar for other platforms. Boasting a 72-core Tegra GPU, a quad-core ARM CPU, built-in 802.11n 2×2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi and integrated bass reflex speakers, handheld gaming systems have never been so powerful.

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