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How to Game Like a Pro

By October 23, 2015 One Comment
Pro Gaming

Gaming has changed so much since I was a kid. My parents always told me I would amount to nothing by just playing games, but these days there’s a lot of money to be had as a professional gamer. And while I didn’t get the chance to reach those peaks as a gamer, gaming really defined my career. Having the right gear might even help you get there. Being a professional gamer takes a lot of talent. But remember, you need the right tools for the right games.

The Price of Admission

No matter which sport you want to compete in there are costs involved in getting started. While you can play with any PC, in order to really have a chance at winning you will need a decent setup to get started. So be prepared to spend some money and pay attention to what people are using around you so you can be at the top.

Picking the Right Mouse

Razer Gaming Mouse

The first step is to decide on what types of games you plan on playing. For example, if you’re looking to become a pro MMO player you might want a mouse with more configurable buttons like the Razer Epic Chroma. If you prefer FPS games, a customizable mouse where you can adjust weights and size like the Logitech G502 would be best. Also remember wired mice are generally better for speed as well as not having your batteries die mid match.

Picking a Keyboard

Keyboards make a big difference in gaming. Using a stock keyboard for gaming can put you at a disadvantage and even hurt your wrists. So it’s important to find a good fit to your hands and offers the features you need for the games you love. Today’s modern keyboards feature LED lights and mechanical keys for a crisp accurate feeling. If you’re looking for an MMO keyboard you might want to check out the Logitech G910 Orion Spark or the corsair Vengeance K70 LEDS. They are great for gaming in the dark.

Video Card


Having a powerful video card means your system is less likely to freeze during critical moments of game-play. You don’t want to come out of an alley into a large area only to freeze in front of the enemy. Big rooms and lots of special effects slow down your system and your gaming performance with it. You might want to start with a good video card like a GTX 970 or better. It never hurts to ask around in your particular game what everyone is using and get an idea of what exactly you need.


ASUS gaming monitor

Monitors can make a big difference on how much you can see in the game. Whether it’s resolution or simply physical monitor size, a good monitor can help you identify players farther out across the map. Newer monitors with G-sync or FreeSync can help combat screen tearing and prevent players from being distracted during action.


Not all tournaments are held in person. While on your way up the ranks, you’ll probably start with more online competition.  So ping is critical. In some cases internet speed is more important than your hardware itself. If you’re lagging then your opponent might be getting a few seconds advantage. Come around the corner and your system freezes, so now you’re a sitting duck for the enemy sniper. Try to get a fast internet connection and focus on local servers and competitions for the best performance.

Practice the Game

No gamer can just walk into any game and instantly be the best. There is a strategy for every game out there, whether it’s a special place on the map to defend, timing when power-ups will reappear or simply using the right weapon for the right level. You should also learn how to use each weapon and the amount of damage they do, and when they are most effective. Being good at games means understanding hitboxes, damage, and how the game works. So take time here to understand every detail.

Play with the Pros to Become One of the Pros

The best way to become great is to play against people who are better then you. If you limit yourself to easy challenges, you’ll never get better. You need to always push to be better whether it means playing against better players or simply joining the losing side to challenge yourself. Take time to note who is contributing the most to the game and see if you can learn from there style.

Be a Good Sportsman

The road to victory is filled with many defeats. It’s important to be humble and not rage against your fellow players. Get to know people in the industry and always be the better player. Don’t cheat because it only makes you a lesser player and it will hurt your reputation. Remember, to perform your best you need to have an even mind and body. Don’t fill up on junk foods. Try to eat healthy; your body will thank you later. When you’re famous your looks will be just as important as your skills.

Listen to Other Players

What tips do you have for the future pros out there? What have you learned along the way? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • KiF1rE says:

    Well as far advice goes, do what it takes to get popular.

    That’s really all that matters, Popularity equals more viewership for sponsors, which in turn sells more products. Meaning Happy sponsors. If you don’t have that,In most esports titles you wont get anywhere, Unless it’s a super big game with astronomical prize pools, Winning tournaments equates to nothing, There is no way to work your way up through the scene or community with just hard work and being good. It doesnt matter how many pro’s you beat, or work hard to join an academy team, None of that matters when it comes to actually going pro. Unless your the reigning world champion no one will care, except for popularity. And with this popularity, Teams really dont care how BM or a jerk you are as long as your popular and your not a big enough jerk that people email sponsors. Which makes sportsmanlike conduct really irrelevant. But being unsportsmanlike makes you entertaining sadly those broken keyboards equal youtube views and more exposure. Which is a sad state of esports, players do things get more popular. While players that can act sportsmanlike always say GLHF, GG, While great morally fails in terms of drama and entertainment. Honestly If I could turn sportsmanship into entertainment or respect, Personally I would be set. Sadly it feels entirely irrelevant as teams/sponsors give so many second chances it’s absolutely absurd on how much players get away with.

    Simply put Pro teams/ sponsors dont care how good you are, or how good you were, Or what you can do skill wise, They care about one metric and that is the ability to make money for them.

    Take this blog post for example, Does a good job with a headline, Really grabs attention of competitive gamers but falls drastically short in actually giving solid advice. For example the section on Mice, Great links to product pages, which in turn gets readers to go look at products. This creates a return on that investment of whatever the writer was paid. On the topic of Mice though, No matter what game you play always use a wired mouse, and use some way to lock your cord down. Mouse bungees and other gear exist for this purpose to prevent the cord from getting in the way. Which is actually another product that could have been included in the main article https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4TZ30E7149&cm_re=mouse_bungee-_-26-999-092-_-Product
    Unfortunately I’m not sure if I can get the fancy linking thing to work in the comment section but you get the point. Having a cord solution is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of mouse control in gaming, That proper solution when done right, should make the mouse feel like the cord isn’t there.

    In terms of Keyboards, This all depends on what games you play, but mechanical keyboards are typically the best and figuring out which type of mechanical keyboard switch type that is needed is a huge part of deciding on a keyboard. Everything else doesnt matter for esports, The rest is just convenience, though avoid fancy macro keys and all that since 99% of the time they are banned from competition and can actually relate to TOS violations. As far as switches go I use MX blacks, I like these as they are great for rapid key presses and such for RTS games like SC2. There are several types of switches, I’m going to suggest a google search or read closely on the product page of mechanical keyboards to find the differences.

    Equipment plays a huge role in being good. But much like golf, Since I dont play it, I wont get any difference between a cheap club and a fancy one, Mainly because I have no idea what I’m doing with either. It takes time and practice to learn what you actually need for equipment and actually use it to it’s full potential.

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