Great Bike or Portable Speaker4/19/2021 7:13:13 AM

Pros: Out of the box, this speaker had some juice, so decided to turn it on and try it out on my desk. The sound blasted my ears right away (for some reason was turned up to max out of the box), but it impressed me with how loud it got. I never really thought Rosewill made anything other than computer parts, so was surprised to see this. The device comes with a Bike mount hardware, charging cable (Micro USB Type B to USB A), Micro USB Type B to Aux, a Carabiner and a Controller that connects via the Aux port to control playback while biking. It can play music through Bluetooth, MicroSD card (yes it has a slot), FM Radio or Aux cable. It is a decent sized speaker, but it seems to be best used attached to a backpack or a bike (although it can sit on a desk as well). The speaker also can answer phone calls as it has a built in speaker. Music sounds quite nice on this, while not high end, it does the job for what it is meant for. Bass is quite nice as it has a built in subwoofer as well. Need a charge of your phone? This speaker also doubles as a 6000 mAh battery bank. Want to play music in stereo with more than 1? This speaker also offers that with a pairing option to pair it with another.

Cons: There are a few cons with this device, but nothing to drop an egg over. The charging port on this device uses Micro USB Type B to charge. Unfortunately in a world where USB Type C is dominating devices, it would've been nice if this device used USB Type C as well. While I am not a fan of the color, I know it really is meant to be an outdoor speaker used on a bike or backpack. so color doesn't really matter. In the specs, it mentions only MicroSD cards up to 32GB can be used. While there are higher cards available, I doubt anyone is going to store more than 32GB of music on a card. While this device is Waterproof (for splashes of water), it is not submergible like some other brands, but I doubt anyone is going to take this and drop it in a pool.

Overall Review: Overall, I would recommend to anyone looking to add some music to their outdoor experience. It is great for Bicyclists or Hikers. It gets really loud so you can hear it while doing most any type of exercise. A great speaker for a great price!

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Great Mid-range Case7/1/2020 5:12:29 AM

Pros: Looking to make sure you have enough Air Flow through your system? Look no further with this case. While I've not heard of Montech as a brand before, I must say their case is a very quality case with some nice design aspects. I swapped out my system from a different case into this one with relative ease. This case supports most the the popular motherboard sizes you can think of. My system was a mini-ITX and while it looks small, it fits great in this case. Montech made sure to put Dust Filters where they could fit them all around the chassis so no dust should be able to get in a ruin your precious parts. Montech graciously included fans in their case. While not RGB like pictured (those are a different bran of fan), they do a great job at performing great airflow through the case. You can add more to help improve the quality of airflow, but my system was staying moderately cool during all my testing. Cable management was a charm in this case with some velcro cable ties. It makes it very easy to hide cables when you don't want them shown. After closing the case after my system move, I could tell the build quality was very sturdy. The tempered glass side panel definitely is a plus when working with RGB in your system.

Cons: The only con I had with this system was not seeing a USB type C connector on the front panel IO. We're quickly moving towards USB C being the new standard type for most of everything and it would have been nice to see one connector. It wasn't a deal breaker for me though as my mother board includes one on the back IO. I still question why there is a need for USB 2.0 Ports, but I guess some legacy systems still like them.

Overall Review: I would say this case is great for anyone looking for a great budget case that is worried about CPU/GPU temps. This case offers a lot of similar features in more higher end cases. The hardest decision you'll have is choosing between black or white. Both look amazing.

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Great Memory for an upgrade for a Laptop7/1/2020 4:50:51 AM

Pros: Having issues with programs running slow or maxing out the RAM on your system with your 50+ Chrome tabs being open? Fret no longer. The Crucial Ballistix 32 GB RAM is here to save the day. This is a nice upgrade to any laptop that fails to offer enough RAM to have an efficient workload on their machines. Install time really depends on how long it takes to open your machine's chassis. You'll want to try to follow any guides you can find on opening your laptop before beginning the install. Also, make sure your motherboard supports the RAM before attempting an install. If you do not feel comfortable opening your machine, you may want to take it to your local tech geek and see if they can do it for you for a nominal fee. You'll also want to make sure the machine is not attached to power (and they also recommend you may want to disconnect the battery). For myself (Lenovo Legion Laptop), it was relatively simple unscrewing about 10-12 screws and then carefully unlatching the bottom off. Luckily Lenovo makes it really easy to access the RAM to do the upgrade. It was an easy lever system. After the install, the computer did take a few extra seconds to recognize the RAM, but it finally booted like normal. Over the past few weeks I've noticed no performance lag anymore on my device. I can have tons of applications open, chrome with multiple tabs open and game relatively easy at the same time. This RAM is so much better than the stock RAM that was in my machine. With 32GB, I no longer need to worry about maxing it out.

Cons: While a little more expensive than regular RAM, I definitely think it is worth the extra cost. Crucial is a reputable brand in the RAM game. Other than that, I experienced no issues with the RAM.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend to anyone that is having trouble with their computer's stock RAM maxing out a lot. Like I said in the pros, do your research and make sure this RAM will work with your machine. You can usually find your Laptop's guidelines by doing a simple search of your computer's brand and model number. Take your time on the install when doing it yourself otherwise risk the chance of breaking something.

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EVGA has not let me down yet10/9/2018 5:48:29 AM

Pros: I have been a fan of EVGA for almost everything I can buy from them for my computers. Have not once yet had any of their hardware fail on me. This graphics card is no different. I was upgrading my gaming rig and looking for a graphics card that would get me great performance for a great price. This one fit the bill, so I decided to go with it. It fits nicely onto my Micro ITX motherboard. For those with AMD CPU's, don't worry, this works exactly the same with them as this does with Intel builds. My previous build was using the integrated GPU in the AMD 2400G. Was getting low/medium settings on World of Warcraft and wasn't having a fun time. Upgraded my CPU and bought this GPU and am now getting High/Ultra settings. I don't play many other games so I can't offer much insight into anything else, but if you search for YouTube Videos you'll see tons of reviews that have tons of benchmarks to give you an idea if this will work for your game of preference. In my experience, this worked perfectly. The fan is nice and quite and I barely hear it while gaming. This card offers so many output should find one that suits your monitor easily.

Cons: I have not experienced any issue with this card at this time.

Overall Review: When looking for quality, look no further than EVGA. I have bought many computer parts from them and have not yet had one fail on me. I usually end up selling them when I am looking to upgrade. This might be a bit more expensive than the cheapest 1060 card on the market, but I'd much prefer to pay the extra $20-30 to get something I know will work and last quiet a while.

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Awesome Processor for an Awesome Price10/9/2018 5:36:19 AM

Pros: So bought this looking for an upgrade from my 2400G. Was so happy that this works with my B350 motherboard. I was looking for a CPU to run World of Warcraft better. This CPU took my gameplay from low/medium settings on the 2400G to High/Ultra. Warning: If you are doing the same thing as me, you will need a dedicated graphics card as this processor does not offer any embedded graphics. (I ended up going with a 1060 3GB) AMD has really been on the ball with keeping up or exceeding Intel's offerings. Went with this processor as I already had an AM4 motherboard. From what I have heard, if you have an AM4 socket, this should still work with it even though this is 2nd gen Ryzen. Your motherboard will probably need an update to the BIOS to use it, so check with your motherboard manufacturer. I've had Intel processors in the past and I see no difference in the processing power between them and this when booting and using my computer. Save yourself some dough...go with AMD.

Cons: I have not experienced any issues with this processor. I have no cons to offer.

Overall Review: Save some dough. Buy AMD and use the savings to upgrade the other parts of your rig. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a budget gaming rig.

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Great Laptop or Desktop Drive for Extra Storage10/9/2018 4:51:36 AM

Pros: 1TB of extra storage? Very nice. Toshiba's L200 1TB drive is a very nice 2.5 inch drive that can be used in a variety of things. Need to replace a laptop hard drive? This will replace it. Need some extra storage for you desktop? This will work and save you some space. Have a hard drive fail in your gaming console? This can replace it. Need a on the go storage solution? Get this and a hard drive enclosure case and have 1TB of storage at your fingers. Overall, really great and cheap solution for anyone needing a storage drive. Reads/Writes hover around 135-150 MB/s. It has a nice 128MB buffer. 2 Years of warranty to cover any issues you might have. Connects via SATA (6.0Gbit/s). Surprisingly runs very cool and produces very little heat.

Cons: I had no issues with the unit received.

Overall Review: Overall, great storage solution for a great price. Can't find much else cheaper. Will work for whatever you need it for.

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Great Storage for a Great Price!8/9/2018 5:31:55 AM

Pros: With the prices of HDD slowly falling, this device being one of them, now is a great time to pick one up for some much needed storage. The drive was shipped in nice packing material to make sure nothing internal was shifted out of place. Being 2TB, you can store a lot of video, photos or games on it. Testing the drive I was getting reads around 185 MB/s and writes around 195 MB/s. Being a 7200 RPM device, it can quickly access and write files. It is very silent compared to other drives I owned. There is nothing out of the norm when putting this into your desktop. It does come with a 2 year warranty included with the drive so that if it fails, Toshiba will replace it.

Cons: I have had no issues with this device.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to people needing internal storage space for their desktop. I would not recommend using this as a NAS or Surveillance drive as it is not designed for the constant read/write actions that those systems do. Pick one up today for a great price!

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Great on the go drive!8/9/2018 5:21:46 AM

Pros: 2TB for $70? What a deal. With the rise of SSD technology, the old spinning hard drives are starting to slowly come down in price. This is really affordable to the average consumer needing extra storage. It may be a regular hard drive, but it does connect via USB 3.0, offering decent transfer speeds for important files. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and will only take up a little space in your bag/backpack. The device I received was white, which is one of my favorite colors. Doing some speed tests on this device, it's Read speed was about 135-150 MB/s while the Write was about 145-150 MB/s. Even though it is a spinning disk drive, it is very quite in its operation. It doesn't get too hot like other drives I have owned in the past, so your support leg will thank you. Also available is software to use to backup files on your computer to this drive. It is very simple and effective.

Cons: I did not run into any issues with this device.

Overall Review: Overall, I would recommend to those needing a bit more storage space or a backup solution for a laptop/desktop. It is very portable for on the go use.

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Produces amazing photos for such a cheap price8/9/2018 5:10:31 AM

Pros: Out of the box, this took maybe 2-3 minutes to setup. It has a lot of features, including the ability to print things from your smart phone. Being one who always usually leaves photos on my phone, I never rarely have any physical photos. However, I thought to myself it would be nice to print out a couple of photos of my 2 cats for my work office. Printing them was really easy and they came out amazing. CVS couldn't do any better. The device also includes a scanner which is a big help around tax time when preparing my documents and making electronic copies of important documents. One of the extra features is being able to print from anywhere in the world: you can send a document you wish to print to an email address you setup with the printer and it will automatically print the document.

Cons: There aren't too many cons with this device. If you're printing photos, just realize you are going to use a lot more ink than a regular document. It is only wireless, so no ethernet jack is available for a stable connection, but the wireless should be just fine for what is needed.

Overall Review: I would really recommend this device to anyone needing to print photos. It is an inexpensive printer and produces really great photos. Just make sure you stockpile some ink.

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Nice for Cooling, RGB could be better8/9/2018 4:53:10 AM

Pros: I have installed this on my newest gaming build using the AMD Ryzen 5 2400g Processor. For AMD, it seems really simple to install as all you have to do is attach to brackets to the pump/heatsink and use the existing AM4 mounting system on your motherboard. For Intel, it looked a bit more complicated however (more parts/steps). The fan and pump light up pretty bright and have varying effects for the lighting. You can make the RGB Pulse, Solid, Flash all on one color or go through the whole rainbow if so desired. This really fit nicely into my Fractal Design Meshify C Case. It keeps my CPU at idle around 30-40 degrees and at gaming it jumps up to around 50-60 but doesn't go much higher.

Cons: This unit does what it is intended to do: it cools the CPU. The downside though is the RGB controller. My motherboard had an RGB connection to connect to RGB elements and control them through some software, but it did not work with this. The included controller is manual. (meaning you actually have to click buttons on it to do stuff) If you plan on setting it to your desired setting and leaving it as such for the rest of the life span of the computer, your fine. However if you like to change the settings often, you'll need to always go inside your computer to make the adjustments. If they included a remote to do it on the outside, that would have been awesome and I would not have any issues with this unit.

Overall Review: Great for cooling the CPU. RGB control needs some work. Easier to install on AMD CPU than Intel it seems.

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Perfect Memory Card for my Tablet2/15/2018 5:21:43 AM

Pros: I just recently bought a tablet that allowed for expandable memory and decided to go with this SanDisk card. Inserted it into the tablet and had no issues with it being recognized and used. Loaded a couple of apps on it and I don't notice much difference than the ones that are loaded on the tablet itself. I love how these still come with the regular SD adapter as my computer only reads regular sized SD cards. This is a perfect size card to hold a couple hundred songs and a few movies for on the go enjoyment.

Cons: I experienced no issues with this product.

Overall Review: Would recommend to anyone looking for an expandable storage memory card need for any phone or tablet.

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Great Tablet for a Great Price2/15/2018 5:17:47 AM

Pros: Tired of over paying for Apple's stupid tablets that cost and arm and a leg? Looking for something cheaper that pretty much does the same things? Go with this tablet. I bought this tablet looking for something to use while in bed. I mainly use it for YouTube, Surfing the Web, Checking Facebook...etc. It's a nice white finish with a solid design. Setting it up took less than 5 minutes. It has amazing battery life for a tablet...I was watching a twitch stream for a good 2 hours and the battery only took around 5% for that usage. Speakers on this tablet are amazing! Very clear and loud. Screen is nice and clear and User Interface is pretty simple and easy to use (you can always change the launcher to a different one if you don't like Huawei's). The finger print scanner is very quick to open the tablet. Almost no delay from lock to unlock. Expandable memory is available so don't worry when seeing it only has 16GB of flash storage. Just buy a 64-126GB MicroSD card to expand the storage to fill your needs.

Cons: Some minor cons, but nothing to take an egg off of. It does come with some pre-loaded apps that you may not want, but you can easily uninstall them. If you're coming from an apple tablet, you might get confused when pressing the finger print scanner and wondering where the "clicking" sensation is. This one does not respond with a clicking feedback. Tablet is running on Android 7.1 Nougat, so not the latest version of Android, but for what you use a tablet for, it should be fine. Huawei "might" release an update to Oreo, but more than likely won't.

Overall Review: Overall I would recommend this to a person who is only looking to spend $250< for a tablet. This is a quality tablet for it's price and what you will use it for (mainly just video watching and internet surfing) it is perfectly fine. If you're looking for a gaming tablet, I would recommend looking paying more for a higher end tablet with a better processor, but if you're like me and just watch videos and surf the internet, this is perfect.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Alexander, We are thrilled to know you are the proud owner of a powerful MediaPad M3 Lite. Find usability that Fits every aspect of your life. Eyecare-optimized display for late-nights, intuitive fingerprint and gesture controls for your everyday Protection, split-screen functioning for the multitasking power-user, to the functions that make your children safe and concentrated- the Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10 helps you make the most of every side of you. Thank you for choosing Huawei. IS.
Great Storage or Light Gaming Drive2/14/2018 8:30:54 AM

Pros: Out of the box, hooked it up and had no issues with the computer recognizing it as a new drive. I was really surprised by the lack of noise that this drive had was silent. Being a 7200 RPM drive offers great performance and offering a massive 6TB of storage makes this an awesome drive for those looking to store large files and/or games. Reads and Writes are pretty decent for a mechanical drive (around 30 MB/s Reads and Writes)...not the fastest horse in the race, but still with 6TB of space, you'll not run out of storage any time soon. Basically I would recommend to anyone looking for a nice storage drive for their desktop system.

Cons: I have had no issues with this device.

Overall Review: Recommended for those who are looking for a great storage drive for their machine. I would recommend an SSD for the OS, but this drive is great to have to store all of those movies/music/games your computer accumulates over time.

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Awesome Companion Drive2/14/2018 8:21:47 AM

Pros: Looking for a nice on the go storage drive? Look no further. I received this device and was glad to receive it to use it with my new laptop that includes a Thunderbolt port. It comes in a nice solid built frame that can take almost any slip/fall you can throw at it. The read and write speeds on this device are also nice (Around 450-500 MB/s) using the USB 3.1 connection. Having 500GB in such a small form factor is really beneficial to the average consumer who likes to carry stuff their working on in it or have it also become a nice media storage device for on the go watching and enjoying. Fits nicely into the pocket (Just make sure to take it out before washing your clothes). I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a portable storage solution that a regular thumb stick can't solve.

Cons: I had no issues with this device.

Overall Review: Overall, I would recommend to anyone looking for a nice size storage solution that easily fits into your pocket. It would work great as an on the go media holder for all of your media, or work in an office situation where you need to transfer files quickly to and fro different devices.

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Speed Demon2/14/2018 8:10:57 AM

Pros: I love SSD's. This thing is no exception. Installing it was no problem and getting the system to recognize it was no issue either. The device is built great with a nice heatsink to keep the drive cool and performing great when being used. The solidity of this SSD is nice where you don't have to worry about any bending that may occur over time. If you have any issues, Corsair offers a great 5 year warranty! Sequential Read speeds I was getting was hitting close to 2400 MB/s and writes were around 1300 MB/s. This is awesome for anyone that has a lot of large files they want to easily access. I would recommend to those who work with video editing easily. With the nice heatsink this fits into almost any build using black as a main or off color.

Cons: I did not experience 1 issue with this device.

Overall Review: Overall a great device that I would recommend to developers or video editors that want a quality piece of hardware to add to their machine! Buy one today!

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RGB EVERYTHING! Awesome Chair, Assembly is a bit tough2/14/2018 8:01:05 AM

Pros: So, this is my first chair to review. I wasn't quite sure what to expect for a "Gaming" chair but I was quite surprised. Once I got it together, it is a nice chair. For those RGB fans out there, you can even connect it via USB to your computer or USB AC Adapter or Power Bank and have some rotating lights on the back of it. The one thing I love about this chair is the ability to control the how far back the back of the chair can "lay down". I can get it into the perfect position for my back and with the included pillow cushion, it makes working and gaming a delight. The headrest pillow cushion is also nice if you are trying to take a break from looking at your computer for long periods of time and just want to lay back and rest your head. The adjustable arms are also a great feature to have for this chair allowing you to pull them up (or down) to your comfortable arm laying height and also slide them front to back for better support. The black and white coloring goes great with my PC build as it is also black and white.

Cons: Only a few cons that I have found that had me to remove an egg. First, assembly was a bit time consuming. Took me about 45 minutes to put this chair together. I thought it was going to go quickly seeing only 4 screw-bolts, but unfortunately you need to unscrew other bolts already bolted in on the chair to assemble it. Aligning the back of the chair was probably the worst of the assembly as you can't quite see where the screw-bolts are going. The RGB lights aren't as bright as what I expect from LED's. You can't control what they do either so you are stuck with them flowing through different colors. While screwing in some of the bolts, I caused a small tear to the leather near the bottom back...nothing too major, but still if it wasn't so difficult to assemble, probably wouldn't have happened. FOR BIGGER GAMERS: Those who have a wider "rump", this probably isn't for you as the cushions on the seat can cause some interference while trying to sit down (you feel like your legs are getting pushed together).

Overall Review: I would probably recommend this product to anyone looking for a Black/White chair that wants a little flare with RGB LED's and doesn't have that wide of a "rump" to sit in it. The functionality of the chair is great once it is together. Provides perfect posture support and allows for any adjustment you could need. Just look forward to about an hour assembly. Hopefully future revisions of this chair will solve some of the minor issues I had.

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RGB RAM FINALLY!!!5/12/2017 7:51:14 AM

Pros: I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this to review in the mail to review. Once installed and getting my lighting profile setup, I can say it makes the inside of my case look so awesome. I currently have the modules set to red and sort of an alternating beating motion...makes my PC look like it has a heart inside. Setup is as easy as installing RAM on a motherboard and installing some software...for a PC builder you should have no issues with this. The software allows for a couple of different motion settings and a lot of color choices. You can control the speed of your motion setting with a slider from the software. The speed of the RAM is very good as well. Easily over-clockable. Just make sure to consult your Motherboard specs check and see if there is going to be any compatibility issues with it.

Cons: I have found no cons with these RAM sticks.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to up their PC! RGB is all the craze these days and is making its way into more and more things in the PC structure. Show off to your friends at LAN parties and setup a disco part inside your case. Just please make sure to check compatibility with your Motherboard before purchasing these!

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OK Wifi Extender When It Works5/12/2017 7:16:42 AM

Pros: Out of the box you just get the unit itself and some instructions/warranty info. Setup was pretty simple using WPS setup option of just clicking the WPS button on the device (once plugged in) and then clicking the WPS button on your router. After setup I did get a great signal strength from the device and it was wonderful for about the first week. Afterwards kind of went downhill (see cons). The design of the device is really nice as it blends in with any white walls. The LED's might bother some at night, so you probably want to stick it in a room where no one is sleeping. Testing the network I was able to get almost the full speed of my ISP through it and loading a file to my NAS was pretty quick and seem-less with no issues (at first, again see cons).

Cons: After about a week, the device began losing the signal from the router. I tried re-positioning it in different rooms but to no avail. So I reset the device and did a re-setup and it seemed to fix the issue...until the following week when I kept getting DNS connection issues with it on my laptop. I'm not too sure if I received a bad unit or not because after a couple days of ignoring it, it was just fine...I'll keep my eyes on it, but for now it seems stable.

Overall Review: Overall, I would recommend getting something else over this device. I have never had any luck with range extenders in the past and this one seems to be the same way...I prefer just using multiple access points in my home currently, but there have been recent product releases using Mesh networking that have been working good as well.

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Great monitor for Hardcore Gamers2/28/2017 5:27:42 AM

Pros: I was so excited to get this to review. Out of the box you get the monitor, the awesome stand, the power cord, a pass-through USB 3.0 Cable, a DisplayPort cable (which is really surprising, the monitor uses DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity in-case you were interested), the settings switch, the shield side covers, an instruction booklet/CD and warranty guide. This having a DisplayPort cable out of the box really impressed me as most monitor manufacturers try and skimp out and just give you a VGA/DVI cable and call it a day even though their monitor supports other ports. Setup took less than 5 minutes to get the monitor attached to the stand and plug in everything, I left the shield side covers off mine because they distract me a bit, but they are nice to have if I ever get into e-sports. The 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time on this monitor makes the games nice and crisp. The settings switch is probably my favorite part about this monitor as I usually like to adjust the monitors settings depending on what I am doing. The highest resolution of the monitor is 2560 x 1440 which is very nice and adds a lot of room on your desktop. The USB 3.0 pass-through ports on the monitor are a nice touch as well as it allows you to easily connect external devices right then and there instead of having to search for one on the back of your computer. Also the monitor offers a headphone and mic jack to hookup your awesome gaming gear. The stand that the monitor sits on is a quality build that offers height adjustment and pivot of up to 90 degrees to allow you to easily connect the cables to the monitor as well as swivel the monitor left and right and tilt adjustment to get the exact precision of how you want to game. Of course if you want to use your own Vesa mount, you can still do so (100x100 mm).

Cons: There are only a few cons that I noticed with this monitor: -The price: The price is a bit high for this monitor, but if you want what most e-sports venues are using at their events this is the price you'll need to pay. -No G-Sync or Free-Sync: I am very surprised by this. Even though this monitor does support a very nice refresh rate and response time and BenQ's own techology that helps makes the games nice and crisp, you would think that for the price that one of these options would have been included. - The default settings out of the box are horrible. You'll need to adjust them to your liking out of the box. Don't get concerned though as it is very easy to do. -This is a TN panel and you aren't going to get as nice of colors as you would with an IPS or a VA panel, but remember this monitor is specifically made for gaming purposes and most IPS/VA panels don't support a refresh rate as high as this one.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this monitor to my gaming brothers/sisters out there that want a nice gaming monitor for their setups. For anyone else that is looking to do just normal email/web surf/video watching, this isn't the monitor for you. For those who are content creators and deal with photoshop and video editing I would recommend to look at other monitors as well (mainly IPS and VA monitors). BenQ has always had a special place in my heart for their monitors just because of their build design and attention to detail of what they include with the monitor itself. This monitor is no different.

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Great NAS Drive1/22/2017 5:13:45 PM

Pros: I have owned this drive for about a month now and have had such a great experience with it. Once I max it out with my Movies/Music/Documents, I'll probably buy another one to expand. With the 7200RPM speed brings faster read/writes over the network. The price may seem high for the device, but for the storage amount you're getting, it justifies it. Before the drive arrived I only had a 2TB drive in my NAS barely supporting my media library. Once I installed this, I felt like I would never need anymore storage ever again as it ate everything on the old drive and still has more for future storage. Temperatures remained around 35 degrees Celsius while loading data to it. As digital data gets bigger an bigger I can see a lot of people moving to these drives to be able to store all their data. This is one of the greatest NAS drives you can buy.

Cons: The only con I had with this drive was the noise it produced, but considering the 7200 RPM speed, it is well worth it.

Overall Review: I would greatly recommend to anyone needing to purchase a drive for their NAS. This drive is built for NAS systems and nothing else. These drives will last a very long time due to their production setup. Newegg delivers these drives in those great shipping bubble things that surround the whole device so even UPS and Fedex can't damage them with a good drop or toss.

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Great Printer for Small to Medium Size Offices or Home Use1/22/2017 5:02:08 PM

Pros: Before I get into the pros, I need to tell you I did receive a defective unit to begin with. I talked with HP support and they determined the ink cartridge holder was defective. They sent me a replacement unit and had me return the defective unit and the replacement unit works really great. Out of the box, this is one HEAVY printer...if you can please have someone help you remove it from the box. Setup was a breeze out of the box, just follow the on-screen instructions on the printer and then finish up by getting the drivers for your computer. One of the best features I love about this printer is its ability to print on both sides at once. It speedily prints the pages. The ink cartridges included contain a load of ink, but even if you run out, you can use HP ink refill service (cost involved) to quickly get ink once you get low. This is a great printer for offices that use 2 different page sizes as it contains 2 separate paper trays to house the different papers. The scanner on this thing is great as well as you can get great scans of important paperwork by upping the scan settings. I haven't had a chance or need to use the fax portion of the printer, but I am sure it will work for anyone that still is using that antiquated technology. One of the other great features is this is a really quiet printer, so if needs to be around employees in your office, it won't bother them while they are talking on the phone.

Cons: Other than the issue of receiving a defective unit to begin with, I really have not much in the way of cons, but just little minor annoyances. The touchscreen is a bit funky to mess around with, I had to enter in my wifi password a few times, but after you get through setup, you'll barely use it as you can control most everything through the computer. You'll want to have the paper holder extension bar open to catch the paper as it prints, otherwise it falls to the floor.

Overall Review: This is one great printer for business or someone who prints a lot at home. This is not meant to be a photo printer as others had stated in their reviews, but since photo printing is not its primary purpose I don't want to remove a rating egg. I would recommend for anyone who loves saving the planet using double sided printing and needs a quick and speedy printer.

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Great device, easy setup!11/12/2016 4:29:52 PM

Pros: Being leery of Linksys products, I was a bit skeptical of this device...BUT, this has done nothing but impress me. In the box you get the modem, a power cord, an ethernet cord and some instructions. Now installing this might differ depending on who your ISP is, but for me was super easy and quick. I have Charter communications as my ISP and they offer a web installer which is pretty easy and quick to setup your new modem. Of course, me being the dummy that I am decided to try and set this up right after an eye exam where they dilated my eyes and I was having trouble reading the mac address off the tip, do not try and setup with dilated eyes! I was having trouble with the online setup (because I was mistyping my information with my dilated eyes) so I called in the customer support and they were able to set it up pretty quickly. (Be leery of your ISP and if you do call in make sure they are not charging you for the phone call...luckily mine offered the free help, others might be different) As soon as it was connected I was sure to do a speed test and made sure I was still getting the speeds I was paying for from my ISP, which I was. For those wondering if this device could increase your speed: the device is not set to do get a faster speed your ISP must provide it. This device is merely here to get you out of the rental fee you may be paying your ISP for your current modem. It does offer higher throughput of speed delivery than some modems, but again, your ISP must provide that speed. So out of the box and now for a good week I have had not issues with the device what-so-ever and I will be returning my rental modem back to Charter so I can save the $5-10 I pay for it each month.

Cons: I do not have any cons for this device that would subtract an egg. If you have your connection point in your bedroom, you may get annoyed by the LED's on the device, but you can always cover it with some tape if it bothers you during the night.

Overall Review: I would recommend this device to anyone looking to get out of those ridiculous modem box rental fees that the ISP's push. It may seem a bit expensive up front, but in the end you will surely save money after the initial year of owning it as you won't be paying the rental fees anymore. Setup is a breeze (at least in my situation with Charter Communications).

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Easy to install and great price10/15/2016 5:13:48 PM

Pros: So, I needed to get a wireless adapter for my desktop for quite some time. When I received this to do a review I was a bit skeptical because my history with Linksys has not always been the best, BUT...I must say, this is one of their better products. Just to give some background: up until now, I was using a power-line connection to get internet to my desktop as my modem and router are located in a different room. Before getting this I was maybe getting 20-30 Mbps of my ISP's 60 Mbps which wasn't too bad, but file transfers to my NAS were horrible. Out of the box, you just get this and a little bit of paper work. I plug it into my desktop thinking I might have to go through some sort of setup process...but as soon as I stuck it in, 20 seconds later (windows installing driver) nothing happened. Curiosity took a hold and I was wonder if it was working, so I unplugged my power-line connection and BAM, it was connected to my Wifi network. I sat there flabbergasted wondering what just happened. No setup process required, just plug and play? So amazing. Next I tested the connection and this is what blew me away: I was getting 50-60 Mbps. Tested a few games (WoW) and had no connection issues what-so-ever and no drops. I was amazed. I tested file transfer speeds to my NAS next and also saw a vast improvement over my power-line connection. So I said goodbye to my power-line connection and hello to Wifi. If anyone was wondering if this will work with other routers other than Linksys routers, I can say this works wonderfully with my Google/TP-Link Hub Router, so I am sure it will be friendly with most other routers.

Cons: No cons.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to supply Wifi connection to their PC without Wifi. It is about the size of a normal thumb drive and the small little indicator light in it does not distract me what-so-ever. It is a great price for a great device that just works. Good Job Linksys!

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Great for storage, not for speed.10/15/2016 4:58:16 PM

Pros: Out of the box, this is a great option for those who need a good amount of space and can’t afford an SSD of this size. This will never beat an SSD in speed, but for those on a budget, it might give another option for those trying to save on their builds, but still need 1TB of storage. Basically, I’ll be using this for storing videos on my HTPC at home. Testing the speeds, I was getting around 130-140mb/s reads, while writes averaged around 170mb/s…not the best in the world, but what I was using it for with my HTPC, it will do nicely. It comes with a nice 5 year warranty, so any issues will be covered. I did notice the amount of noise this produces is considerably less than other mechanical hard drives. It works with SATA 6.0Gb/s and has a big 64MB cache to try and speed things along when working with similar files.

Cons: This drive is not meant for 24/7 activity. If you like keeping your PC on all of the time, then you probably want to go for a NAS style drive. For my HTPC which is only on when I am home and wanting to watch something on my TV, it was a perfect solution.

Overall Review: Overall, if your looking for speed, just invest in an SSD. If your looking for storage, this is your best friend. It probably won’t be the best as a boot drive, but as a storage drive to keep all of your movies, music and photos stored, this is a fantastic product. Just keep in mind, like my cons state, this is not meant for 24/7 use.

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Great camera with great phone apps.10/15/2016 4:41:31 PM

Pros: So, I have had this unit for about a month and have been very pleased with the performance. Out of the box, it was a pretty easy setup process. The apps on both iOS and Android were really phenomenal at viewing my apartment while being away. It offers 2-way communication, so you can scare a burglar by telling them the police are on their way and you now have his picture using the snapshot feature on the app or just talk to your kids when they get home from school. It offers 3 resolutions, but I would recommend using 480p or 720p…240p offers less detail. If you position this camera where no one will notice except you, then you can used the SD card slot to do recordings. The real neat feature of the camera with the app is it can detect motion and notify you through the app. It offers day/night modes to see clearly in light or dark settings. In the app, you can pinch and zoom in and view a specific area of the video feed. Firmware updates can be done through the apps on your phone, so no longer do you need to FTP the update to your camera.

Cons: For the cons of the device, compared to D-Link’s other models, this one feels a bit top-heavy. I own 2 other D-Link cameras and they are not as bulky as this one. If wanting to use this standing on something like a shelf, you might want to invest in some velcro. Positioning this camera is a bit difficult at first to get it to stay in the position you like. Night mode on the camera is not true night vision, but still isn’t that bad.

Overall Review: Overall, despite the cons, I still love D-Link’s cameras because they provide a great way to keep an eye on your property when you are away. The phone apps are an awesome feature, easy to use and interface with. If you want to get more technical, there is an option to FTP images to a folder if needed.

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