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Creating the Perfect Home Entertainment Room

By November 30, 2015No Comments
TV Room
TV Room

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The TV room is one of our favorites. While other spaces are all about showcasing your sophistication and culture, the living room is a place to shrug off your normally restrained taste and really let your personal style out to play. It’s the perfect space to create a living shrine to your favorite show and achieve advanced levels in relaxation.

ABWTV: Always Be Watching TV

The most important rule of a TV room is you should be able to see the TV from all angles. After all, even seconds could spell doom for your favorite Walking Dead character (Daryl, please don’t die!). Serious TV addicts will appreciate the tips in this tutorial, which cover everything short of attaching a screen to your forehead so you can take TV with you wherever you go.

TV Center

Get Control of Your Cords

Nothing creates chaos faster than a horde of unruly cords. Your computer, TV, Blu-ray player add Wii add up to a lot of wires! Unchecked cords can ruin your room’s design aesthetic and jeopardize your devices. Which is why we love this nifty niche idea to make the perfect home for your cords, and since it’s easy on the eyes as well!

Let’s Table It

TV Tray

No den is worth its snuff without the perfect place to perch your drink. Whether you’re celebrating a win on the field of dreams or a virtual field of war, you can’t do it with a bottle of suds in your hands! When it comes to tables, I basically want to marry this LEGO-inspired DIY. Or, if you’re going for a more, ahem, grown-up look, we love this idea for an updated TV tray.

Keep It Organized

If you’re one of the fortunate few who has been able to move to the cloud or streaming services for all your viewing needs, congratulations. For the rest of us mere mortals, the need for shelving is real.

Showcase Your Faves

I love this TARDIS-inspired entertainment center. It will make you the envy of all the Whovians. Or, if you’re ready to fangirl from the mountaintop, then check out this Mario Bros themed den. Who knew mushrooms could make such wonderful lamps?

We hope these tips have given you lots of inspiration for creating your own personal entertainment enclave. I have to go now, though—my Netflix queue isn’t going to watch itself!

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