Halo 5: The Most Anticipated FPS of the Year

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The Ultimate Sci-Fi FPS

Halo 5 Red

Released on October 27th, Halo 5 has been the most anticipated first person shooter of 2015. Every Halo fan should have this game on their radar as there are some major changes coming. The game developers have enhanced graphics performance and taken up utilizing Xbox One’s dedicated server for multiplayer modes. Check out the latest on Halo 5 and our interview with former Halo gaming pro Tsquared.

Updated Graphics Engine

The developers of Halo 5 have ensured gamers it will perform at 60 frames per second (FPS) by developing a new and improved graphics engine. This is an awesome step forward. The way they will be able to consistently achieve 60FPS is by varying the resolution throughout different points of the game. When action gets way too busy the resolution will be toned down from 1080p.

Online Gameplay

Halo 5
As far as we know Halo 5 will be a purely online game. Its multiplayer, co-op and campaign modes will also be exclusively online. The co-op campaign mode will be playable by up to four players.

An Interview with Tsquared (AKA Tom Taylor) on Halo 5

We got in touch with Tsquared for his thoughts on the latest Halo game to see what has to say about the new release. Check out our interview.

What are you most excited about with the new Halo 5 game?

Master Chief

One of the things I’m most excited about for Halo 5 Guardians is they’ve picked up a lot of former professional gamers, professional gamers and Halo professionals to go and give their input on the game. So now a lot of my old friends and past teammates like Michael StrongSide Cavanaugh, Sean “Dersky” Swidersky, Mason “Neighbor” Cobb, Eric “Ghostayame” Hewitt and Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky are working hand in hand with 343 to help create the game. It’s going to be as competitive and balanced as possible while also staying true to Halo and past Halo titles. So that’s what I’m most excited about. The other thing is that the campaign has had a lot of work put into it.

Of all the games that 343 has come out with, I feel that this is the 9th inning and it’s kind of time for them to prove themselves and put in their all. If this game doesn’t succeed it will hurt the halo franchise because I feel the last couple halos haven’t done so well. So with that being said I think all the extra effort they are putting in is going to make the game experience so much better than the other most recent titles.

I’m also interested to see what’s new in terms of graphics. We are on the Xbox One and we’ve had the Master Chief collection which was great but we didn’t have additions to the story-line of what a new Halo title should have, so I’m interest in seeing how things have progressed in overall graphics and storyline.

How do you expect it to stack against previous Halo games?

Thruster Pack

As for staking against other Halo games, there are a lot of new groundbreaking features such as clamber which helps you grab onto walls, thruster packs and some new additions to sprint. All these additions will have to combine well with the old favorite weapons like the battle rife, the DMR and sniper rifer. All these new things will have to bring to life new abilities. I think it’s going to be a cool combination of what the future of Halo has in store while staying true to its roots.

What feature would you most like to see in Halo 5?

I would like to see a more intricate ranking system, which I think are in the works. I would like to see dedicated servers and a new great viewing experience for people that want to view from a third party for e-sports purposes. So have a flying camera or eagle mode to have a good view of all angles and show what’s going on elsewhere on the map.

What’s your favorite Halo memory?

Halo 5

Oh man, there are so many great memories. I think the best is just developing the friendships that I’ve had online and then going to tournaments. Making friendships online and going in person to get together at the events. It’s like you’ve played for hours and hours together but you meet at the events. I think the greatest experience with Halo was playing with friends and that goes right over into events. So I find it a game everyone can enjoy together.

What are you working on now with Newegg TV?

So not only am I writing and producing our core content which is all the stuff going onto the YouTube channel, but also producing a new series of shows. The first one we’ll be rolling out, since it’s Gametober, is GamerChicks. GamerChicks is all about having two female hosts that are strong influencers in the gaming community. It’s a mix of Kat Gunn who is a professional gamer and Hailey Bright who is into games such as Assassin’s Creed and more of a techie blogger. We will also have a number of other hosts and special guests joining too.

We talk about all the new gaming hardware that’s coming out. We talk about what the experience is like using all that hardware for the games. I’m really excited about it and hope people really like it.

Anything else you’d like to mention in this interview?

Thanks to everyone for reading. I’ll see you guys in matchmaking! If anyone ever wants to reach out to me, my twitter is @TsquaredMLG.

Newegg TV’s Coverage

We can be sure to see a lot of gaming coverage since Tsquared is now helping produce new videos for Newegg. The team at Newegg TV is making sure to have up to date news and info on game releases. Halo 5 is no exception.

Halo 5

Halo 5

Will you be playing Halo 5? What were some of your favorite moments or features of previous Halo games? If you’re already playing Halo 5, what do you think?

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