Whatever It Takes.

You just don't hear these words when it comes to pleasing customers anymore. The term is reserved for coaches to use before the big game or politicians to use when referring to a bill they want passed. No, it seems that customers have been left out in the cold, fending for themselves as they look for the things they need. But here at Vanns we have always known that great customer service is as big an asset as having a warehouse full of high-quality electronics. That's why we do "Whatever it takes" to best serve our customers.

Common sense says that a business must have customers to survive and the happier your customers, the better your business will do. But apparently common sense isn't as common as it once was. Companies seem to be so focused on the bottom line that they forget to look up and address their customers' concerns. This has been especially true with Internet marketing, where customers aren't thought of so much as people, but by a customer code or phone number. Welcome to Vanns, where we understand that there's a real live person behind that voice on the telephone or sending in that Internet order.

Of course, customer service isn't just about being polite. It's also having what you want, at a competitive price, and being able to help with picking the perfect product for a specific situation. So, we don't just hire friendly people. We employ knowledgeable professionals and give them the training they need to become product experts. In fact, our salespeople spend the equivalent of a month training each year so you can have confidence that you'll be getting the right product to fit your situation.

And the products, well, you'll be hard pressed to find a better selection of high quality electronics anywhere on the Internet. And, being an authorized dealer, we have the confidence of manufacturers to handle and distribute their products. And if we don't have what you need, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Although we haven't officially been using the phrase "Whatever it takes" as our motto for long, it's been integrated into the way we do business since Pete Vann opened the doors to the first Vann's store over forty years ago. By listening to your comments and concerns, we are able to continually improve our services. After all, we think of our motto as more than something that goes at the top of our company letterhead.
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