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Home Gadgets Controlled by Smartphones

By September 25, 2015No Comments


In these modern times, many of us have more or less succumbed to technology’s omnipresence and accepted it as a part of our contemporary lifestyle. With all the recent advancements in smartphone technology, it has not only become second nature just to communicate with each other through smartphones, but also to use them in home automation. Sounding a little too futuristic for you? What if we told you it would save you money? Got your attention?

Using smartphone-controlled gadgets isn’t for the purpose of World Domination, it’s just a great way to be more energy efficient and live a life with less waste, which is something we can all get behind.

Here are a few home gadgets you can easily control from your smartphone. And yes, they all work with just the touch of a button.

Video Surveillance/Baby Monitors

The worry and anxiety you feel about the safety of your home (or your unruly teenagers) while away on vacation can be erased, thanks to smartphone-controlled video surveillance cameras. These devices allow you to access footage through your phone, giving you real-time updates about the happenings, both good and bad, while you’re gone. Many offer features like audio communication between the phone and device in case of an actual emergency. And, if you are using it as a baby monitor, you’ve got the added ability to take pictures and stills.



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Picture this: It’s a bitter cold night and you’re driving home late from a weekend away with your family. The heat has been turned down low so you save energy and money instead of heating an empty house. By the time you arrive, the house will be freezing and it will take a while to warm back up. If the thought of it gives you chills, you’re a perfect candidate for a WiFi-controlled thermostat system, which allows you to set the temperature remotely. Some WiFi thermostats learn the habits of those in your home and adjust temperatures automatically. They can even act as a safety measure, alerting you of dangerous or extreme temperatures through your phone.

Smart Plug


Of all the many kinds of smartphone-controlled gadgets, the Smart Plug by D-Link is perhaps one of the most impressive. Embrace your inner Jetson and use the Smart Plug to sync up your electronics and devices to its app via your phone. Use it to control your lighting, heat or virtually any device plugged into a wall socket. Aside from this already helpful feature, the Smart Plug is able to set up a schedule of your devices’ activity, so you could set up individual timers for each day of the week if you wanted. Is anyone else thinking about their Christmas lights right now?

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