How to Fill your garden with ambient light

By February 11, 2011Learning Center

Enjoying an evening in the garden can be a relaxing, romantic and fun time. Whether it is hosting a neighborhood barbecue in the summer, watching gentle snowfall in the winter or enjoying the crisp evening air of autumn, there are plenty of ways to enjoy an evening in the garden.

In order to maximize a lovely evening outdoors, ambient lighting is often necessary. Enjoying the outdoors is difficult if it is pitch dark, and too much light ruins the evening atmosphere. But small lamps that illuminate paths, letting the clear light drift softly into the evening can provide the perfect atmosphere.

Enjoy this ideal atmosphere without dealing with extensive electric bills by investing in the Sunforce Solar Garden Lights, which Newegg currently sells in a 10-light value pack.

The lights feature an intelligent solar panel that not only stores energy all day, but responds to the amount of natural light available, automatically turning on when it becomes dark and shutting off with dawn.

For a more artistic ambiance, consider the Allsop Solar-Powered Clear Globe Garden Art Light. The light provides solar-powered accent to any garden with a hand-blown, cracked glass bulb that gives illumination a creative edge.