The Right Solution to Your Wi-Fi Problems Regardless of Home Type

Wi-Fi obstructions come from concrete/brick floors and walls, as well as other electric appliances that emit radio signals. ASUS AiMesh Wi-Fi solves these problems by creating a network where all routers communicate with each other all the time, ensuring smooth and reliable whole-home Wi-Fi with a variety of great networking features. ASUS offers a complete lineup of AiMesh products, making it easy to find the right solution for your home.

The Power of More: Extreme Wi-Fi Speed

Each router is capable of superb performance on its own, so when they're working together in an AiMesh system, they're unbeatable. This means that with AiMesh, your network can cope with demanding tasks like 4K UHD streaming even at the remotest corners of your home or garden!

Flexible and Scalable Wireless Networking

AiMesh is an innovative feature that connects multiple compatible ASUS routers to create a whole-home Wi-Fi network. It's a flexible and scalable solution that enables you to mix different ASUS router models, so when it's time to upgrade your network, there's no need to get rid of your existing hardware. Whenever you need more coverage or want new functionality, just add another compatible router to your AiMesh network at any time.

Network Protection for All Connected Devices

You can trust your connected devices with your credit card numbers, online banking passwords and other personal information, but not all devices support antivirus protection – that's why you need ASUS AiProtection. It's built into AiMesh routers, so it can protect personal data across the entire AiMesh network, making sure your privacy is protected on all your devices. AiProtection updates itself automatically and, best of all, it's free for the life of your AiMesh router without any subscription fees.

Smart Technology for Maximum Reliability

Always-Up, Self-Healing Connection
If there's a disruption on any part of the AiMesh network, self-healing capability immediately replaces a failed router using the remaining router connections. So your connection will not be disrupted and you won't even notice a thing.

Auto-Selects the Best Wi-Fi Signal
AiMesh can create a single, house-wide network name so there's no need to constantly switch between networks as you roam around your home. AiMesh keeps an eye on the signal strength to your device and switches it seamlessly to another source if necessary. If you prefer separate network names for each frequency band, you can do that as well – AiMesh is designed to work the way you want!

Intelligent Band Selecting
A rock-solid data 'backbone' connects all the AiMesh-enabled routers, with AiMesh intelligently choosing either a wired connection* or the optimal frequency band – 5GHz or 20.4 GHz. With tri-band routers, it will dedicate one of the two 5GHz bands to inter-router communications.

  AiMesh Wi-Fi System Ordinary Mesh System Traditional Performance Router
Easy installation
Seamless roaming
Wider coverage
Powerful performance
Rich features
Setup and manage via either a PC or a mobile app
Weak single-node coverage  
Average performance  
Limited features No disadvantages No disadvantages
Complicated setup    
Connection gap between router and repeater    
** Single router compared to single mesh node

*Select ASUS Motherboards to come with Onboard Wi-Fi 6. Not every featured motherboard has Onboard Wi-Fi 6.
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