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7 of the best X570 motherboards to pair with Ryzen 3000 CPUs

By July 12, 2019July 17th, 2019No Comments
three x570 motherboards

AMD‘s latest line of Ryzen processors, the Ryzen 3000 series, launched July 7, and they’ve been generating a lot of buzz among PC gaming fans and building enthusiasts alike.

To celebrate and prepare for this launch of brand-new CPUs, several motherboard manufacturers have decided to launch brand new boards specifically designed for the Ryzen 3000s and their new chipset. Fortunately, for anyone not willing to upgrade their motherboard when picking a next-gen Ryzen, the new CPUs still use an AM4 slot and are compatible with the last couple generations of motherboards, too. But for those willing to roll out the red carpet for their new processor, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best new X570 motherboards coming out alongside the Ryzen 3000, in no particular order.

Here are seven of the best X570 AM4 socket boards to choose from.

Prices and availability of products discussed were accurate at time of publication, but are subject to change.

ASRock Phantom Gaming

The ASRock Phantom Gaming board is perfect for, you guessed it, gaming. With support for DDR4 RAM, and speeds up to 4666 MHz, five PCIe slots, and an AM4 socket for that new processor, you’ll be able to handle the best games on the market, provided you get the hardware to fit this beast of a motherboard.

Two of those PCIe slots, by the way, are PCIe 4.0 slots, which means this board is also future-proofed for the inevitable arrival of PCIe 4.0 hardware in the mainstream consumer market. Of course, like any gaming board, it also supports Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFireX, assuming you have the GPUs to back it up.


One of the big selling points of GIGABYTE’s new board is its cooling array, built to handle stressful loads from games and other intense processes. The advanced design is made with fins-array heatsinks and a direct touch heatpipe, as well as triple thermal guards on each of the board’s PCIe slots. There’s a fan on the lower quadrant of the board, too, that features temperature sensors, and the hybrid fan headers include fan stops and noise detection. Along with those many, many tools for preventing any type of overheating from ever happening, the board also comes equipped with its own PCIe 4.0 slots, USB turbocharger for faster phone charging, Type-C USB 3.2 headers, and more.

ROG Crosshair VIII Hero

ASUS’ ROG brand is synonymous with gaming hardware at this point, and this new board, outfitted with the new X570 chipset, fits the bill perfectly. The on-board Wi-Fi supports the newest standard in wireless networking, 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), and its LAN ports, protected by ASUS LANGuard, hit up to 2.5 gbps.

The easy 5-Way Optimization feature allows you to tune the entire system and assign specific overclocking and cooling profiles, which means it’s built to handle some of the heaviest-hitting and most graphically demanding games on the market. The cooling system on this one is robust, too, which will help keep things tame while you’re chugging through games at 4K.


MSI often leads the charge with new motherboards, and although they weren’t alone this time, the new MEG X570 ACE is certainly cutting edge. As we’re sure you’ve noticed by now as a theme with these new X570 boards, the new MEG ACE also comes with a much more robust cooling system than most other boards. MSI’s FROZR heatsink works with AI tuning technology to automatically adjust fan speed to match the chipset’s temperature. Cooling isn’t the only thing this board nails, though, with high-speed RAM support up to 4600 MHz, highly customizable RGB lighting, Audio Boost, and more.

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus

The TUF Gaming X570-Plus is the second gaming board from ASUS on this list, and for good reason—ASUS makes good motherboards (go figure). This board, however, focuses a little less on customization and branding like the ROG board, and instead it focuses more heavily on reliability. That’s not to say that the ROG Crosshair isn’t reliable, nor is this TUF board not customizable, but TUF boards are built with military-grade components to withstand heavy hardware and high demand computing—perfect for the enthusiast or DIY builder.


Just like ASUS, MSI made our list with two of their new X570 motherboards. The GODLIKE is, hands down, one of the prettiest boards on the market right now, with highly customizable RGB lighting, including inside the built-in board fan, and a sleek, matte-black cooling system. This board visually fits with any build you could think of, enabling you to turn it into a real piece of art. Its feature are just as impressive as the MEG ACE, too, with core boost for overclocking, 10G Super LAN, armored RAM slots, and more.

ASRock X570 Taichi

The seventh and final motherboard on our list is the newest addition to ASRock’s Taichi line of hardware, aptly named the X570 Taichi. It wouldn’t be a Taichi board without the gearhead design imprinted on the board itself, and, just like the previous X470, this one comes packed with customizable RGB lighting to really pop in the right build. This board supports Purity Sound 4, PCIe 4.0, and 802.11ax Wi-Fi, making it future-proofed and about as cutting edge as it possibly could be. This board supports some of the fastest RAM on the market, too, with up to 4666 MHz. And, of course, its AM4 CPU socket is ready and compatible with AMD’s newest line of Ryzen processors.

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