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There is No School Like Old School


If you’re like me you’ve been gaming a long time, and you probably remember when many of these titles were originally released. Here are some reboots to let you relive old memories or share them with your kids.

Battlefront 2004

So you loved battlefield, but wouldn’t you prefer to play as your favorite Star Wars character? If your answer was yes, then this was the game for you. Battlefront brought all my favorite characters from Star Wars together for some awesome battles.

Battlefront 2015

This by far has been the most awesome-looking reboot I’ve seen in a while. If the E3 gameplay is accurate, this might be the right time to fall in love with Star Wars all over again. Battlefront is being developed by Dice, the perfect team for handling first-person shooters with vehicle combat. Watching snow speeders take down an AT-AT just brings me back to the classic games I remember growing up. Let’s hope this one lives up to the hype.

Doom 1993

For a lot of us gamers, this is the quintessential tittle everyone began with and the first game the press points to for violent video games. I remember dodging missiles, firing my chain gun to light up the room and jumping all at the same time. We played so much Doom back in the day I could tell the speed of the processor just on how Doom was running.

Doom 2015

Back after so many years, the Doom franchise reemerges and looks great. The levels look bigger and the effects look even more polished. This one really captures the feeling of first person with melee attacks and other animations. Let’s hope this will bring back the joys of the original.

Road Rash 1992

I originally played Road Rash on my Sega Genesis back in the day. This game provided me hours of fun, and taught me some important life lessons; like it’s okay to hit a cop with a chain (not really), and how to find your bike after a wreck. Unfortunately the limitations at the time meant you couldn’t spin the screen to find the bike, but the player would automatically run in the correct direction.

Road Redemption

While this isn’t a reboot from the originals or EA, it’s definitely inspired by the original games. This one brings back the game’s fun of racing, and fighting. Its new engine definitely brings it into the modern age with 3D and lighting weather effects. I look forward to playing this one soon.

Descent 1994

This is probably the first game to teach me how to navigate in 3d space. It showed me how easy it is to get lost in space when you’re upside down. It spawned other games such as Forsaken and unfortunately games like this were completely forsaken after the 90s.

Descent Underground

Based on the Unreal Engine, this reboot looks great. It just recently was funded on Kickstarter. I’m looking forward to getting lost all over again, this time in 3D tunnels.

Carmageddon 1997

This is where running people over, first became popular. This game was often used to describe violent videogames. Banned in many countries, a friendlier version with zombies and robots instead of people emerged, but was soon modded back to use people by gamer purists. Later versions added crazy physical weapons and power-ups which made for some randomness in games.

Carmageddon Reincarnation

Another recent Kickstarter campaign for a Carmageddon reboot. Sadly another game that fell off the radar for years, but the brutal racing game is still warm in our hearts. We are glad to see it back.

These are just a few of the games coming soon, what reboots are you looking forward to? What games would you like to see rebooted in the near future?

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